Bleached Hair Men – It Never Fails, Unless…

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A hairstyle is a key factor to improve someone’s appearance. These days, bleaching hair is a trendy hairstyle for both males and females. Not only young people, but men at the median age also rock this hot trend. Many celebs also tried bleached hair men like Zac Efron, J. Balvin, etc. You want to get an aesthetic and attractive look, let’s read information about male bleached hair with Layla in this post. 

Do your research – Is men’s bleached hair suitable for you?

Bear in mind that guys’ bleached hair is not different from bleaching women’s hair. Before bleaching your mane, you should find a well-trained stylist or colorist so that he can give you the best results. Make sure that the pro you visited has experienced with men’s hairstyle. 

Wondering whether sun-bleached hair men is suitable for you or not, you have to consider several factors below:

Firstly, you have to know clearly about your hair type and natural hair color. Some with dark hair base may find it hard to get platinum bleached hair. Also, your too thick hair may be a challenge when bleaching hair. It takes lots of time time to get bleached hair look as you wish.

Secondly, consider your skin tone as well. For example, lighter skin tones can work well with bleached platinum or white hair men. Black men with bleached hair are acceptable but opt for less eye-catching hair color. 

Bleached Hair Men - It Never Fails, Unless...
bleached hair men

As we stated, the young prefer bleaching hair. But it does not mean that it is not suitable for old people. As long as you choose a suitable hair hue for your age, it will bring your desired look. 

You see that many celebs rocked bleached hair and they looked so attractive. But if you are working in an office environment, please consider carefully before bleaching your mane. 

Are bleached blonde hair men damage natural locks?

We agree that men with bleached hair look so aesthetic and sexually attractive. But if you bleach your mane in the wrong way, it will damage your hair. It’s a truth. After bleaching hair, you do not care for it, your hair will get dry and damaged over time. 

Specifically, the bleaching process changes your hair color by making hair strands enlarge, leading to a separation in the cuticle scales. It means that your hair will lose its moisture, become dry quickly.

After bleaching, hair breakage is inescapable. As mentioned above, the bleach will separate the cuticle scales, making the hair to be more brittle. 

In general, bleaching is a chemical process, your natural locks will be weaker and more vulnerable. Do you want to maintain your healthy hair after bleached hair men? You should invest your time and money in some hair care products and treatments. Utilize high-quality products that work to protect bleached hair from hair loss and restore broken strands. 

Bleached Hair Men - It Never Fails, Unless...
men with blonde hair

Is bleaching men’s hair at home bad?

Seriously, we don’t recommend doing this at home. Visit and ask for a good colorist helps. Because you may not know which bleach is good for your mane, how to bleach it correctly and safely, or how long to leave the bleach on your head. A skilled stylist can help you do all that. 

For example, your hair will dry out quickly if you leave the chemical for too long. Even it causes some serious damages, such as hair loss, split ends. What’s more, it’s hard to apply the solution evenly all over your head if you do it yourself. It may lead to uneven hair color.  

Things to notice when bleaching hair men

The shorter your natural locks are, the easier to bleach

Have you ever seen Kayne or J.Balvin with bleached hair? They used to rock short bleached hair. Bear in mind that it is easy to bleach short hair. A hair colorist said that the temperature from your scalp can make the bleaching process so much easier and faster. Also, you can get a consistent color with short hair. Often, bleached white hair men take about 30-45 minutes, depending on how short or long your hair is. 

Bleached Hair Men - It Never Fails, Unless...
it’s easier to bleach when hair is short

Find a good hair colorist or salon

You want bleached hair black men, find and select a good salon featuring excellent products and skilled pros. The bleach with poor-quality cannot give you the color you desire. Also, it may be a potential reason for hair loss and other serious unwanted effects. 

What’s more, pros will help you avoid all that. They know which method and product suit you best.


Care for bleached hair is very important

Maintain and take care of bleached hair is the key step to have beautiful and healthy locks. It is much more different and delicate than maintaining your natural hair. Remember to hydrate your mane. Find out some natural and intensive hair treatments you can apply for your hair. Apply natural oils such as coconut, olive, argan oils, etc. to moisturize and deep condition natural locks effectively. Use a hair mask is an alternative method. 

If you are experiencing split ends or hair breakage after bleaching, trim it frequently. Also, wear a cap or cover bleached hair to avoid harmful factors. Avoid using heat styling tools on black men bleached hair because it will be more prone to breakage. Don’t forget to apply to hear protectant to avoid serious hair damage. 

Bleached Hair Men - It Never Fails, Unless...
take good care of your hair after bleaching

Switch up your hair care products

Invest in hair care products specially produced for bleached hair men. You should use purple shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times per week if you get light hair colors. These items work to cancel out all brassy yellow or orange hair tones. Or opt for super-hydrating shampoos that can keep the hair moist. Plus, leave-in conditioners and styling creams are helpful for your locks. 

That’s all about bleached hair men we want to present all you guys. We do hope that our words help you somehow understand more about this hair before deciding to go for it. Are you ready to get this look? Try and brag about your stunning hair look.  

Are there still any doubts about male bleached hair? We would love to hear your opinions, questions, or suggestions.

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