Blonde Hair 101 — Are You Ready To Rock It?

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Blonde hair never lets anyone tell that it is a boring color. In fact, there are tons of options to style the mane for gals. Whether you were born wit dark shade hair, you can reach blonde hair colors by using hair dyes and bleaches. Be confident to rock this color and a new haircut. We believe that you will have more fun with blonde hair color as it is on-trend those days. Click here to learn more about blonde hair and types of blonde hair, check it out in this post now. 

What is blonde hair?

The word «blonde» with an «e» at the end is usually used to describe the yellowish-colored haired female. In French, «blonde» is a feminine adjective. It is also called a fair hair color that is determined by the low level of the dark pigment eumelanin. Blonde hair comes with different shades, from reddish «strawberry» blond to golden-brownish and blond colors. Classic blonde shades like honey, platinum suit everyone. They help lift up their hair color and skin tone.

Blonde Hair 101 - Are You Ready To Rock It?
natural blonde breadth

In Western culture, blonde natural hair has been considered as the beauty of females. APHRODITE — the Greek goddess of beauty, love, and pleasure, was described as having blonde. In addition, many characters in medieval artwork are shown with blonde hair hue. Do you know Marylin Monroe? She is called the blonde bombshell because of her platinum blonde breadth. Although her natural hair is brunette, she bleached hair to reach this look.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, racists believed blonde hair blue eyes were characteristics of people in the Nordic race.

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Which countries you can find blonde-haired women?

You can see many fair-haired women in Russia, Norway, Ukraine, Sweden,  Australia, and Finland. Famous hairdressers and designers are prone to seek their blonde model in these countries because they have all shades of blondeness. Norway, for example, is considered a citadel of blonde gals. Although it has a small population, most of it is exclusively blonde. Women here are blue-eyed, silky smooth skin, and natural blonde hair. 

You also find blonde-haired gals in some countries around the Baltic Sea, such as Denmark, the Polish coast. 


Natural hair colors contain two types of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin. You can not find any hair with only one type of melanin. Dark hair is determined by a high concentration of the eumelanin and a much lower percentage of pheomelanin. In contrast, blonde contains a high level of pheomelanin (about 95%) and very little eumelanin. 

Blonde Hair 101 - Are You Ready To Rock It?
western females in blonde tresses

Tips on how to get blonde hair

— Consider your skin tone: Is your complexion is dark, medium or fair? Your skin tone will influence how your tresses look when you go for blonde.

— Eye colors: This is a very important thing. You can select the best shade of blonde color that suits your eye colors. Blonde tresses works well for different colored-eyes. Some shades work best for those with green, blue, and hazel eyes while others for black and brown eyes. 

What would I look like with blonde hair? You want a sun-kissed and outstanding look, go straight with this hair look. 

Different shades of blonde

Platinum blonde hair

You know, this hue is the lightest shade of all blonde color. The yellowish tint works well on fair complexions. Also, this palest of blonde color looks fabulous with brown and bright eyes. The Marylin hair color also gives you an edgier look. To maintain the bright hair look, you should use purple shampoo and bring yourself to hair salon frequently. 

Blonde Hair 101 - Are You Ready To Rock It?
Platinum blonde hair vs Light ash-blonde

Light ash-blonde 

It is a white shade of blonde color that has an ashy tint. Many describe the hair as cool platinum and looks better on lighter complexions and lighter colored-eyes. Do you know that Layla Gaga also rocked this hair hue? You can use balayage and all-over color technique on gals with dark hair hue. 


Silver-blonde color

It is another shade of ashy color that turns blonde into a sterling hue. If your eye color is blue or green, then opt for this blonde style. 

Honey blonde hair

This is a warm and shiny hue of blonde. Honey blonde hair suit those with medium skin tones and darker eye colors. Many celebs, such as Taylor Swift, Emma Roberts have personified honey blonde locks and make it become more popular. Consult your hairdresser to get this hair look. 

Blonde Hair 101 - Are You Ready To Rock It?
Silver-blonde vs Honey blonde vs Golden blonde

Golden blonde hue

The natural-looking and multidimensional color is the combination of butter, gold and honey hues. Perfect! If you are fair skin tone and lighter eye colors (hazel, pale), golden blonde can pair well with it. Use balayage highlights to get the natural and sun-kissed look. 

Sandy blonde

Rich, warm, and subtle are adjectives used to describe this hair hue. For a lovely sandy look, ask your hairstylists for the dark blonde hair dye and balayage highlighting technique on the mid-lengths and bottoms. 

Chestnut blonde

Blonde Hair 101 - Are You Ready To Rock It?
Sandy blonde vs Chestnut blonde

Have you ever thought about this warm blonde hair color? People always make mistakes when distinguishing chestnut blonde vs light brown. Some swear that it is simply light brown. But others claim it is a dark blonde. 

You have no idea about this hair color. Search the artist Beyoncé with Chesnut blonde, it’s gorgeous. Add this hair color to give a natural to your face. 

To keep the best hair look, you use blue pigmented shampoo and treatments to care for the hair.


Blonde hair brings you a fashionable look that no one can deny. How would I look with blonde hair? Consult your hair colorist and dye the most suitable hair shade. Have all good hair days with this hair hue. 

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will have more blonde options to get the best hair shade. It’s time to switch up your appearance. 

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