Perm Hair Women At Starter Level For You And Everyone Else

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Perm hair women involves hair processing in which hairdressers use chemicals or thermal tools to create waves and curls. But perm can turn your first date into a wonderful celebration or into a nightmare if you don’t know how to perm and care for your locks. 

So do perm methods damage your natural locks? 

Should pregnant women perm their hair in early pregnancy?

How long do you leave hair in your hair after your perm for black women?

Scrolling down to find out answers to these questions. 

What’s perm hair women?

Put simply, the perm is a hair technique. And the techniques are now updated from time to time to achieve maximum results. Traditionally, hairstylists always utilized perm rods all over girls’ heads to produce beachy waves. But now, they use thermal tools, fabric, and rollers instead of utilizing traditional rods. 

Perm Hair Women At Starter Level For You And Everyone Else
perming hair

Perm hair for female provides multiple styles of waves and curls, from lovely wavy hair to spiral coils. New hair techniques help women achieve fuller and thicker hair, whether that is a loose wave perm or an S-pattern curls. 

Does perm damage natural locks?

There are many preconceptions that styling techniques will damage tresses, even leading to hair loss. However, if you do the process correctly and professionally, a perm will offer you a lustrous hair look. And of course, it will not leave you scathed hair, no damage.  

Everyone can get a perm, but beauties with lightened hair, such as Caucasian girls, can get some trouble. How to perm Caucasian hair? We advise you to visit a hair salon and ask for your hairstylist to help. A well-trained and professional stylist knows clearly how to perm and protect your locks from damage. 

What about short hair? Can you perm really short hair? Although there is not a specific measurement to go for a hair perm, make sure that your natural hair is long enough to do this process. And choosing the right tools to style your locks is very important. If your hair is too short to achieve wavy locks, you should get hair extensions or wigs to achieve your desired hair. Hair experts say that you have to show your skilled hairdresser your hair condition before achieving this look. 

Perm Hair Women At Starter Level For You And Everyone Else
improper perming technique can cause hair to shed

Can you perm natural locks?

The procedure may take 1-2 hours depending on your natural hair length and the texture you want. It is suitable for different hair textures, from fine to coarse and thick hair. Many said that this process is best suited for those with thick hair. Bear in mind that a perm is a chemical process; hence, you should do it correctly. We recommend you carry out this treatment on untreated hair to achieve the best results and look. But that’s not to say that those with colored or chemically straightened hair cannot try this process. 

How to perm hair girl 

Start the most common perming technique: 

— Make sure that your mane is clean enough before styling. Just shampoo, don’t use conditioner. Let your hair damp and then detangle. 

— Next, divide your hair into 3-4 sections depending on your hair. You twist them into buns to keep them out of the way. Remember to wear plastic gloves or wrap a towel around your neck before perming. 

— Grab the first hair section and continue to split it into small sections that are suited to your perming rods or rollers. We advise you to start with the front part first.

— Don’t forget to prepare perm wraps. Take a small section in one hand and perm wraps on another hand. You sandwich perm papers between the hair and smooth them up to the hair ends. Place the first perm rod at the hair ends and rolling this downward. 

— Until the rod reaches hair roots, you pin it in place. Continue until you have all finished wrapping hair on the head. 

— Wrap a cotton strip around the hairline because you can get chemical burns when applying the perm solution.

Perm Hair Women At Starter Level For You And Everyone Else
how to perm hair girl

— Now, add perm solution or waving lotion, you go back and forth on rods to ensure that the solution saturates evenly on hair strands. Cover all rods with a shower cap and leave your hair for 10-15 minutes. You should unwrap and check every 5 minutes for perm hair women. 

— Remove the cotton strip and rinse the hair within 5 minutes without taking perming rods out. Pat the hair with a clean towel to get rid of excess water. 

— Use a hairdryer to speed the styling process up. Continue to add the neutralizer and wait 10 minutes. Time is up, you rinse your hair again. 

— Let the hair dry and remove rods. Done!

How long does perm hair last?

It depends. It can last up to 6 months if you understand your mane and know how to care for it. Sometimes, your natural hair length also affects the lifetime of your waves. You should keep your locks softer to lengthen your beautiful locks. 

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Perms — Do’s & Don’ts

— Do use gentle shampoo and conditioners to maintain soft waves.

— Let the hair air-dry, limit using a hairdryer. 

— Comb your styled hair when you have conditioner on it to protect your waves.  

— Don’t pull your mane, only use wide-toothed combs to remove knots or detangle. 

— Avoid tying hair with rubber bands

Perm Hair Women At Starter Level For You And Everyone Else
take good care of your perm hair

Also, should pregnant women perm their hair? It is considered safe to style your tresses during pregnancy. However, we don’t encourage perming hair during the first three months of gestation. Because chemicals could get absorbed through the skin and scalp, affecting the fetus. 

To wrap thing up

Hope you know more about perm hair women and the technique after scanning through our words. There are tons of options when you decide to go for perm hairstyle for woman. You can get a spiral perm, loose wave perm, or short curly perm. Feel free to choose a style that suits your hair and appearance most. 

You like perms but your natural hair is too short to achieve this look. Don’t worry, we have high-quality hair extensions to help you reach your ideal hairstyles. 

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