Top 9 Insider’s Tricks On How To Blend Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are created to help change your hair and give you an overall beautiful look. So you want to put and blend hair extensions with your existing hair to get the best result. However, not everyone is lucky to have a perfect haircut right from the start. 

You wonder why your extensions are not blending. There are multiple reasons to answer this question. And one of the most common reasons is that the wearer chooses an inconsonant hair extension. It may be incorrect in weight for your hair type and length.

So what can you do if you find that the extensions don’t blend in with your bio hair? In this article, Layla takes you through the steps and tricks that can help you have a beautiful and natural hair with extensions.

To blend hair systems with your natural hair, you need to focus more on balancing both thickness and length of hair. This balance can help your hair achieve a natural look.

Top 9 Insider’s Tricks On How To Blend Hair Extensions
use Remy human hair

Use Human Hair

Hair experts say that 100% human hair extensions look the most natural, and blend seamlessly with your existing hair. Real human hair is soft and not easily tangle like synthetic hair. Because virgin human hair extensions are unprocessed, so the colors are close to your bio hair color. 

The human hair system blends naturally and is the best choice for you. When you wear properly type, no one will know that you are wearing a hair system unless you tell them! Even they can’t believe it until they touch it.

Top 9 Insider’s Tricks On How To Blend Hair Extensions
trim your extensions to make it blend with your real hair

Trim Your Extensions

This may seem unreasonable, but it will make your hair look more natural. Don’t hesitate to cut your hair extension. This trick is perfect for adding the shape of your hair and give a more tapered look. We recommend getting your hair extensions blended in by a skilled stylist. This can also help you learn exactly where to put each weft.

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Wash Your Hair Extensions

Like your natural hair, the quality of hair systems will change if you do not take care of them carefully. We recommend that you should wash hair extensions when they start to look dull and bad smell. Remember not to shampoo them frequently. 

Top 9 Insider’s Tricks On How To Blend Hair Extensions
don’t pull your hair too roughly

DON’T pull your hair too hard as it may deviate the hair extension from its original position. Keep calm to detangle any knots or apply conditioner on the extensions before trying to untangle them again. 

Use a high-quality and no harsh chemical shampoo to not damage the hair.

– Don’t scrub or rub hair extensions 

– Air-dry the extensions is the best, limit using blow-dry them.

Match The Number Of Extensions To The Thickness Of Your Hair

To keep your hair systems looking natural, avoid putting in a full set of wefts unless you have very thick hair. Don’t clip too many extensions into thin hair because it can make your scalp look lumpy and reveal the extensions.

Top 9 Insider’s Tricks On How To Blend Hair Extensions
make the wefts invisible

Ensure That Hair Extensions Are Invisible

Your extensions may be visible if you don’t have enough hair to cover them. So it would be good preparation if you shake head and check for any wefts that are peeking through when your hair moves. Make sure that no one can see your hair extensions.

Choose Short Extension For Short Hair

Continue answering the question of how to make hair extensions blend in and not look obvious, we have the next trick. Choose short weft is better for the most natural look. While extra long hair might seem gorgeous and appealing, it looks unnatural and quite uncomfortable in daily activities.

Top 9 Insider’s Tricks On How To Blend Hair Extensions
choose a matching hair color

Match Extension Color To Your Bio Hair

Another tip on how to blend hair extensions that don’t match is the color of the hair system. Choosing colors of hair extension close to your existing hair is a great way to trick the eye. 

However, if you have different colors in the root and tip of your natural hair, the rule is to choose a shade that matches the tip. Why? The extensions are usually placed at the crown of your head, so they need to blend in more with your bottom hair rather than the top.


Or in case you can’t find colors that match your natural hair, you can dye your hair extension as you pleased. If the extensions are made with 100% human virgin hair, you feel free to color it without breaking. 

Place Hair Extensions In Right Position 

Because everyone has a different sized and shaped head, the placement of wefts is also not the same. Measure around carefully with the position of your wefts until you figure out the best for you. 

Top 9 Insider’s Tricks On How To Blend Hair Extensions
style your hair extensions

Style Hair Systems To Blend In Your Natural Hair

This is the easiest way on how to make extensions look real in short hair. It is also a useful tip that we recommend for all hair types and colors. You can straight, curl or wave your hair and extensions together as a finishing touch that will help them flow seamlessly as one. You can style by yourself if you enjoy and are skilled. If not, you can take them to salons to have them styled for you. With proper care, your extensions can last a year or more and blend perfectly with your own hair. 

Alternatively, you can curl or straighten your own hair to blend hair extensions.

Hopefully, through this post, we can help you have more tricks and tips to blend hair extension. If extensions are properly attached, it would bring along the incredible result. 

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