[Exclusive Guide] How To Blend Hair Topper | Attach Topper Extensions Seamlessly

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Hair toppers are one of the best solutions for those who suffering thing hair or bald spots. They not only conceal your hair loss but bring you a fuller and thicker volume hair. But to do this, you have to know how to blend hair topper with your bio hair.

A hair topper comes in different names because of its various functions. You might have heard it by the names of wiglet, hairpiece or toupee. Just by its names, the wearer can easily tell how a hair topper looks like and what it is for.

This type of extension is a great alternative to a full wig. It is natural-looking, breathable and has friendly cost. One will use a hair topper at the beginning or medium stage of hair loss to cover the bald spots and thinning hair at the top of the head.

It is very hard to notice if someone is wearing a hair topper or not. Your real hairs are still shown out and it makes the hairpiece more attempting to people with hair loss and thinning problems.

How To Blend A Hair Topper With Real Hair?

To achieve nature-looking results, the hair topper must be blended properly, which requires a proper application. Layla will bring some tips to help you blend your hair topper in order to give you the most flattering and natural look. 

Create A Hairline With Thinning Hair

To blend wig with natural hair, you should concern with the immediate hairline. You don’t have to concern about the big area of hair loss because the topper gonna covers this. 

You can use great hair day powder to camouflage and make your hairline more natural. 

Hold your hairline back a little bit so that the hair is taut and off your face. And then brush the powder into the hairline. After finish this process, you will have a clear hairline – an important tip to blend your hair topper easily.

[Exclusive Guide] How To Blend Hair Topper | Attach Topper Extensions Seamlessly
choose a matching color for hair topper

Choose Color Of Hair Toppers

Color of hair toppers can The color of a hair topper should match your existing hair color as closely as possible, but keep in mind that there is not always be a perfect match for every shade. 

It is a good idea to find a topper shade that is as close to what you want your hair to look like as possible. And then dye your existing hair professionally to match the extension. They can really blend together.

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Create A Natural Cut To Blend Hair Topper

Your topper is getting old, it may be time for a little trim. You could cut the extension to a shorter length or add in a few layers. Sometimes making a bang can create a more natural look.

Experts recommend visiting a hair salon and have them professionally cut the hair to keep your topper looking natural.

[Exclusive Guide] How To Blend Hair Topper | Attach Topper Extensions Seamlessly
attach the topper properly

Ensure Your Wig Fits Properly

The next tip on how to blend in a hairpiece is to ensure the extension fits properly. There is nothing worse than a hair topper that is ill-fitting on your scalp. If the hairpiece does not match correctly location on your head, it will look unnatural. You can buy wig stoppers or hair gel that will keep the hair in place. Hence, determine where to place hair toppers before in order to blend well with the real hair.

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If you find that your unit is too tight on your head, let switch it out or make it looser. Because too much strain on your hair can cause edges to fall off and damages to your natural hair.

Lay Down Edges To Blend Natural Hair

Slicking down your edges is necessary if you want a polished, and overall neat look. The tip is especially crucial if you are not wearing a hair color such as blue, blonde red, etc.

[Exclusive Guide] How To Blend Hair Topper | Attach Topper Extensions Seamlessly
style your hair topper

Today, many celebs wear hair topper for having fuller hair and changing up their styles. So their hairstylist will cut and trim the hairline of a wig and create artificial baby hairs that leave it looking natural. 

You can also style for your hair topper like adding in curls, making it straight, or cutting in layers. It may blend perfectly with your real hair and be wonderful for your look.

How To Take Care of Hair Toppers

Wash Hairpieces Every 6-8 Wears

Gently remove any tangles with a wide-tooth comb before washing your hair topper. Ensure that the hair is traveling in one direction. Clean your wig with a proper shampoo and rinse out with lukewarm water. DO NOT apply the conditioner directly to the hairpiece and rub the hair.

[Exclusive Guide] How To Blend Hair Topper | Attach Topper Extensions Seamlessly
wash your hair topper on a regular basis

Dry hair topper 

Place the topper on a silk towel and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Let the hairpiece air dry or apply heat treatment products before using blow drying on its low heat setting.

– If your wigs are tangled, lightly detangle the hair using a wide-tooth comb.

Store Carefully When Not Using

Take your hair topper off when you are not wearing it. You store your hairpiece on its stand or a mannequin head in a cool, dry location avoiding extreme temperatures, mold, and dust, which will help maintain its shape, cleanliness, and style.

[Exclusive Guide] How To Blend Hair Topper | Attach Topper Extensions Seamlessly
avoid using too many chemicals

Chemical Usage

It would be advisable not to chemically treat this hairpiece yourself.  You must only seek the advice of your hairstylist. Chemicals may cause irreparable damage to your hair topper. Chlorine in the pool and saltwater have been known to damage hair wigs.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are plenty of ways on how to blend hair toppers with your natural hair. We would love to know how you make your wig looking natural. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us. And if you have any requires, please give comments. We are always happy to be on services.

You also visit the Layla Hair website to know more about hair toppers, hair extensions, and other products. Proud of one of the most trustworthy hair suppliers in the international market, we promise to bring you the most beautiful hair toppers that can blend perfectly your existing hair. 

Feel free to contact us via our hotline (+84) 989 633 424 (WhatsApp/Viber/Snapchat) if you want to have further information.

Thank you!

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