These 8 K-Pop Idols Rock Purple Hair In Really Fantastic Ways!

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After being predicted to be the dominant color tone in 2020, purple color landed on the international fashion catwalks, becoming the most sought after hair color. But no need to wait until the hot trend, these 7 extremely hot K-idols have actively “promoted” purple hair thanks to their unique characteristics that are difficult to replace any color. Therefore, admiring the beauty of Kpop purple hair through famous Kpop stars.

Hani from EXID

You can not forget the trend of dyeing purple hair by the holy fancam Hani. The hair color of Hani brings wonderful attractive to many young people in the “kimchi” country. In fact, Hani has tried many different hair colors such as smoky brown hair, yellow hair, and blue and so on but the most prominent is purple smoke.

This is the color that makes the fan community “crazy” because not only attracts thanks to the hot body but also the beautiful and charismatic face that this hair brings. Not only purely smoky, but the stylist has cleverly put into it gentle pastel tones, white, helping her more attractive and personalized. Therefore, Hani is the best example for Kpop purple hair.

These 8 K-Pop Idols Rock Purple Hair In Really Fantastic Ways!
EXID’s Hani and SNSD’s Taeyeon purple hair

Taeyeon from SNSD

If you are a big fan of Kpop stars, surely you can not forget the beautiful and attractive hair of Taeyeon who is the leader of the SNSD group. Taeyeon is famous as the “age-hacking” queen not only thanks to her fair skin and slim figure but also through changing her hairstyle regularly. It has contributed to making people forget her real age. Furthermore, Taeyeon is one of the idols who change hairstyle the most in Kpop when debuted for 10 years.

Taeyeon has a huge collection of beautiful hairstyles, including the smoky purple ombre hairstyle. Although it is known as the simple purple hair Kpop, the hair color brought incredible power on the search rankings, causing a stir in an entire Korean netizen area. After Taeyeon owns the hair color, the Kpop purple hair color becomes the hot trend in 2019. When dyeing purple hair color, it will help you look younger, more dynamic and radiant.

G-Dragon from Bigbang

When talking about Kpop stars that always makes a trend, G- Dragon is not missed out on the list. Furthermore, mentioning dyed hair without putting the purple hair rap monster on the list is a big mistake. For G-Dragon, it must say that blue, red, purple, yellow, brown, black, white and etc. there is no color that he has not tried. 

Moreover, G-Dragon is famous for being a fashion icon with a “strange and outstanding” style, so when he suddenly appeared with rainbow hair, the VIPs – Big Bang fan community did not take it. Therefore, the Kpop purple hair is still a normal style with a VIP fan of BigBang. 

These 8 K-Pop Idols Rock Purple Hair In Really Fantastic Ways!
G-Dragon and BTS Jimin with purple hair

Jimin from BTS

One of the idols who are famous as “play and pay” for their hair, is the Bangtan boy – Jimin. He has tried almost all hair colors from gold, platinum, even red, orange, pink, gray, and blue. And of course, Jimin can not miss out on the famous and wonderful purple hair color. It is not a challenge or the difficult to Jimin’s face because he is really suitable for the hair perfectly. Moreover, when the hairstyle is combined with styling, costumes and expressions, Jimin brought the image of a luxurious, seductive purple hair that is also extremely lovely.


Irene from Red Velvet

Irene – the girl who stormed the beauty charts of K-idol. She also contributed greatly to the trend of dyeing purple hair in Korea and spreading throughout Asia. This unbelievable charm has made many fans of her want to try out idol-like hair. Thanks for a beautiful face, Irene did not hesitate to respond to the movement of dyeing hair color, of course, can not ignore the legendary smoke purple. The highlight here is the purple levels are clearly shown on her hair, from dark and faded to the tail creating a gentle, romantic but no less personality. Therefore, the attractive hair color made Irene look like the goddess on stage made everyone lookup. 

These 8 K-Pop Idols Rock Purple Hair In Really Fantastic Ways!
Red Velvet’s Irene and Black Pinks Jisoo in purple hair

Jisoo from Black Pink

As a member of the YG family and also one of the Gen3 female idols of the 3rd generation, Jisoo quickly gained more attention because of her “unplayable” beauty. Bring unique beauty, not confused with the current beauties, Jisoo has changed spectacularly with outstanding purple-dyed hair color, this is also her first dye since debut. With this color, Jisoo really shines her beauty; the rank has increased, received more attention and commented that it suits her. The purple color is not too bold, appealing to everyone with just the first glance.

Tzuyu from Twice

Tzuyu is Twice’s visual. She gains worldwide recognition for her beauty, dubbed the “new generation goddess” for her sweet, unmistakable beauty. Many people commented that her purple hair really captivated the youth, bringing the feeling of “not real” as in the featured comics. Tzuyu’s charm, femininity, and lightness are all expressed in this HOT hair color today.

These 8 K-Pop Idols Rock Purple Hair In Really Fantastic Ways!
Twice’s Tzuyu and SHINee Taemin in purple hairdos

Taemin from SHINee

The handsome male idol of both men and women, SHINee’s Taemin is also one of the daring male idols in changing his hair color. But with just a little change, softer, Taemin can still charm from fangirls to fanboys with his beauty.

Kpop purple hair is becoming the best choice and the most popular hair color of Kpop’s fans in particular and people in general. However, if you want to dye purple hair, it is actually a difficult dyeing procedure. So, hope you get the hair color you like. If you need more useful information about the hairstyle or other hairs, don’t forget to visit our website to read more amazing and interesting posts. 

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