2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home

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Believe it or not, some people these days still think about wearing weaves without washing as often. Still, it is strange. Why will you neglect it if you have bought it with your hard-earned money? For others, the concern is, how to wash human hair weave?. If you are among those with that problem, below, LaylaHair has guided you the ways. 

How to wash your leave-in human hair weave?

Step 1: Use water to saturate the weave 

Make your weave wet with warm water poured downward. To do so, you can situate the head below the faucet of the sink. Yet, getting in the shower seems more comfortable.

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
Use water to saturate the weave

Step 2: Wash with shampoo

Put a small amount of shampoo into your hand. It is best to have enough hydration, clarification, without sulfate. Massage shampoo into the weave’s length with care. After that, rinse it out.

Step 3: Apply conditioner 

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
apply conditioner to your hair weave

Similar to washing your bio hair, you may want to use conditioner on weaves for softer shine. Especially, how to wash human hair weave with it? Stop the water. Pour some conditioner into your hand. It should be a type of natural hair. Apply it downwardly to the hair’s tips from the tracks. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes and in between. Next, rinse it to stay away from any product accumulation.

Step 4: Detangle the weave with the comb. 

Separate the weave into two sections. Use a wide tooth brush to handle any tangles in your weave. Do it as gently as you can.

Step 5: Dry it 

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
let it completely dry before using

When washing a leave-in weave, importantly, you let it thoroughly dry before you go to sleep or come out of your home. Air dry the weave. Either, sit under a hair dryer for about 40 minutes.

How to wash human hair weave? The leave-out ones

Step 1: Detangle the weave

To do that, brush the tips and the roots slowly. To prevent ripping your hair out, be sure to finish brushing the hair’s ends before moving up to the track.

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
detangle knots on hair weave

Step 2: Drench it with water

Use warm water from the sink faucet. Hold the weave under it. If it is a sew in one, ensure you give it an entire saturation. For glue in weaves, avoid wetting through the track 

Step 3: Submerge the weave in shampoo mixed with water for five minutes or so 

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
Submerge the weave in shampoo mixture

Spray a small amount of shampoo into a basin. It should be mild, free from sulfate, and for human hair. Fill the basin with warm water. Allow the shampoo to dilute by rushing it around the water. After that, soak the weave in the washing bowl for around five minutes. 

Step 4: Wash out the shampoo

Take the weave out. Direct it under the sink faucet. Turn on some warm water and get rid of the shampoo in your weave. Stop doing so until there are no signs of suds.


Step 5: Drench your weave in conditioner mixed with warm water for about 30 minutes

Pour an appropriate amount of conditioner for human hair in the basin. Fill it with water. Stir the conditioner around the water. Soak the weave in the diluted solution for 30 minutes. That way softens your hair.

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
remove all shampoo residue on your

Step 6: Wash out the conditioner 

Move your weave out. Turn on the water and rinse out the weave with it for a few minutes. Make sure there will be no remaining conditioner.

Step 7: Use a towel to reduce water in the weave

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
remove excess water with a towel

Turn off the water. Spread a towel on a surface. Put the weave human hair on one part of the towel. Use the part it is not placing on to pat the weave dry. After that, let it sit on the towel until it gives 100% dry touch.

How to take care of human hair weave?

Make your weave clean frequently (once every ten days, etc.)

Otherwise, it probably begins to become messy and have bad smelling.

Do a deep conditioning treatment (per week) before you shampoo it

Do so on your dry weave. For leave-in weaves, split it up into five sections or so. Pour some drops of argan oils into your hand. Make the oil accessible to every section. Put the weave in a shower cap. Sit underneath a hair dryer for about ten minutes. Next, wash out the oils using shampoo and cold water. After that, let the weave dry again.

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
do deep conditioning treatment regularly

How to wash human hair weave of leave-out type? Let the deep conditioner penetrate into the whole weave. Place the weave in the shower cap. Add some water. Then leave it in the microwave for around three minutes. Take the hair out and use shampoo and cold water to rinse it out. Let it completely drive.

Apply grapeseed oils to the scalp

When you wear a weave, your scalp and hair do not help stimulate circulation. That is why bacteria can grow. To prevent this problem, pour some drops of oils that help nourish hair on the fingertips. Then give its gentle application on the scalp occasionally.

Limit your use of hair styling items

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
limit the use of heat styling tools

Sprays, etc. can make the weave drier and smell bad. Try and use these items as infrequently as you can.

Do not use heat styling tools too often

To keep your weave looking amazing, style it less often. Whether they are flat or curling irons, they are not good friends for the hair. Alternatively, you can think about putting on the weave in braids, etc. at night while sleeping to generate fantastic curls.

The bottom line

Having impressive weaves on is likely to bring you a seamlessly attractive hairstyle. They give an overall charming look. Still, they will not look good without certain maintenance. Particularly, how to wash human hair weave

You do not have to sweat out a lot caring about it. Detangle, make it clean and silky with shampoo and conditioner. After that, allow it to dry. Also, keep it looking appealing to the senses by applying some good hair-conditioning oils.

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