Is Air Dry Styling Good? Here’s The Right Way You Should Follow

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You think that air drying hair sounds simple, doesn’t it? You just squeeze excess water out of your hair and leave it to air dry. It is not hard work, right? However, it is not as simple as you’ve thought. In fact, there are plenty of techniques and tips for air drying hair you may have never heard about. Depending on your hair type, you can apply different methods to air-dry your locks while maintaining the health of your hair. For example, you can use hair dry styling oil, hair mask, or even leave-in conditioner during the process. 

Now, keep scrolling down to find out advice on the best products and haircuts for air dry styling on hair. 

Which hair types best-suited air dry hair styling?

We all know that using a hairdryer can save your time drying but it does a number on your locks if you misuse it. We suggest you skip blow-drying and try air-dry styling instead. Here’re the best-suited hair types for air dry hair styling tips. 

Natural hair with wavy hair texture

Is Air Dry Styling Good? Here's The Right Way You Should Follow
natural wavy hair

Air drying tips and techniques benefit those with natural hair texture or waves. The texture makes room for hair strands to breathe and dry quicker. If you have fine and bone straight hair, water will easily weigh the hair down, lengthening the time of drying. 

Note: You should use a clean and microfibre towel when air-drying your curls. Instead of rubbing your hair to dry, you should wrap the towel around the hair ends and gently scrunch it to remove excess water. This works effectively and does not disrupt the hair cuticles. 

Not too thick hair

You are so lucky if you were born with thick hair. But in this case, very thick and dense hairs are challenges when air-drying. It may take several hours to air-dry your existing hair; hence, we recommend using other techniques if you have got thick hair. 

Air dry styling is only for healthy hair 

You should get air dry styles for natural hair if it is still in good condition. We mean that your hair is non-damaged and the cuticle is in a good nick.  

Therefore, you have to make sure that your hair is entirely healthy before rocking the best air dry hairstyles. Apply leave-in conditioners and other best styling products for air drying to define your curls and consolidate internal hair structure, leaving it a good condition to air dry. That way, your hair looks less frizzy and tangled. 

Best air dry hairstyles for beauties

Long and beachy waves

As we mentioned, wavy hair texture lends itself to air dry more effortlessly than straight and curly hair. Getting long and beachy wavy cut, it is so simple yet classy. What’s more, your waves will never go out of style after you shampoo and let it dry naturally. This cut looks so attractive if you blend it with light hair shades, such as blonde.

Is Air Dry Styling Good? Here's The Right Way You Should Follow
long and beachy waves

Medium-length wavy hair

We think that you can save your time drying when wearing this haircut. Fresh and fun, luscious and playful look, that’s all words used to describe medium-length wavy hair. Medium length is enough to give beauties an attractive and gorgeous style. 

This style is flexible as it is suitable for every hair type and texture. But we recommend it for wavy hair texture as it dries quickly without losing the waves. 

Other tips:

Long, wavy, and textured layers

This haircut is a favorite option for most celebs. Have you ever seen Canadian actress Shay Mitchell with this hairstyle? The beauty turns up with her long, black, and textured cut. She adds some waves to her locks to amp up her hair texture.  

To get this brilliant hair and easy-looking finish, her hair secret is air drying. How to air dry natural hair? You can apply a little bit of coconut oil to moisturize hair strands and adding more shine, too. Then you leave it to dry naturally and keep waves looking healthy. 

Lovely long wavy shag

Many women are craving for this haircut as it is an effortless and natural-looking hairstyle. Just add some waves to your long shag, you look so stylish but lovely. Plus, it creates more volume for those with fine and thin hair. 

Is Air Dry Styling Good? Here's The Right Way You Should Follow
long wavy shag

How to style air dry hair? After washing, you apply an appropriate amount of mousse to your hair. Running your fingers through hair strands to distribute the product evenly on each strand. Then let it air dry completely. This way helps minimizes frizz and hold the beautiful waves defined and glossy. 


This haircut is not strange, right? You get bored with your long and straight locks for a long time, you want to switch up yourself. You want a hairstyle that is low-maintenance but still stylish and classy. A pixie cut is a great option for you.  

Ask your hair barber to cut your mane in lots of short and choppy layers to amp up your natural hair texture. lTo style, you apply a small amount of wax into hair and let natural hair air dry. It will not take time to air dry your hair completely. 

Straight blunt bob

Admit it! Air dry bob hairstyle is so chic and structured. Many say that straight hair looks flat and fine, but this one is a breakthrough. Rock a blunt bob and invest in a hair dryer styling brush to achieve a voluminous hair look. And you can copy Emma Roberts’s look with bob style and dark hair roots for a grunge look. 

Is Air Dry Styling Good? Here's The Right Way You Should Follow
Straight blunt bob

To sum up

Layla hopes that after diving into our words about air dry styling, you can find a way to save your mane from heat. Some air dry hairstyles are easy and simple to reach while others require less maintenance to stay healthy. What are you waiting for? Opt for a good haircut and enjoy every good hair day. 

Have any questions relating to hairstyling tips or human hair extensions, share them with us. We are more than happy to help you out. 

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