Cuticle Aligned Hair? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

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Like your natural locks, hair extensions now are made meticulously to offer customers the most natural-looking. All cuticles stay in the same direction, providing a strong hair extension and long lifespan. Cuticle aligned hair helps eliminate hair shedding, as well. 

But when digging into the hair world, you may feel a little bit confused. Why do these bundles have the same length, but the price is different? Because of the quality, people call them cuticle aligned virgin hair, raw hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair. Among them, cuticle aligned virgin hair is the best. Here’re basics about cuticle aligned hair and best virgin hair vendor we’ve put together for you to learn about. 

What is cuticle aligned hair?

Our hair shaft is made up of three layers: the cuticle, cortex, and medulla and the cuticle is the outermost layer working to protect the inside of the hair from damage. The hair cuticle can be seen with a microscope and it includes multiple layers of scales on the strands. 

The cuticles of your own hair stay aligned in one direction to give you a smooth and silky hair look. In other words, hair cuticles like scales on a fish, and these scales run in the same direction. Therefore, your hair will not mat and tangle after washing. 

Cuticle Aligned Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart
cuticle aligned hair

Today many hair manufacturers create hair extensions, bundles, wigs, weaves, etc. that have cuticle aligned. The hair is gathered or cut from root to tip and all are kept in one direction.  After collecting, they make cuticle aligned raw hair to mimic your own hair appearance. The extension’s cuticles are intact, so it helps remove the hair shedding and matting issue. If the cuticles are not aligned eventually, your hair extension will tangle over time. That’s the reason why Remy hair wigs have a longer life than other regular human hair ones.

100% remy hair extensions now are very few because more and more girls are dyeing and styling their hair. The chemicals and heat will damage the hair scales, causing many hair problems. Hence, virgin hair extensions with aligned cuticles are more expensive than other grades of human hair extensions. You should find some virgin hair manufacturers to get affordable cuticle aligned hair. 

Cuticle aligned hair extensions at Layla Hair

Hair extensions are a potential market now, so there are more and more vendors that sell hair at affordable prices. But you find it a little bit overwhelming as you don’t know where to provide good-quality hair. You have no idea about where to get cheap cuticle aligned hair, as well.  

Cuticle Aligned Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart
cuticle aligned hair at Laylahair

Layla Hair company provides human hair extensions that are cuticle aligned. We gather hair from health Vietnamese and Cambodian donors and store them carefully. Also, we don’t collect the hairball aggregated from hair salons, floors, or brushes. With many years of experience in exporting and manufacturing human hair extensions for customers across the world, we commit to provide top-notch hair and transparent policies. Also, we have our own wholesale factory; hence, we sell hair at reasonable prices. 

Which type of hair are you looking for? Layla is among the best wholesale cuticle aligned hair vendors, providing all extensions with silky, smooth hair, and no tangles. Our store and factory are always welcoming for you to visit and test the hair before making a big order. You want to purchase wigs, hair bundles, tape-in extensions, hot fusions, we can create your own hair. 

You can browse our well-built website to find out our hair products and price. Search all types of hair replacement systems containing detailed information of hair length, color, density, and real image. At Layla, from virgin wholesale Remy hair, bundles to wigs, all are available. 


Hair bundles

Go to Layla if you want to get Remy hair extensions wholesale. Human hair bundles do not come with any attachment methods like other types. The most amazing of the hair is that you can wear it the way you desire. Sometimes, you can use hair bundles to create weaves, full lace wigs, lace frontal wigs, and so on. 

Cuticle Aligned Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart
hair bundles vs clip-ins vs tape-in

Clip in hair extensions

This hair is made up of Vietnamese and Cambodian hair that comes with different lengths and widths. As one of the leading raw Remy hair manufacturers, Layla provides clip-in extensions with the most natural-looking and high-quality. Instead of using adhesive, the hair is applied by small clips attached or sewn in the hair. This allows you to wear and remove it much more easily. Moreover, it brings about a natural look with major textures from straight to curly and kinky curly. 

Tape-in extensions

It is a type of popular hair extension for every girl. We harvest human hair from donors and all cuticles of the hair stay in the same direction. Often, our hair can last up to three months if you use and maintain it properly. Raw hair in Vietnam offers a smooth and silky hair that you always dream about. 

Human hair wigs

Cuticle Aligned Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart
Remy human hair wigs

Why people prefer wearing wigs? Cuticle aligned hair wigs can conceal thinning hair areas and hair loss effectively. Instead of taking a hair transplant, a full lace wig is a great solution to get a fuller hair look. At Layla, wigs can be brushed in any direction and worn in various hairstyles. They look and feel natural and are simple to wear even for the complete newbies. 

In addition, we supply other hair extensions accordingly to international standards. The hair is impressively hand-made; thus, rest assured about its versatility and lightness. Above all, you will achieve a natural look that you are after. 

In the last words,

Layla Hair is a great suggestion if you want to purchase Vietnam raw cuticle aligned hair wholesale. Our staff is always enthusiastic and thoughtful to consult and serve you. Let feel free to ask any questions you are wondering about cuticle aligned hair or any type of hair extensions. We’re welcome all of you to give us the opportunity.

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