6 Hottest Blonde Hair With Lowlights To Freshen Your Hair Day

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Have you ever felt that your fresh blonde hair looks boring and dull? Sometimes, an all-over blonde head can look artificial and unnatural. But there is an easy way to fix this hair you can try. By adding some lowlights, it will soften your hair and reveal a more realistic and multi-tonal blonde that girls will love. Trending bleached blonde hair with lowlights will create more depth, volume and add dimension to your curls, enhancing your facial features. 

Read our dedicated article about blonde hair with lowlights if you want to learn more. 

How to add lowlights to different blonde hair shades

Lowlights are a popular coloring technique involving dyeing hair strands of 2-3 darker shades than your own hair. It works to add depth and dimension to your mane effectively.  

It’s important to understand what type of your blonde is. Do you want to make the blonde hair look lighter than your natural color or enhance your natural shade? If you feel your hair becomes too blonde, lowlights will save you. With a subtle change, it can make your fresh blonde tones really pop. 

Take your blonde to the next level with some neutral-cool colors and they will give more dimension to your locks. If you have thin blonde hair, they also create an illusion of a thicker and more voluminous look as they add more depth and volume to your blonde. 

6 Hottest Blonde Hair With Lowlights To Freshen Your Hair Day
lowlights on blond hair

Does this coloring technique damage your natural locks? If highlights need bleach to lighten your hair color, lowlights don’t require it. Hair colorists use no bleach to create lowlights and this reduces the risk of resulting in damaged hair. Plus, they require less upkeep to maintain the look. 

You want to have some fun with a blonde. Try some creative and on-trend ideas for blonde hair with lowlights to maximize your curls’ potential. 

Pretty ideas of blonde hair with lowlights

If your natural hair is fresh blond or your bleached your curls to a very light tone, please apply some lowlights. We have got some hair inspiration of lowlights you need. Reading on and find the best one for your own.  

Blended blonde and brown 

When we are talking about blond hair with brown lowlights, there is no better option than this look. We absolutely adore this hair look. The combination of two different colors, blonde and brown, creates a great medium-toned blonde shade. You can get this hair by adding some ashy brown streaks on your head. Let’s imagine, light blonde hair and brown streaks go hand in hand, it is perfect. 

Hairstylists say that this hair is a soft and splendid blend. It’s appropriate for different environments and occasions, for work, parties, and so on.

6 Hottest Blonde Hair With Lowlights To Freshen Your Hair Day

Blonde hair with caramel lowlights

Many girls like the way caramel lowlights blend seamlessly with your honey blonde curls. With some small changes, they create a major difference. Think about adding some caramel tones to your honey blonde, it will make your hair appear brighter and shiner.

Additionally, you can mix blonde hair with caramel highlights and lowlights. We are sure that it will give you an amazing and impressive hair look you always dream about. But this hair requires skills and techniques, you should make an appointment with your hair colorist to get this hair color. They know how to do it correctly and what colors work on your mane to give your hair dimension while enhancing your natural hair beauty. 

Other inspirations:

Ash-blonde with milk chocolate lowlights

This is among the hottest and on-trend hairstyles of the year. If you are searching for pictures of blonde hair with lowlights and highlights on Instagram, you will love it. Everyone will turn their heads if you wear this hair.

To be honest, ashy-blonde with milk chocolate lowlights look absolutely stunning. It takes your blonde to the next level. The chocolate brown shade works to perfect your existing blonde and blend with the hair roots.  

6 Hottest Blonde Hair With Lowlights To Freshen Your Hair Day

Blonde hair with red lowlights

This hair suits many beauties whether you are a natural blonde or bleached blonde hair. As we told you earlier, you should visit a professional to have a valuable experience with this hair color. They help you determine the best shade of red for your blonde. 

Blonde hair with red lowlights is the best option for those with pale skin and green eyes. Once, you have achieved this hair, you have to use shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks designed for color-treated hair. We hope you will have more fun when wearing your blonde with a touch of red shades. 

Warm blonde with toasty lowlights

You want to deepen your blonde but not to darken it too much, rock this hair now. Toasty lowlights will not darken your hair hue, they just give your hair more dimension and volume. It also makes your blonde appear warmer as well. 

Believe us, this look will not completely change your existing hair color. Although lowlights require less maintenance, you should spend time caring for them. Try out this trend and enjoy gorgeous hair. 

6 Hottest Blonde Hair With Lowlights To Freshen Your Hair Day

Ash-blonde with dark brown lowlights

You want to add a bit more richness to your blonde hair. You wanna try a toned-down color on your blonde, don’t hesitate to use dark lowlights. Many said that this is suitable for winter hairstyles. 

Ask your colorist for blonde hair with dark lowlights so that it gives your hair more depth and dimension. 

Conclusion: What’s the best blonde hair with lowlights?

Do you finish reading through our blog post? With the ideas of blonde hair with lowlights above, you can find the blonde hair trend for your own. You know, lowlights are not a simple technique, we recommend you visit a professional and ask for help. We commit that beautiful hair will leave you feeling fresh and fabulous.

Have any lowlight ideas we have missed, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Your color inspiration may help other readers update their blonde hair. Or interested in more blonde hair with highlights and lowlights? Leave your comments below and we always try to assort you. 

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