These Bob Hair Styles Will Turn Heads In Few Minutes!

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Bob hair styles are excellent for all women, at any age. It requires low-maintenance, easy to keep the best look. Whether you have thick or fine hair, you can choose the best bob hair cut from tons of options. With this modern hairstyle, you can add with some styling techniques such as curling or dying to reach your desired look. It’s terrifying if you chop off almost all your tresses, it’s terrifying. But the bob cut will dispel your short-hair worry. Are you ready to find your perfect haircut, ahead?

About Bob Hair Styles

What is bob hair? It is a short to mid-length haircut for women in which the strands are cut straight around the head at about jaw-level. The standard one is normally cut above the shoulders. Nowadays, there are numerous versions of this hair. Women style this bob hair with bangs, curls or layers. The bob hairstyles are suitable for you rocking this summer. Think about shaggy or layered bob hairstyles, they will work well on your head. Also, there are many perfect solutions of bob styles for both thick and fine hair. A right-chosen hairdo also helps you feel your better life. 

These Bob Hair Styles Will Turn Heads In Few Minutes!
what does a bob haircut look like

It can not be denied that bobs are among the most flexible short and medium-length haircuts. You can add bangs or not. The bob can be nice on many face shapes, for oval, heart-shaped, round, and long facial shapes.  

Some typical types of bob hair styles

– A-line bob: The common bob hair helps frame the face. To get this look, your hair will be cut short in the back and slightly longer in the front. It suits most facial shapes and hair types. It is also called a timeless hairstyle. 

– Chin-length bob: Cut your hair straight to the chin and this is a great way to add hair volume. It is perfect for every face shape as long as you select the right parting. 

– Shaggy bob: The hair creates an asymmetrical look with chopped ends and messy layers. It offers a natural and choppy hair look. If you are finding a style with interesting texture and low-maintenance, get prepare for this look. Creating bangs is great, but you choose them depending on your face shape.

These Bob Hair Styles Will Turn Heads In Few Minutes!
popular bob hairstyles

– Shingle bob: The shingles haircut originated in the early 1920s, and it is still worn until these days. What does a bob hair cut look like? Hairstylists will cut short hair in the back, exposing your hairline at the neck. The strands on sides are generated into a single curl on each cheek. Many call it a dome-shaped bob in which the strands are cut into V-shape at the nape of your neck. This look requires skill as well as careful trimming and shaping. Don’t do it yourself, ask for another help. 

– Shoulder-length bob: It is the most stylish compromise between short and long hair. A blunt bob that is cut at or below your shoulders, add some layers is acceptable. Everyone can get the cut as it is easy to style and work with all hair textures and types. 

How To Cut Hair Into A Bob

We know so many of you asked for haircuts, so we show you how to style your bob hair. This is a great classic hairstyle especially a little modern twists or layers. Let’s go!

You will need sharp scissors, hair ties, hair comb to cut bob hair. Note: Cleansing your tresses is necessary, so wash your hair before styling.


Step 1: Find your natural part

Start off by parting your wet hair. Run the comb to find your natural part if you want to part the hair on one side. You can let the hair air dry before parting. 

You can determine the natural part by seeing which side of your head you always part the tresses on. 

These Bob Hair Styles Will Turn Heads In Few Minutes!
how to cut your hair into a bob

Step 2: Divide your tresses into 3 sections

Section your hair, one is at the back of your neck, and the rests are on two sides. Use hair ties to secure the hair in place. Don’t tie the hair too tight.

Step 3: Cut the hair

– Cut the back section first. Start cutting the neckline in a C shape that allows bob hair styles to follow the neckline well. Only cut the back section when it is wet. 

– Leave the crown and sides to be cut dry so that your hairstyle looks as natural as possible. When cutting your crown, sides, you should use a premium texturizing scissor as it will give soft lines with incredible precision. 

– When finishing, you move to the sides. Use a straightener to flat it before cutting it. Allows the strands to fall on a more natural position and length. You want to add a few subtle layers, use the scissors to point cut the interior. Follow this step on how to cut hair in a bob with layers. Also, add some curls on your locks to create a modern hairstyle. 

The length of hair is depending on you, confirm the style you want with your hairstylist, and wait to enjoy a new hair look.

Step 4: Blend the hair ends

For a finishing touch, you should blend the ends of your hair to remove all stray pieces of hair that are too long. Use a razor to taper the ends, making them appear more natural. Do this around the whole head to get the best look. If you’re afraid that your hair is too fine, purchase a hair wig and follow these steps to style your layered bob wig

These Bob Hair Styles Will Turn Heads In Few Minutes!
bob wigs at Laylahair

The Bottom Line

Bob hair styles are very classic and stylish, and they are easy to style. Therefore, knowing how to cut hair into a bob is very important, helping you get a nice look and easy to maintain. If you need further guides on how to style hair, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our blog. 

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