3 Best-Rated Blue Toner For Orange Hair You Shouldn’t Miss Out

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Did you bleach or dye your natural locks, then orange tones appear? You don’t like it. Don’t worry, most blue toners can help you tone your hair and remove stubborn orange tones on your hair. They cancel orange hair out as blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel. Blue toner for orange hair is diverse out there, it may be blue shampoos, conditioners, and so on. After using toner several times, you can see the orange tone disappears. 

You want to get rid of unseemly orange tones on your head. Stick around and we will tell you the best blue toner for orange hair

Why should you use blue toner for orange hair?

On the wheel color, each color has an opposite one. For example, blue will remove orange tones, green will remove red, and purple will cancel out yellow tones. That means that if your hair turns orange color after bleaching or coloring, you should use a blue toner or shampoo. 

Both blue shampoos and toners will completely get rid of your orange hair, but opting for the right one for you is challenging. Depending on how bright your orange hair is, you will apply more or less blue toner to cancel it out completely.

3 Best-Rated Blue Toner For Orange Hair You Shouldn't Miss Out
blue toner for orange hair

Also, it is recommended to utilize blue shampoos or toners after you bleach or use a copper-colored hair dye. This helps tone your colored hair while preventing your hair from turning orange. 

Now that you know why hair colorists advise you to use blue toner to cancel out orange tones on your head. Now, we’ll show you which is the best blue hair toner for orange hair. 

Best blue toners & shampoos for toning orange hair

At the beginning of this post, we mentioned that there are numerous blue toners available out there. Still, you should read reviews and know which item is best for your curls. Let’s start with an easy and quick fix for those of you with orange tones in the hair. 

MATRIX Total Results Brass Off Color Depositing Blue Shampoo

This blue shampoo from the MATRIX brand will work amazingly and perfectly on intense orange tones. It cancels out brassy and orange hair tones while refreshing your hair hue with cool tones. 

The blue toner shampoo for orange hair is formulated with long-lasting pigments; hence, it can create change immediately. For the maximum result, we recommend you using it to replace your normal shampoo. Shampoo twice weekly and let it sit on your head for 3-5 minutes before you rinse it away. If your hair is all orange, you can leave it longer and it won’t damage or dry your hair. 

The orange hair will disappear after a few washes. You can consider using other hair care items in the brand’s line-up, such as conditioners or neutralizing toning hair masks, to achieve soft and moisturized hair. 

Note: You should wear gloves before applying the shampoo to your hair. Not only for color-treated hair, you also apply it for natural hair. 

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner

Many agree that this is the best blue based toner for orange hair and for all the right reasons. It is a creamy toner and easy to apply to your mane. You use this toner only, no need to mix it with a developer. Plus, the item contains natural ingredients, no ammonia. The blue-tinted toner is created to cancel out the brassy orange tones of your light blonde. Also, it also works as a deep conditioning mask when you applying it to your bleached and dyed hair. 

3 Best-Rated Blue Toner For Orange Hair You Shouldn't Miss Out

What’s more, this stuff gives your color-treated hair a nice icy blonde color finish. If you color your mane ombre, you can apply the toner to several portions of the treated hair. It gives you better results with a cool hair tone and adds different dimensions to your hairstyle. 

Nevo Color Enhancer Treatment Brilliant Copper

This stuff is from the Pravana brand. It comes in a simple squeeze bottle and is designed to eliminate brassy tones. If you used a copper or blonde-colored dye, the toner will keep your hair from fading and re-dyeing. Besides, it requires low maintenance and causes less damage.  

What color toner for orange hair to blue? The treatment contains blue undertones to help cancel out brassiness from the hair of people who’ve bleached their hair. If your curls tend to be naturally brassy, you can use this stuff. 

Other tips:

How to create blue hair toner for orange hair DIY 

You are worried about brassy orange tones on your mane. Here is a common way to make a DIY blue toner for orange hair. You have to prepare: 

– Apple cider vinegar (ACV) 

– Coconut oil 

– Blue liquid food color

ACV is mildly acidic that works to lower the pH level in dull hair and restore balance to your hair. Also, it helps remove orange and yellow brassy tones. Coconut oil acts to moisturize and nourish bleached and colored hair, avoid dryness and damage. 

3 Best-Rated Blue Toner For Orange Hair You Shouldn't Miss Out
blue toner for hair DIY

You mix four tablespoons (tbsp) of ACV with water, blue liquid food color, and coconut oil in a jug. Blend them together then you pour the mixture through your mane. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse it away with lukewarm water. Repeat this homemade recipe and rinse it three times per month to get rid of orange tones.

Besides, you can use hair dye boxes and food coloring to cover and remove orange and yellow tones. They work by neutralizing and toning the warm tones on your mane. 

What is the best blue toner for orange bleached hair?

The homemade blue toner for orange hair might not work completely for everyone. Also, most of them are a slow process, it requires your patience. Hence, it’s best to choose a commercial blue toner for fast and good results. 


Toners are very much needed when you bleach and dye your hair. They will neutralize your hair color while preventing it from brassy tones. 

How to get rid of orange hair? We hope you are now confident to opt for a blue toner for orange hair to cancel out unseemly tones and avoid some unwanted circumstances. But you should do the proper research before investing your money in the right blue toner.

For more interesting writings and hair care tips, visit our blog site now. We always try our best to assort you. 

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