4 Lessons About Skin Weft Hair Extensions Damage You Need To Learn

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In the past few years, the trend of hair extensions has become more prevalent and made women more beautiful. Most women have to spend a considerable amount of money and their valuable time to have long and thick hair. They have to visit salons to ask the «experts» to turn their hairstyles on. But each hair extension has its own drawbacks. And don’t be surprised when the post lists some of the skin weft hair extensions damage so that people can consider it for her to choose a hair-hook method.

Behind a long, and slender hair are the consequences that we cannot foresee. Your hair that is quickly broken and weakened. Many customers admitted after connecting, their hair is thinner than before. In the period of hair extensions, the hair is only connected to make it seem like you have a thick enough. 

Hair is dry and easy to tangle

One of the most popular skin weft hair extensions damage is dry and easy to tangle. Like stretching, dyeing hair and so on, hair extensions require the intervention of chemicals which are chemical glue.

4 Lessons About Skin Weft Hair Extensions Damage You Need To Learn
Hair is easy to tangle.

On the market today, there are many types of glue with different quality. However, most of these hairpieces are from chemical compounds. The glue does not have an absolute adhesive so it requires us to re-seal it regularly. That makes the hair have a tangible layer of glue, sometimes unintentionally when combing hair several times. Therefore, when combining, you will touch into the glue to make it tangle.

In some cases, if there is a lot of tangles that you can not remove by yourself, you have to go to the salon with the hairdressers to remove it. If the hairdressers also have to give up, forcing us to remove and reconnect. The glue and joints will not get regular nutrition and tend to be dry. You overcome with the use of conditioner but it also quickly returned to its original state.

Hair breakage

4 Lessons About Skin Weft Hair Extensions Damage You Need To Learn
The common hair problem

Hair breakages frequently are skin weft hair extensions damaging. In fact, this thing is inevitable when the amount of hair extension is more dominant. Your real hair is subjected to a significant pulling force of hair extensions which makes your hair really stretched. This will lose its elasticity, and weakening your hair. These factors explain why your hair quickly breaks. Furthermore, in the process of connecting your hair, you often mistakenly think that hair is broken but it is actually your real hair.

Hair grows longer and looks lifeless

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Speaking of skin weft hair extensions damage, you can not miss out that your hair grows longer and weaker after using skin weft. Hair extension also slows down the process of hair growth, and gradually your hair will be lost in some places on the scalp, sometimes removing the hair that connects you to discover and startled.

Moreover, your hair grows causes your hair to become sparse and gradually lose vitality. You will not be confident if someone accidentally touches your hair, because of the dry feeling it gives. Therefore, it can say that do skin weft hair extensions damage hair is the real and big problem.

The shelter of many bacteria, and fungi

4 Lessons About Skin Weft Hair Extensions Damage You Need To Learn
It is the shelter of bacteria and fungi.

The shelter of many bacteria and fungi is also one of the skin weft hair extensions damage. As you know, dirty hair is an ideal environment for strange bacteria and organisms to hide. Hair extensions will dry faster than natural hair immediately after you wash your hair. If it takes only 30 to 45 minutes for your hair to dry, then for regular hair we have to use it regularly to get it to dry faster.

However, the hair will often be difficult to dry completely on the hair joints. And it is a place for bacteria and strange organisms to appear that affect the hair roots really create the feeling that you are itchy and uncomfortable in your hair. It is a big problem if you have to scratch your hair. Problems such as dandruff and fungal hair will quickly appear if we take care of our hair.

Our conclusion

In addition to the things skin weft hair extensions damage that our post said above, there are also direct and long-term effects on women when choosing hair extensions is that they will gradually depend on connecting hair and contact with glue to connect hair regularly will affecting health.

4 Lessons About Skin Weft Hair Extensions Damage You Need To Learn
It’s essential to take good care of your skin weft hair extensions.

Each method has its own risks, so the applicator needs to consult carefully the expert opinions before deciding. You should be careful with low-cost, popular hair extension services because of the use of poor quality glue, it will bulge at the joint, affecting real hair and scalp.

Furthermore, hair extensions need special care from washing hair, styling, combing hair, otherwise, there will be many problems such as fungal hair, hair tangles, hair loss and etc. If not patient, you should not connect hair.

Therefore, hair extension is an amazing and attractive way to make your hair look better and beautiful but you should choose the reputable place to buy hair extension and ask the hairdresser to help you avoid a bad situation.

So, hope that after the post, you will have the necessary information about the hair extension and have the right choice in the future. If you need more useful information about hair or hair extension, you don’t forget to visit our website to get more.

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