Burt Reynolds Toupee – Top Things You Haven’t Been Told About

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We are aging every day, every minute. But the older we age, the thinner our hair is. We want to conceal your baldness and thinning hair areas as they are the signs of age. And celebs always uphold this issue, they always appear with good appearance and bouncy hair look. However, not all celebs have beautiful hair. To get a perfect look, they have to wear high-quality wigs or hairpieces. But some acknowledged that they wore hairpieces while others took their secrets to graves. In this post today, we would like to sail you to Burt Reynolds toupee. Let’s see a famous actor wear this hairpiece when he is in public. 

Who is Burt Reynolds?

Burt Reynolds, his full name is Burton Leon Reynolds Jr., was an American multi-talented artist. He worked as an actor, director, and filming producer. He was born in February 1936 and died on 6th September 2018. 

During his successful career, many people called him a legendary actor. Also, he was considered a sex symbol as well as an icon of American popular culture. 

The iconic star dazzled audiences with his charming smile and trademark mustache for many years. He starred in famous films, such as Deliverance, Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights, etc. In Deliverance 1972, Burt was an important role in what made this successful movie that way. His fans say that the period in the late 1970s and the early 1980s was his golden age. The actor was the world’s number one box office for 5 years straight. 

Burt Reynolds Toupee - Top Things You Haven't Been Told About
Burt Reynolds

The colleagues commented that the deceased actor was open-minded and honest. These things make Reynolds awesome but also worked against him in the entertainment industry. 

Here’re Burt Reynolds awards during his career:

– Winner 2 Golden Globe prices for Best Performance by an Actor respectively in 1992-1998

– Winner 1991 Primetime Emmy price for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series 

– American Movie Awards for Male favorite film star (1980)

– Rewarded 1990 Golden Boot awards

– Winner at 2016 Key West Film Festival

In addition, he was nominated for the Oscar prize and winner at different awards. 

Burt Reynolds hair

Burt Reynolds Toupee - Top Things You Haven't Been Told About
Burt Reynolds hair

Early in his career, the actor always appeared with the image of a short-haired man. His real hair was cut very short and combed back. Then he added thick sideburns to catch up with the on-trend hairstyles during the 1970s. 

After that, he added a mustache, and it becomes one of his iconic trademarks. However, when he aged, audiences noticed that he had a higher hairline. Sometimes he appeared with thinning hair areas on his head, this made Reynolds’ baldness rumor increased. 

Did Burt Reynolds wear a toupee?

If you are a big fan of the legendary actor, we are sure that you may ask does Burt Reynolds wear a toupee? We think that you may see Burt Reynolds before toupee but it was at early of his career. You can see his natural mane in his famous film and series. 

But when he aged, he was experiencing receding hairline. There was a period of time he hid the fact that he wore hair toupees. But then, he admitted it and was confident with his hair. Gradually, hair toupees were a part of the actor’s life. Not only provide a thicker hair look, his hairpieces also allow him to get different hairstyles. Sometimes he wore short, sometimes long, and curly hair to fit into his images. 

Burt Reynolds Toupee - Top Things You Haven't Been Told About
Burt Reynolds toupee

The passed-away star joked that he would tackle his fans if they try to steal his hair system. In an interview with Maxim magazine, the star admitted that he used wigs to conceal his hair problems when he appeared in front of cameras. He said he did not wear his toupee everywhere and every time. Sometimes he did not wear, and others can see Burt Reynolds without toupee

On another show, Reynolds also talked to the host about his hair system and possibly even showed a picture of his hair. The host commented that Burt Reynolds without his toupee was still a good-looking and attractive guy. Women still found his baldness to be sexy. 


Burt Reynolds Hairstyles

Whether the star is with or without hair toupee, some of his haircuts are still a model for men’s hairstyles.

Burt Reynolds short hair

The actor always kept his hair short. His hair looks like a crew cut as it is cut in uniform hair length. Also, the hair in the front of his head is combed down straight. 

Reynolds pompadour haircut

There was a short time the iconic star put on Pompadour hairstyle. It is among the most common haircut for modern men’s hairstyles. The hair is short on two sides and a bit longer on the crown. Then his hairstylist style his hair up and off the forehead. 

Burt Reynolds Toupee - Top Things You Haven't Been Told About
how to style hair like Burt Reynolds

Curly hair

The actor used to allow his hair to grow longer and revealed his naturally curly hair. It was parted and combed on one side. He also combined with his iconic mustache. 

All in all

Does Burt Reynolds wear toupee?

Burt Reynolds was experiencing baldness, and he admitted that he utilized good-quality hairpieces to get nice hair. Back to your case, why don’t you wearing a human hair toupee if you are experiencing hair loss or baldness? You want to copy the actor’s haircut, just send the picture of Burt Reynolds toupee to the sellers, and they will help you choose the best one. Don’t hesitate to wear a wig for men to boost your look and confidence, too. 

If you want to purchase a good hairpiece at a friendly price, visit Layla now. Our hair designed to cover your bald spots and hair defects. Moreover, we are sure that it is the best and fastest way to achieve your dreamed hair look. It adds more hair volume instantly without causing any hurt or damage. 

We do hope that after this blog post, you can understand more about Burt Reynolds and his toupee.

Have any questions about human hair toupees or care tips, feel free to leave us a message. 

Thank you for your time!

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