Top 5 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Avril Lavigne No Makeup | 2020 Updated

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Avril Lavigne, a famous singer, and songwriter is one of the rare celebrities who hates wearing makeup. Truth to be told, you can find lots of pictures of Avril Lavigne no make up on the Internet with a stunning and refreshing look. The singer is also a supporter for the #NoMakeup Movement.

Let’s find out her utmost beautiful makeup-free pictures in this article together with our exclusive 4 tips to go completely bare face.

Avril Lavigne

Are you a big fan of Avril Lavigne? Avril Ramona Lavigne was born in 1984. She is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress. You know, she has sold more than 40 million albums with over 50 million singles worldwide. It made her became the third best selling Canadian female artist of all time, behind Celine Dion and Shania Twain.

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Avril Lavigne No Makeup | 2019 Updated
She is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress.

The never changing Avril Lavigne has won hearts with her catchy tunes and her signature dark-eyed makeup with her blond hair. From the beginning of her career, Avril has been a strong contender when it came to singing songs and hip-hop, rock and simple pop.

Her music has elevated quite some hearts but Avril Lavigne style remained unchanged. Are you curious about Avril Lavigne no makeup look like?

Are you growing up with catchy melodies music of US-UK? If yes, you must have had a very memorable youth. When ‘Wish You Were Here’ has been played, you will miss singer Avril Lavigne a lot. Then, why not get on the time machine and explore a collection of Avril Lavigne no makeup with Layla Hair. Let’s discuss why she is one of the most beautiful women famous without makeup!

Avril Lavigne in her most beautiful apparent on the red carpet.

Avril Lavigne is wearing glamorous smokey eye-makeup with gold touch and bright glossy pink lips in the music video “Here’s To Never Growing Up”. She always impresses by her dulcet tones, eye-catching dark-eyed makeup, strong and princess look at the same time.

At the age of 17, she reached the youngest pop star who gained 17 sold 30 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide. As a celebrity, she has to show up with lots of makeup. The vampire look becomes the feature that tells her apart.

Avril Lavigne in her most beautiful apparent on the red carpet
Avril Lavigne in her most beautiful apparent on the red carpet

Moreover, Avril has a god gifted voice but with that its talent to impress others. She is quite glamorous without make but with makeup. Especially, she is one of the dream girls for all most males. You know she is a magician whose appearance is transforming from baby pink to yellow, to black and finally to everything between. Her makeup is one of the spots that grab people’s attention.

A lot of her makeup ranges from smoky eyes, cat eyes too big dark matte lips. Do not let you wait for any moments any more and now, we will show you – Avril Lavigne no makeup, through the images that we have collected.



Top 5 incredible Avril Lavigne no makeup pictures from Layla Hair

As you know, music does not need any makeup layer to make it attractive. It must be the beauty from the inside and we can feel it in Avril Lavigne. It is sure that you will be emotional when looking at some pictures of her. Though she has not devoted all her life to music, she is still a legend that a lot of people fall for.

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Avril Lavigne No Makeup | 2019 Updated
It must be the beauty from the inside and we can feel it in Avril Lavigne.

In our opinion, unlike other well-known people, Avril looks really gorgeous even without makeup. There are some of her no makeup pictures to prove your point. Five best pictures of Avril with no makeup comparison below.

Avril Lavigne no makeup with her millions of dollars smile

Avril Lavigne no makeup with her millions of dollars smile
Avril Lavigne no makeup with her millions of dollars smile

Usually, Avril Lavigne is seen with her signature heavy black eye makeup and everyone must admit she looks a lot different. That does not mean she is not beautiful. This picture is a living testament of how Lavigne’s beauty with no makeup any layer. Her smiling is so beautiful.

That picture shows what is just the way she is Avril Lavigne no makeup, which really makes the world be head over heels in love. It seems that photographers are able to easily grab the moments of without makeup right backstage. Looking extremely pretty, Avril here is a true beauty showing off her pretty peepers and pearly whites. She seems to be a natural girl who is only wearing makeup on special occasions. She is self-confident about her glowing skin and her million-of-buck smile with the blonde hair flow by the wind.

Going to studio

Avril Lavigne no makeup in studio
Avril Lavigne no makeup in studio

Secondly, wearing very casual but classy clothes. The ‘What the hell’ singer dressed up in her grey tank with her long mane open and flowing. Her hair was braided and she was carrying a simple bag. Her face looked angelic even with no makeup. Here is a great picture of beautiful Avril in her natural self, flaunting her flawless skin.

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Avril Lavigne go to the gym

Avril Lavigne without makeup go to the gym
Avril Lavigne goes to the gym

Next, you must be familiar to Avril Lavigne with heavy makeup in the stage and these images may crave on your mind. In this picture, we saw Avril in her white tank on a normal day. She is one of the most magnification celebrity with no makeup. She loosened up her strands and went natural face.

Enjoy the holiday

Avril Lavigne bikini pictures Enjoy the holiday
Avril Lavigne Enjoy the holiday

When going to the beach, makeup is of no use and not the necessity. The beach would help us to enjoy the merriment and it is a gold place to see for so cute pictures. You can see, Avril Lavigne without makeup look so happy. Surfing could not be more fun for Avril than this when she planned to go all bonkers on the surfboard. Sporting a tropical knickers trunk for men and a sweatshirt with a cap, she totally gets the natural look right in place. Avril loves to explore her tomboy side when not on stage and goes on her adventure trail.

Preparing a big beach party

Avril Lavigne without makeup Preparing a big beach party
Preparing a big beach party

In addition, Avril was spotted on the beach flaunting her slim and fit body in a shredded white hot pant and a skimpy translucent tee shirt. The tee shirt played a teaser for her tropical print bikini top which peeped each time she stretched. What played a charm in this look was her no makeup blush look and a starry tattoo of falling stars on her wrist and waist.

This is one of the most inspirational pictures for women in the world who spend most of their day worrying about their makeup. From this picture, Avril is a living motivation for a lot of women who wish to sport their natural look.

Avril Lavigne without makeup and the NoMakeup Revolution

The fact that Avril Lavigne isn’t a big fan of makeup is apparent. While she is off stage, the singer and musician love to put nothing but her bare face. While some of her pictures seem to be too raw for some people, others look lovely and full of energy.

Avril isn’t the first and will not be the last celeb who decides to go bare face. Since 2016, Instagram has been flooded with the #NoMakeup hashtag. Many influencers and celebrities have posted their no makeup face smiling with captions of affirmations and self-assurance.

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Avril Lavigne No Makeup | 2019 Updated

In May of the same year, Alicia Keys, the singer of “Fallin,” decided to show up makeup-free at the Grammy Awards, NBC’s The Voice and the MTV Video Music Awards. Her fresh bare face at the Grammy 2018 is stunning and beautiful.

The #NoMakeup Revolution hashtag did create a social viral; however, the beauty industry didn’t consider as a threat until now. So why did they ignore no-makeup trend?

First of all, the beauty industry is indeed a giant. They know how to control and manipulate the media and social network to get people attention. Merely click on Youtube, you will see a lot of beauty gurus share makeup tutorials or reviews. Many people get obsessed with makeup in the hope of a perfect body image.

Secondly, social trends come and go. Many movements from the Internet withered and died after a few months or even a few years.

But the #NoMakeup didn’t. Instead, it is flourishing and becomes a potential danger to the beauty industry. This movement receives praises and supports not only from the mainstream followers but also from celebrities and influential people like Avril Lavigne and Alicia Keys.


4 tips to go 100% makeup-free

It takes more than a few pictures to go bare face. Admittedly, women still feel insecure showing her makeup-free face in public or at their workspace. If Avril Lavigne inspires you without makeup or Alicia Keys’ powerful message, it is time to uncover your face.

The good news is you don’t have to do it right away. By practicing putting less every day, we will eventually find the courage to clean makeup off our face.

If you don’t know where to start, let’s the makeup artist Dotti of Alicia Keys show you some tips for a glowing and amazing bare skin.

*You may wonder why Alicia Keys need a makeup artist if she decides to go bare face. The truth is she needs someone to help her with the bare skin, after many years getting used with heavy cosmetic products.

Have a fixed skin care routine

Many women use makeup to cover their acne and blackhead. If your skin is free of these problems, you will be more confident to use less to no makeup. The key is to master your skin care habit.

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Avril Lavigne No Makeup | 2019 Updated

Alicia shared in an interview with Elle that she decided to focus on good skin care rather than good makeup products. She confessed that she used makeup to conceal her bumps and pimples. Once her skin got better, there is no need to hide her face.

Eat healthily

The secret key of a glowing, strong skin comes from your eating habit. When your body receives sufficient nutrients, your skin knows how to take care of itself. Dotti, Alicia Keys shared with Into the Gloss that Alicia loves acupuncture, exercise, and healthy food.

You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to have good skin. All you need to do is to look after your diet and be conscious of what you put into your body.

A cheap tool to get your skin into place

Skin care products are expensive too. If you can’t afford a Taylor Hill’s ridiculously expensive facial moisturizer, there is a cheaper tool for you. Elizabeth Kennedy, Victoria’s Secret angel, shared with E!News this magical tool revives her skin after long working hours.

Many (ex) angles from Victoria’s Secret, such as Behati Prinsloo and Miranda Kerr, agreed that the tool is a must-have item.

So what is it?

Surprisingly, it is a jade roller. The crystal surface will help you smooth your skin, stimulate the blood circulation and get rid of toxins.

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Avril Lavigne No Makeup | 2019 Updated

Refresh your skin

There are many ways to refresh your skin. You can either use a face mist or whatever gives your face some moisture. Another way to enhance your skin is to do facial steaming every week. That way your skin can eliminate blackheads, toxins, and dirt.

The bottom line

To sum up, aren’t these pics of Avril Lavigne no makeup a living proof that natural beauty still counts over makeup? What do you say? She has a beautiful face and confidence in her appearance, with or without makeup. From this article, it is not exaggerated if the world calls her an angel or the queen of no makeup. Thanks so much for reading our article and hope that you will fall in love with Avril Lavigne!

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