6 Hairstyles That Make Thin Hair Look Thick You Should Try This Year

Finding a suitable hairstyle for thinning hair may ask for serious investment. And choosing the best hairstyles that make thin hair look thick is a challenging task, for sure. 

So don’t skip this blog if you are looking for hairstyles for thin hair. We present some suggestions and your mission is to get the best one that suits your mane most.  

Now, scroll down to check this year’s most popular hairstyles for women with thin hair and want to make it look thicker. 

Shaggy Bob

What do you think about short hairstyles for thin hair? This shaggy bob hairstyle is among the best solution for thinning hair, and it is also highly suggested by hairdressers. 

This cut looks so chic and works wonders on thinning hair, believe us. With simple styling techniques and good hair products, you can easily get this look at home. We recommend you add some curls or waves to your mane to make it look fuller and thicker. Finish with a hair spray and it will keep your curls all day long. We are sure that no one can detect your secret when you wear this hairdo. 

To get this look, you should leave your mane to get a shoulder length. This helps you style the mane effortlessly. For a stylish appearance, you can wear this style with colors, such as dark brown, blonde, or ombre. It also adds depth to your desired hairdo. 

6 Hairstyles That Make Thin Hair Look Thick You Should Try This Year
Shaggy Bob vs Angled Lob

Angled Lob

A cropped angled lob is among the most popular hairstyles for fine thin hair today. To achieve this look, the hairstylist will leave the hair to reach your chin and form shape to your fine mane. Trust us, your hair will thank your wise decision.  

Plus, the haircut works to add volume to your locks, offering a fuller hair look. Wearing a short haircut gives you a chance to say goodbye to your dry and lifeless hair ends. Also, you should part your hair in the middle and get an ombre technique, your thin hair is no longer to show up.

This hair is ideal for those who don’t want to a hair salon to maintain it every 4-6 weeks. We mean that you can leave this hairstyle for a long time without too much care or maintenance. Hence, it helps individuals save money and time efficiently. 

Choppy Pixie Cut 

A pixie cut is quite unique and we don’t think that every woman loves it. But it is one of the low maintenance hairstyles for thin hair. Why so?

This cut is a short hairstyle, and you can see it on stylish women, such as Audrey Hepburn, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, etc. It became a trendy hair in the 1950s and is still hot today. You want to switch up your appearance, you want a hair look that shakes things up, let’s go for a pixie cut. It does not require maintenance and save you time on styling and taking care of it. In general, it is a practical hairstyle.

To achieve this look, make sure that your hair length is ranging from half an inch to 3 inches. The hair can be in the same length or shorter on the sides and back, and longer on the crown. It depends on your preference and facial shape. Dye or bleach the hair with trendy hair hues if you desire.

6 Hairstyles That Make Thin Hair Look Thick You Should Try This Year
Choppy Pixie Cut vs Long & Light Layers of Hair

Long & Light Layers of Hair

If you have no time to style or care for your mane, get a hairstyle with layers. You prefer long hair and want to add more body and volume to your thin hair, long & light layers hair is the best option for you. 

Leave layers starts from the shoulders and adds a bit of texture on the hair ends to achieve a feminine look. It will not weigh your thin hair down, in converse, it creates a thick and gorgeous hair look. 

Many influencers and celebrities also rock this hairdo, such as Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Zoe Saldana, and more. We notice that this hair is suitable for different hair types, from straight to curly. 

Do you think it belongs to the collection of the best hairstyles for thin hair? Do you think it matches you? Try it and you will have a beautiful volume to your perfect hair.


Long Voluminous Waves

Long waves give you an immense volume to your mane if you do it professionally and mildness. This is the rage of hairstyles for thin fine hair right now. Grab your heat styling machine and create some fun waves to your locks. You can get the loose wavy texture or big and tight ones.

Plus, these long and soft waves are complementary to every facial shape, so we are sure you love it. Beautiful waves conceal the truth of your thin hair while creating a bouncy and voluminous hairstyle. To maintain this look, you have to use hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, etc.) that will not weigh down your locks. We highly recommend units formulated with natural ingredients and sulfate-free. Please treat your mane as a child if you want it becomes a prolonged hairdo. 

6 Hairstyles That Make Thin Hair Look Thick You Should Try This Year
Long Voluminous Waves vs Sleek Long Bob

Sleek Long Bob

Thinning hair is a nightmare for every beauty, not only for the young. Especially, older women often experience this hair problem due to the sign of age. So are there any hairstyles for older women with thin hair that look thick?

The sleek long bob is the best idea for people with fine and straight hair. You can wear it with a middle part or a deep side part to achieve a chic and modern hairstyle. To master this hairstyle, you have to take care of the hair carefully. Deep condition or apply the hair mask to revive dry hair and add more shine to your locks. 

Thin hair cannot fend you off on the way to wearing gorgeous hairstyles on earth. Because there always exist nice-looking hairdos that can fit you well. Layla hopes that our below recommendations about hairstyles that make thin hair look thick have somehow helped you get the best cut to try. 

And don’t hesitate to browse our blog to get more updates on hair care and styling tips!

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