Best Double Drawn Hair Extensions And Where To Find Them

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Best double drawn hair extensions are getting famous among young and dynamic girls. Despite its reputation, many users wonder what drawn hair extensions mean. If you are one of them, this article helps you find out and instruct you to get a right one.

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An introduction to double drawn hair extensions

Double drawn hair goes through further progress during manufacturing. People use their simple tools to cut the hair, not an electrical one. The alternative is to divide the human hair at the end, thus the fullness remains the same length from top to end. At that time, people sew the hair into the weft.

Best Double Drawn Hair Extensions And Where To Find Them

If 70% hair has the same length, we can call it double drawn hair then you can have details about best double drawn hair in general.



The differences between double drawn hair and single drawn hair?

Single drawn hair wigs contain lengths of hair. For examples, a 20 inches single drawn hair bunch includes 14 inches ~ 20 inches length of hair; yet, almost all hairs are in a similar range.

If a significant number of strands are about the same length, the first difference is about the thickness. Almost double drawn hair has the same size from the roof to the end, but single drawn hair gets thinnest at the bottom.

Best Double Drawn Hair Extensions And Where To Find Them
The difference between single drawn and double drawn is quite apparent.

People gather drawn hair from a donor, but you should not understand that all single drawn hair is first hair. The single drawn extension can also be Remy hair.

Producers may fix the amount of different length hair to make an exact thickness weft. So, the available ordinary hair wigs are single drawn hair.

The manufacturing process

If the principal part of the hair has the same size, we can call it double drawn hair then. We show three following ways as below which people might get the same hair length:

How we make hair with the same length

First, the raw hair from donors is about the same measurement.

Second, hair professionals cut off some pieces of hair. If not, they might trim the bottom to create the whole bundle about the same size.

Third, hair professionals pick out each similar strand of hair, so they collect the same length hair to get the same length bundle.

We all understand that producers collect the rawest from donors, which are not in a similar size, so the first way to get double drawn hair is not accessible. An ordinary human hair only rises from 4 to 5.5 inches every year. Thus you will make sense how prudish the hair is.

If creators must cut off a couple of inches of hair to get double drawn hair, you can be able to predict its price. In that circumstance, the second way is also impractical to consider its cost.

Then the possible direction would be the third one by picking each hair fiber. In this way, they go through more in the manufacturing stage, so it causes price growth.

Best Double Drawn Hair Extensions And Where To Find Them
We all understand that producers collect the rawest from donors, which are not in a similar size.

Once we mentioned its price growth, we did not mean double drawn hair wigs are more expensive — the reason why is that you have to consider about the hair quality.

A lot of factories will not take a single donor original strand of hair to create a double drawn bundle. The reason why? Think about the high price of the human virgin hair.

At that time, add more with the extra work to produce double drawn hair. How much will you offer to make the profit?

Of course, not mention that such hair is not available on the market, we mean that the price will be very costly.

If you say that you picked your first double drawn hair only at a price as the price of single extension, we reckon that the double drawn hair is not a real virgin hair.

Because of the above reason, most hair creators produce double hair with Remy hair. Then it can cause the double hair same price like the virgin hair. They might also make the price a bit less than the human hair.



How to differentiate the two types?

After checking, we would like to give you a few tips for separate single and double drawn hair.

Single drawn hair will be ideal if you are going for straight human hair.

The double drawn hair which you take from a street vendor seems a bit more expensive. So, you had better bear in your mind that the distinction is always between the similar vendor.

If you need to use the real virgin double drawn hair, you should buy single drawn hair and cut off some inches instead of spending much money on double drawn hair.

So we can understand the way people make the best double drawn hair extensions.

Best double drawn hair and where could you buy them?

To be like other kinds of hair, for the best quality, you should buy your 100% human original double drawn hair because this kind of material will give you the most beautiful and healthy hair. It also brings you a new look like the role of best double drawn hair.

Best Double Drawn Hair Extensions And Where To Find Them
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The bottom line

We hope that you can take the fullest tips about the trendy hairstyle from this article. If you like this article, please share it with your network and family to build a community of Best double drawn hair extensions?

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