Get Inspired By Best Blackpink Hairstyles – How You Like That?

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Are you a big fan of Blackpink? Have you ever wonder the Kpop stars keep their luscious hair looking so glamorous? You want to copy Blackpink hairstyles in the latest coming back with the album How You Like That. Here’re the best moments of these Kpop girls’ hairstyles.

Blackpink’s achievements

The most well-known girl group in South Korea, Blackpink has 4 members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. They first debuted in August 2016 and quickly become one of the hottest names in the music industry. They’ve earned and set many domestic and world records. From 2016 to the present, they entered the Billboard rating many times and received certifications from different associations. Their 2018 single Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is currently among the most-viewed on Youtube. Their newest How You Like That has increased their popularity to higher levels. And it also set a record for Youtube’s most-viewed video within the first 24 hours of release. 

Not yet, this is the first Korean girl group having three music videos each has one billion views on Youtube. On Spotify, Blackpink is one of the most-followed music group. 

Get Inspired By Best Blackpink Hairstyles - How You Like That?

Blackpink’s awards and achievements: 

– In 2020, Blackpink gets Mnet Asian Music Award for The Best Female Group

– Win 31st Golden Disc Awards for the New Artist of the Year

– Win 26th Seoul Music Award

– 9 Gaon Chart Music Awards

– 6 Golden Disc Awards

– 5 Melon Music Awards and 5 Guinness World Records

– Forbes Korea recognized Blackpink as one of the most powerful Korean celebrities.

Blackpink and hairstyles

Admit it, all members of the female group are idols for teen girls, and we always try to imitate their Kpop hairstyles. These girls have glorious and gorgeous hairstyles and they are the center of every glance when they appear publically. They know how to spice up their haircuts and glam up their appearances. 

Like many Kpop stars, Blackpink has worn different hair shades and styles, dyed their locks in hot pink or cheerful like a rainbow. They switch up their style to fit their music videos. Each member has their own characteristics and is so beautiful with their iconic hairstyles. For example, Blackpink Kill This Love hairstyles were so attractive and impressive. In a shot, Jennie appeared with a ponytail hairstyle, but she had natural waves in another scene. She looked so trendy and unique. 

Get Inspired By Best Blackpink Hairstyles - How You Like That?
Blackpink is famous for their iconic fashion styles

To sum up, the girl group does not hesitate about expressing themselves through hairstyle, makeup, and outfits. All hairstyles Blackpink wear is making every girl obsessed with them and become the hot trends across the globe. 

So here are the top best moments of Kpop hairstyles girls that we’ve gathered: 

Best Blackpink hairstyles

Blackpink Jisoo hairstyles

Jisoo is the visual of the female group, so her hairstyle is very addictive and neat. Let’s see how the singer’s hair look:

Black hair is so beautiful

The eldest of Blackpink impresses others with long and smooth locks. Netizens like her black haircut as it is so natural, simple yet outstanding. She wears her hair in black with different textures, from sleek straight to beach waves. She wears it in a high ponytail, bun, braids, and sometimes let it leave free. In a photoshoot with the Harper’s Bazaar, the 26-year-old singer shone with a black hairstyle and red lips.

Iconic purple hair

When Jisoo colored her locks purple, she looked so both gentle and cheerful. Netizens comment that she looks like a lovely girlfriend-next-door in this hairstyle. 

Get Inspired By Best Blackpink Hairstyles - How You Like That?

Lightly wavy hair

The girl has been loyal to the parting hairstyles, but with some waves, she immediately becomes the talk of the town. We admit that the eldest sister of Blackpink with wavy hair is so beautiful. Her locks are gentle, voluminous, giving an attractive and feminine look.  

Jisoo’s rainbow

We think that Jisoo likes purples and dark hair shades and it’s a smart choice. She often wears purple hair with an ombre style, mixing with red color. The combination makes her hair looks so brighter and super stylish. 

Haircut with bangs

The singer looks entirely different with her dark hair color and bangs. She was first spotted with bangs in 2017 and fans were crazy about how cute she was. We admit that the girl looked more classic and mature.

Plus, Jisoo has various beautiful hairstyles, such as red hair, brunette, and she looks like an actress with her straight hairstyle and a bow hair clip. 

Other inspirations:

Jennie’s hairstyles

Blackpink mv hairstyles are the dream of every girl. Just like Jisoo, Jennie’s hairstyles have also inspired many fans worldwide. Her locks are very long and so stunning. 

Black and blonde hairstyle

Among Blackpink Jennie new hairstyles, we are also impressed by this hairstyle. Her hair is blond in the front and black in the rest of the parts. It’s unique and quite a surprise to see her new image. 

Get Inspired By Best Blackpink Hairstyles - How You Like That?

Half up and half down hair

She looks mischievous and cute with this hairstyle. We are sure that her half up and half down hair look will inspire you. It is suitable for both casual looks or appears on the red carpet. She is totally able to sport it. 

Surprising blonde shade

As an influenced celebrity, Jennie does not hesitate to switch up her hair look and appearance as well. She dyed her locks in new colors to create and catch up with the trend. She never lets her fans down. 

In the teaser of “Kill This Love” in 2019, she wore long and wavy bright blonde locks. She had a middle-parted hairstyle and her image still surprised everyone. 

Jennie’s shoulder-length haircut

Are you strange Jennie with short Kpop hairstyles? She used to appear with a stylish hairstyle – jet black hair bob. Many say that the new transition of the Blackpink member refreshed her look after donning with long hair for a while. 

Get Inspired By Best Blackpink Hairstyles - How You Like That?

Charming curly hair

We think that there is no hairstyle challenging the YG’s star. Just like other simple straight hairdos, curly hair also makes her become the center of every glance. With a pretty round face and chubby cheeks, the frizzy curls and parted hairstyle make the girl more elegant and create a slim face effect. 

Beautiful Rose’s hairstyles

Before debuting, Rose has long and dark brown hair, and she looked so innocent and lovely. Now, long and thick hair is her brand, and the difference here is that she changes her hair color and hairstyle. 

Pink hair color

Do you remember Rose with pink hair color in the “Lovesick Girls” video? The combination makes the young singer look more adorable and as pretty as a picture. This hair hue is not only trendy but also extremely match with Rose’s skin tone. This hair then is copied by many beauties around the world. 

High ponytail

All hairstyles Blackpink wear are diverse and impressive. And Rose with a basic ponytail style is so luxurious and classy. It’s undeniable that she is charismatic when pulling all locks out of her face. The idol is clever when mixing ponytail with colored hair as it makes her face looks softer. Of course, if you are a long-haired girl, you should learn this amazing and simple hairstyle. 

Get Inspired By Best Blackpink Hairstyles - How You Like That?

Long hair with a ribbon

beautiful ribbon. The look is beautiful and smooth when mixing with this accessory. Often, Rose opts for simple and plain ribbons like white, black, or yellow color for her appearance.  

Braiding hairstyle

If you are a big fan of the main vocal of Blackpink, you can see that braids appear many times in her hairstyle collection. The beauty is attached with bright blond hair adding different braided styles. With braids down from the top of her head or just braiding a few curls, it is enough to make the talented singer show off her beauty. It gives her a luxurious look. Her hairstylist also creates volume for the braids which adds a stylish look to her style. Whether she wears braids for performances or daily style, her hair is excellent and splendid.

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Blackpink Lisa hairstyles

The attraction of Lisa BLACKPINK has never been down, and her hairstyles are also worldwide girls’ concern. 

Hair bangs

Five years since the first debuting, Lisa is loyal to hair bangs. Whether she rocks long or short hair, her bangs never disappear. We want to say that all Lisa Blackpink hairstyles attached with bangs. But it’s not boring. 

The Bob haircut

With a youthful bob hair, Lisa looks like a lovely doll. And she is more playful and trendy when adding some smoky gray highlights to her head. And this haircut attracts many beauties because of its modernity and personality. Lisa also mixes these curls with different outfits to change her look, from youthful modern to feminine.

Get Inspired By Best Blackpink Hairstyles - How You Like That?

Long curly hair 

Lisa contributes to diversifying Kpop girls hairstyles with long and gorgeous curls. The curly hair makes the rapper look both beautiful, seductive, and feminine. Plus, it helps her hair look thicker and fluffy. Often, she dyes her locks a little light to refresh the appearance. 

Our conclusion

Do you fall in love with Blackpink hairstyles? We all have to admit that Blackpink members’ hairstyles are attractive, beautiful, and unique. Which haircut you think is to die for? Try to get these chic and youthful looks while leaving people around you breathless!

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