10+ Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs

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Celebrities often show up on the red carpets, etc. with the flawless look, including their hairstyle. Still, in fact, not all of them have fabulous natural locks. Some are going through hair loss. Some have bald spots. A few famous people have the wigs and toupees on to perfect their appearance. This list is giving some examples of actors and rock stars who wear wigs. And they ace them. 

10 Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Ben Affleck with toupee

Ben Affleck

Is our A-list actor bald? The answer is yes according to rumors. He has relied on the wig to conceal his hair issue. Also, someone says that his look was still smokingly hot even when Vince Vaughn took his hairpiece off in a party. Ben is famous as among the first celebrities that make male wigs in the film industry become trendier than ever.

Robert Pattinson

It is going to be heartbreaking, particularly to fangirls. Still, we must reveal that Robert in an interview shared he put on a small wig in the series of romance fantasy films – The Twilight Saga. Another time, he also said that he suffered from hair loss. It was the consequence of immoderate bleaching when he was filming for Good Time. Fans spot him in public with various styles, inclusive of a not typical slick hair appearance, which Robert embarked on the new movie. 

10 Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Robert Pattinson with toupee

While Vampires can have an endless life, their hair seems unable to do so.

Charlie Sheen

He is too famous for an introduction. Charlie used to be the world’s TV actor with the highest pay. His performances have been excellent. People have spotted the star with full hair and balding head of hair many times. He has never shared about it officially. Still, that he puts on a wig or so is fairly obvious.

10 Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Jon Cryer toupee

Jon Cryer

Charlie is not alone is the struggles against baldness. Jon Cryer – his former co-star in Two and a Half Men has balding troubles as well. He once joked that there were “four or five hairs” remaining on his head. When he wears wigs, he looks impressive. He said that it was the work of some excellent professionals. Also, he stated it as “an elaborate illusion”. That said, he loves embracing his less dense hairline. Do you think he looks terrific with or without the covering?

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Jude Law

Who does not know Jude? His performance in “Cold Mountain” is incredible. He is also one of the actors and rock stars who wear wigs. Jude’s head seems to be fuller than in 2013. It was when his hairline was receding and the crown was thinning. Nevertheless, his hair looked curly and more voluminous later on when he appeared at the Toronto Film Festival. It is adequate information to have him on this list.

10 Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Jude Law wears wig

John Travolta

John is another sufferer of hair loss. His head is half-bald. Still, he has not covered that fact. You may see him with it numerous times. And it is not something he is afraid reporters will catch. Whether he goes wigless or not, he is still a charming man, is not he?

Nicholas Cage

The actor is familiar with putting on hairpieces. He revealed in an interview that he prefers wearing wigs in the movies to in his private life. Nicholas is rich enough to buy the top-notch products for head coverage. With the different fantastic wigs he has tried out as well as iconic status, he is undoubtedly our preferable famous person to create memes.

10 Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Nicholas Cage

Daniel Craig

This list of actors and rock stars who wear wigs is not complete without Daniel Craig. This handsome man becomes far hotter with his wig. He began showing bald signs with the receding hairline at his temples. Still, he showed up next time with a thicker mane. It can be proof that Daniel is putting on quality hair covering.

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Mathew McConaughey

Our popular actor was famous for having long hair with fantastic volume. That is why it comes with surprise when he appeared with signs of baldness. He also suffered from a serious thinning hair problem. Following his public appearances with the locks’ issues, Mathew returned with a fuller head of hair. It led to the speculation that the star has tried some wigs. There is nothing to complain about, his look is dashing.

10 Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Mathew McConaughey with toupee

Other actors and rock stars who wear wigs? Hugh Laurie gets the spotlight now!

Hugh is a versatile director, actor, musician, author, and comedian. He aced the title character portrayal in House – an American TV series. He started showing the balding and thinning signs. On House’s sets, you can see him with a more voluminous head of hair. That said, he stops himself from putting on a wig when he shows up on interviews. Huge seems to love his shiny head. You do not complain, do you? Because he is hot-looking with and without his toupee.

10 Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Mel Gibson toupee

Jason Alexander

The famous American actor is one of the celebrities that wear wigs all the time. There are many rumors saying that he started experiencing hair loss when he was very young, at 17 years old. However, he accepted his baldness as his luck. He feels that his hair defects are truly useful for his acting career. He can change his hairstyle and appearance by getting support from wigs. 

Among celebrities who wear wigs, Jason never hides his hair condition. He feels comfortable and confident when wearing hairpieces. Even, in 2014, he showed his baldness when appearing at an event. He says that wearing different wigs helps him suit his filming characters. Most hair items are high-quality, so they protect his scalp and don’t affect his hair strands underneath. 

10+ Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Jason Alexander with toupee

A. J. McLean

This is another mane figured in the list of rockers and musicians who wear wigs. Do you remember A. J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys band? In the 1990s, it was the most successful time of his career and band. He works as a singer-songwriter now. He is a victim of hair loss in the early 2000s, so he used wigs to conceal his hairless. A.J. McLean used to wear different hair wigs with different styles. Over the years, McLean has possessed a vast collection of his hair wigs and hairstyles. 

After years with baldness, McLean decided to have hair transplantation. On his Instagram, he showed his hair before and after taking hair transplantation. He feels his happiness with new hair. Some joke that McLean now can be listed as male celebrities without their wigs. He now looks younger than his real age. 

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is also listed in male celebrities who wear wigs in real life. He is well-known as a member of Coldplay – a famous British rock band. The rumor of his baldness first appeared since 2000 when he appeared in a video with his thinning hairline. People can see M-shaped of a receding hairline on his head. With the help of a hairpiece, the male singer is brave enough to try different hairstyles, even he used to leave his shaved head to change his images. 

Did hair bands wear wigs? Johny Buckland also experiences baldness. He is the lead guitarist of Coldplay. Some say that Johny always appeared with red or blonde hair in their performances. But since 2007, he wears a hat to cover the fact that his hair is falling out and going bald. 

10+ Famous Actors And Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs
Chris Martin wearing toupee

Additionally, the later actor Mike Connors played Joe Mannix in the famous American television detective series, was rumored to wear wigs. Did Mannix wear a wig? It’s still a mystery. 

So what percent of men wear toupees? There is still no exact number but we are sure that the number is not low. As you can see from the list above, Hollywood stars from the 30s to 70s often wear hairpieces to achieve fuller hair looks.

While you think twice before you purchase toppers, etc., there are quite a lot of celebrities and rock stars who wear wigs and rock that style. Indeed, they have appeared on various occasions with such a makeover look. Some wear these items for fashion. Meanwhile, some stars put them on to disguise their balding areas and thinning hair problems. 

We have created this article not to make fun of our favorite style icons. Like many of us out there, they have been struggling with their hair issues. Instead, we would love to motivate those who are having a hard time with thinning hair, etc. to discover non-surgical methods to regain their confidence and live up to their moments.

Do you think anyone that deserves a mention in this top list? If so, tell us now! Laylahair is reachable via email [email protected] and our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp). Feel free to contact us at any time! 

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