6 A-Class Black Celebrities Who Wear Wigs You Might Haven’t Heard About

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Are you wondering how a singer has a quick makeover before and after? Well, it’s wigs! This hair helps celebs switch up their looks for red carpet events and photoshoots. Many stars wear wigs as they help embrace the personalities as well as playing with their looks. The following post gladly shows you the list of black celebrities who wear wigs


Beyoncé is called the queen of wigs. She wears hair wigs in her performance and her life. Some say that Beyoncé belongs to celebrities who wear wigs everyday to reach a gorgeous appearance. She uses hair wigs and related things. Like other stars in this industry, the singer wears hairpieces to change her images constantly. If you are a big fan of the talented singer, you can notice that her favorite look is blonde hair. Her hairstylist revealed that Beyoncé changes the color of her hair wigs every three weeks.

In fact, Beyonce’s natural hair is a curly afro. But she loves straight and long hair, she opts for hair wigs as the best and fastest way to get her desired look. Many celebrities wear lace front wigs as they offer natural hairline, and so does she. The hair wig brings her natural-looking and shiny tresses at any time and anywhere.

6 A-Class Black Celebrities Who Wear Wig You Might Haven't Heard About


The talented artist is half black and half white as her mother is black from South Africa. If we miss Rihanna in the list of celebrities who wear hair toppers and wigs, it’s our big fault. The “We Found Love” singer switches up her hair frequently by using high-quality hairpieces. There are many rumors around the star’s hair. They say that Rihanna is experiencing severe hair loss because she always uses hair wigs. 

Rihanna and other celebrities who wear wigs in real life and in front of cameras to maintain the look they hope. It’s hard to choose the best moment of Rihanna with wigs. The pop singer knows how to wear and style it to get the most attractive look. That may be the reason why she loves to wear redhead. 

Kerry Washington

The star gained wide public recognition for playing as Olivia Pope in the ABC drama series Scandal. If you are big fans of the actress, you will know that her real hair is very curly. It is more of an S shape, not too tight or spiral. She always wears her natural hair texture as it helps to keep hair strands healthy. But do you know the actress sported hairpieces most of the time in Scandal? She has never admitted this thing but people say that she wears hair wigs in the drama to get a load a lush and full hair. 

When Kerry is not playing Oliva Pope, she tries many most popular hairstyles. Sometimes she lets us get a look at her real hair, sometimes she wears wavy, straight, or messy-chic buns. 

6 A-Class Black Celebrities Who Wear Wig You Might Haven't Heard About

Taraji P. Henson

Have you ever watched Empire drama series? Do you know who starred the main role – Cookie Lyon in Empire? It is Taraji. The 49-year-old previously told her fans that he stopped damaging hair natural locks. She decided to wear wigs when she was acting to limit causing any hair damage. She is one of the few black celebrities who wear wigs, publishing the hair secret. Taraji said that she used wigs in Empire. She braided her natural locks in lots of teeny cornrows and apply her wigs. The wigs fitted on her head perfectly. After wearing wigs, she takes care of her real tresses carefully. Specifically, the star shared that she had to sit under a steamer while she deep-condition her curls. But now, the 49-year-old actress is ready to show her natural hair with curly texture. She has no wig on. 


Wendy Williams

She is well-known as an American television host, author as well as a businesswoman. It is no secret about Wendy Williams’ wigs. She is another name in the list of celebrities who wear wigs due to hair loss. What’s less known is that Wendy has thyroid disease, so she opts for hair wigs to conceal her very thin hair. Not only hair, her thyroid disease also causes thinning nails, eyebrows as well as affect eye tissue. 

The talk show host is never shy in showing the difference between a full head of hair and her real thinning hair. She wears wigs as they help her get a nice thick hair and desired look.

6 A-Class Black Celebrities Who Wear Wig You Might Haven't Heard About


Bhanurekha Ganesan is a Bollywood actress who is better known by her stage name Rekha. She is conceded as one of the finest artists in Indian cinema. Debuted in 1958 when being a child, Rekha now has a huge amount of fans, at any age. The star is among the list of Indian celebrities who wear wigs in the movies and her real life. For example, in the Sawan Bhadon film (1970), she had to wear a wig although her real tresses were quite long and thick. To shape character, hairstylist had to cut Rekha’s locks. People explain that, in those days, it was trendy for heroines to wear hairpieces in films. 

Besides, other big names such as Jourdan Dunn, Ashanti, Sherri Shepherd, etc. also wear high-quality wigs for their own purposes. So why are you wasting money and time in coloring your natural locks? You can rock sleek and straight hair like your idol by wearing high-quality hair wigs. 

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