Touching The Basics Of Double Drawn Hair Extensions Clip In

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If the ladies are considering purchasing clip-in hair extensions, they may come across some terms such as Remy hair, single drawn hair, double drawn hair, 100% human hair and many more.

They also need to decide which installation methods to integrate these hair extensions into their real hair. There is a wide range of techniques such as cold/ hot fusion, sewn in, microbeads, tape in, clip in hair extensions and more. With all these varied choices, choosing a suitable hair extension for the real hair can become a wonderful experience.

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One of the most popular types in the world of hair extensions is double drawn hair extensions clip in.  Let’s discover what it is and what differences does it bring to the natural hair through this article.

An overview of hair extensions

Before we go into the details of what are double drawn hair extensions clip in, let’s pay attention to the definition of hair extensions.

Human hair is the best material for creating hair extensions. When creating hair extensions, people process and sew the real hair into pieces known as wefts. One interesting fact is that most of the hair extensions provided by hair beauty salons or retail stores are single drawn.

Touching The Basics Of Double Drawn Hair Extensions Clip In

Different types of human hair extensions

The reason is that of a lower cost of production, resulting in a more economical choice for the businesses. The hair strands in single drawn hair extensions always remain the same length. Besides, the ends of hair extensions tend to be narrower.

This is a popular choice for many women because they can cut off the lowest parts to make it even. Single drawn hair is also more convenient to install and blend with the real hair as well as styling. Then why we are considering using double drawn hair extensions clip in?

What is a clip in hair extension?

Clip in hair extensions is integrated into the real hair to add more length and volume. We can buy these extensions at many different prices based on their quality. The most common type of clip in hair extensions is a long piece cut into small layers. A layered effect is what we can expect when using clip in hair extensions.

Touching The Basics Of Double Drawn Hair Extensions Clip In

Clip-in hair extensions

When purchasing these extensions, they usually go with their sewn-in clips. But sometimes we needed extra clips depending on the type of hair. After the clips are all sewn into the hair, wearers just need to clip it in their real hair or go to beauty salons to receive professional help.

What is double drawn hair extensions clip in?

To explain the term “double drawn hair extension”, let’s imagine the single drawn hair extensions. This type of hair extension is easy to recognize because the upper part is thicker, but the hair is thinner near the bottom. If we use it for a long while, the ends of single drawn hair seem narrow and thin.

This is when double drawn hair takes over. One big difference between these two kinds of hair extensions lies in the manufacturing ways. In double drawn hair, manufacturers remove shorter hairs, not by machines but hands. They also trim the ends of human hair to create an even thickness from top to bottom. Afterwards, they sew it into the wefts.

Thanks to this careful process, double drawn hair extensions clip in appear healthier, stronger, thicker and more high-quality than single drawn hair. We can still use one of these two types easily, but double drawn hair offers higher quality.

Single drawn hair becomes common because it requires less processing and producing stages. With double drawn hair, we pay more money but receive the best hair extensions, which also last longer than the single drawn one.



The advantages and disadvantages of double drawn hair

Advantages of double drawn hair

  • A fuller look
  • Better hair volume
  • An equal length from top to bottom
  • A U-shaped hairstyle

A double drawn hair creates a full and floating look to the hair. Because of thick extensions, women do not need to add much hair like the single drawn hair. This also means there is no need to buy many hair strands.

Disadvantages of double drawn hair

  • More expensive than single drawn hair
  • Not very suitable for fine hair

Although we have to pay more money to get a double drawn hair extension, we will get more hair for our money. For those who have fine hair, double drawn hair may not be the best choice. The weight of hair extensions can be too heavy for the real hair to support.

Proper care for double drawn hair extensions clip in

A double drawn hair extension, especially the clip in one, requires proper care. To reduce hair loss, try not to wash the hair extensions too many times because washing causes the hair to dry and shed. Besides, do not use too many products. The more we use these products, the more times spent on washing them. Remember to use only when necessary.

Touching The Basics Of Double Drawn Hair Extensions Clip In

Clip-in hair extensions don’t require much attention as their extensions cousins.

Moreover, if girls want to curl the hair and maintain its shape, they can pin them before sleeping. It will help to reduce the additional use of other products. The same happens with hairspray. Women should choose a type of hairspray with a light formula so they can quickly clean it after using.

To avoid hair tangling, always remember to brush the hair extensions. Bring a brush wherever we go and usually give the hair a gentle comb. Make sure to brush the hair extensions before and after using.

The bottom line

Each type of hair is different so make sure the real hair is healthier enough, and the double drawn hair extensions clip in work well with it. Besides, pay attention to the products that are suitable for these clip in hair extensions and the cleaning time.

Similar to the natural hair, we can reduce the damages on the hair by less washing or over-styling. If being taken care of properly, double hair extensions can last for months. That means we can enjoy a longer, stronger and thicker hair for a long time.

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