The Basics Of Lace Hair Toupee To Wrap Yourself With

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Both men and women today have the right to making beauty. Like women, men also take care of their mane to have a masculine and perfect look anywhere. However, there are more and more men suffering from male pattern baldness that lose their confidence. This hair problem makes them look older than their real age. So, which solution can help them deal with this problem? Applying a lace hair toupee, it offers a fuller hair look without causing harm or discomfort. Compared to the surgical methods, this hairpiece is a cheaper method and brings the result in seconds. Today, with us find out hair lace toupee

About Lace Hair Toupee

Lace base hair toupee is one of the most hunted-items now due to its naturalness and breathability. It is specially designed for men experiencing hair loss and severe baldness. If you are living in a hot area, the base of the toupee is definitely for you. The lace base color is neutral. When you place it on the skin, it seems to disappear. 

The Basics Of Lace Hair Toupee To Wrap Yourself With
what is lace hair toupee

The hand-tied ventilating method brings wearers a durable item and comfortable feeling. Aesthetically, it blends seamlessly your existing hair, creating a natural appearance. 

People often think about French lace and HD Swiss lace when mentioning to lace base toupee for men. Of course, they are also two common lace base types now. French lace is the best option for starters as it is quite durable and invisible. HD Swiss lace is more invisible than French lace but it also requires more care. A toupee hair extension made of HD Swiss lace base will give you an undetectable hairline. These types of lace material are delicate, suits for all.   

How To Make A Lace Toupee

The making process is not as difficult as you think. What you need to create a lace hair toupee DIY: mannequin head, human hair, lace base, T-pins, scissors. You purchase two packs of human hair from any hair store or hair supplier near you. Bear in mind that opt for the length that is longer than your desired hair length. Why? As you can cut and style the hair easily. You want the hairpiece to look realistic, choose the color of the hair that is close to your current strands.  

Follow these steps below: 

– Form the base: Put the lace base on the mannequin head and make sure that it covers the whole head. Use T-pins to fix the lace. 

The Basics Of Lace Hair Toupee To Wrap Yourself With
lace materials

– Ventilate the hair: When you create the base, you start hooking strands onto the lace. There are different ventilating methods, such as hand-knot (single split knots, double split knots), V-looped, injection, and more. Choose the method that you are smart. When ventilating, you should pay attention to the parting line as it also contributes to decide the naturalness of the hairpiece. 

– Continue ventilating until the hair covers the mannequin head. Now, you have a toupee lace hair, you can style the hair as you want. You can take it to a hair salon to get a trim. 

Follow our guide if you want to make a lace hairpiece toupee blonde or black, small size or big size wiglets. 


Tips To Maintain The Lace Base Toupee

Wash the lace base hairpiece properly 

Remember, you wash the wiglet after 10 times wearing. The frequency of washing hair also depends on how dirty the hair gets. Opt for the right shampoo for the hairpiece that is not harmful to the strands. Follow with a conditioner so that it can moisturize and protect the hair. You can use lukewarm or cold water to rinse it off. Make sure that you lather the shampoo evenly on the whole toupee to clean it. Also, you have to rinse the toupee in one direction to avoid the tangling problem. 

The Basics Of Lace Hair Toupee To Wrap Yourself With
how to care for your lace base toupee

Let the hair air dry completely

Don’t wear a toupee lace hair when it is wet or damp as it is not good for your bio hair and scalp. After washing the hair, you put it in a towel and gently squeeze the excess water. Put it in a mannequin head and let it dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer at the cool or low heat level. Still, we advise you to let the hair air dry naturally. 

Don’t pull the wiglet

Comb the hair regularly to keep its shape, but you should be gentle. Gently comb the hair system, at the bottom then move upwards. This helps you easily remove knots effectively. 

Never sleep with lace toupees

The lace base material offers the hair for easy installation and removal process. Hence, you can put on the hair in the morning and take it off in the evening. If you sleep with the hair frequently, it may cause hair breakage. Moreover, you should remove the hairpiece to make room for your scalp breathe. Whether you choose a French lace hair toupee or other types, you have to take care of it carefully if you want to reuse it. 

The Basics Of Lace Hair Toupee To Wrap Yourself With
lace hair toupee at Laylahair

To Wrap Things Up

Layla hopes that with this post, you will learn and know more about lace hair toupee. We hope that you find pleasure with our sharings about the common type of toupee for men. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us via hotline or visit our well-built website.

At Layla Hair human hair supplier, hair toupees and other extensions are made from 100% raw human hair. You want a mono, skin, or lace base hairpiece, we can create your own hair. Tell us your head size, color, hair length, and texture you want, and wait to receive your hair. Place an order at Layla, you no need to worry about hair quality and design. Wear our toupee, your baldness disappears in a second and no one knows you are wearing a hair enhancer. 

To get more exciting information about lace hair toupee or any hair extension, leave your comments below. We will try to give you the best reply as fast as possible. Or you can browse the website to read more interesting writings about hair. 

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