Balayage Hair vs Ombre Hair: Revealing Their Differences!

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Summer is coming! It is the ideal time for enjoying something new, have you chosen for yourself a beautiful appearance to show off your personality yet?  With the blending and skillful color transformation, the standard balayage hair vs ombre hair will help you stand out in the crowd.

These two hair trends, however, often cause people confused due to some coincidence of color and appearance. If you are confusing between balayage hair vs ombre hair, you should read the post carefully. 

What is balayage hair?

Before learning about balayage hair vs ombre, you should know about balayage hair first. Balayage is a French word meaning: paint or draw. It allows us to get natural colors. With this technique, when the hair roots grow, the hair will retain the shape of the intensity, compared to the usual foil.

Balayage Hair vs Ombre Hair: Revealing Their Differences!
What is balayage hair

Balayage pieces should be stained and moderately dark on the hairline, gradually, towards the ends of the hair, highlighting parts will be thicker. Color is only thinly scanned on the surface of each dye, which avoids saturation on the entire hair, causing stiffness, unnaturalness, just like when you embed hair into the paint. The artist must have a right eye to see the different textures on the hair, the movement, and the smooth arrangement of the different color layers on the hair.

With the hair dyed one color before, you always complain that when the new hair grows, it looks «poor.» Then dyeing balayage will overcome this disadvantage. You do not have to dye your hair again because the balayage dyeing technique helps the natural color, so even new hair does not affect your hair.

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What is ombre hair?

Usually, people often dye one color, or at the same time only dye the line 1-2 colors to increase the personality for themselves. However, the Ombre dye was different. It is the interference of colored blocks together. Ombre dye refers to the increase in color levels in the hair; it is considered a strange effect in the hair and beauty industry.

Balayage Hair vs Ombre Hair: Revealing Their Differences!
what is ombre hair

In fashion, this effect is called the color gamut with an increase in the level from light to dark or from dark to light or irregular mix of tones. In hair fashion, Ombre uses about 2-3 colors ranging from light to dark in the same color subject. Ombre dye usually leaves the light intensity at the tail, bold at the hairline.

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The differences between balayage hair vs ombre

You must have been so familiar with the ombre dyeing style that has been storming in recent years. Also the color combination but what’s the difference between ombre vs balayage hair?

Balayage Hair vs Ombre Hair: Revealing Their Differences!
balayage hair vs ombre

Ombre in French means «shade.» A unique color blend that creates a strange color transition from light to dark, from dark to bright. The ombre dye type brings more colored hair from the root to the middle axis and turns to a gradual color from the middle to the top. This is a creative style, personality suitable for girls who like freshness. That’s the reason why ombre has become a hair trend for years.

A significant difference between balayage hair vs ombre is the process. With balayage, the hairdresser will brush the hair directly onto the curls to create a natural blend. Meanwhile, ombre has to go through a hair bleaching step so that the bright color tone on the standard color makes it stand out.

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How to take care of balayage vs ombre hair?

After knowing different between balayage vs ombre on dark hair, you should learn about the way to take care of balayage hair color vs ombre. Your hair after dying will often weaken a lot. This also applies to ombre dye models. Even more hair color in your hair requires a lot of hair bleaching, which can significantly affect the health of your hair. Especially for light colored hairstyles such as smoky brown, pink or platinum hair dye. So you need a specialized product specifically for dyed hair. This product does not contain too much detergent like regular shampoo products.

Balayage Hair vs Ombre Hair: Revealing Their Differences!
with balayage, the hairdresser would pain the color directly to the hair to create shades

Therefore keeping the color sticking longer, while helping to restore damaged hair better, the condition of dry hair in the hair will gradually improve in addition to these specialized shampoo and conditioner products and care for your hair color. The beautiful and stylish hair dyed ombre will keep the tone for a long time, making your hair color as attractive as the first day of dying.

Ombre hair dye has taken a lot of time and effort, don’t let small things make it fast. Paying attention to your hair, taking care of them more is a way for you to have the best healthy hair.

Final thoughts

To get balayage vs short ombre hair, Hollywood star standard is also a feat. You already know what balayage dyeing is, but not every hairdresser makes a work that makes you satisfied. Another important thing is to listen to your hair to make the right decision. If your hair is too weak, then take time to take care and maintenance so that your hair is healthy and then dyed balayage is not late.

So, to make balayage vs straight ombre hair, you will have to spend time to take care of it and money to do it by professional hairdressers. Therefore, if you want to save your money or time, you can refer to hair extension products which will help you own balayage hair vs ombre very easy and fast.

Hopefully, this introduction from Laylahair would somehow help you to differentiate these two hair trends better. For further inquiries about hairstyles, trends, or extension products, feel free to slide on our online box chat. We are also willing to support at any time via (+84) 989 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp). 

Have a good time!

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