Can Virgin Remy Hair Be Dyed? The Answer From Experts

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“Hey Ruby, I would like to ask: “Can virgin Remy hair be dyed?” I love the ombre style with copper ends, but I want to do it myself.”

Can Virgin Remy Hair Be Dyed? The Answer From Experts

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That is one of the very similar questions we receive every day. (By the way, Ruby is one of our loveable sale ladies). In this article, we will help you tackle this question.

Let’s read on!

What is virgin Remy hair?

Alright, if you read our blog frequently, you may see several articles about Virgin and Remy hair already. However, we still want to talk a bit about virgin Remy hair definition before proceeding to the question “Can virgin Remy be dyed?”

So, what is virgin Remy hair?

This noun string can cause a bit confusion for beginners since there is no such thing as virgin Remy hair. Virgin Remy hair refers to two different hair types.

Virgin hair

It is the most expensive hair type in the market. There are reasons for that. Virgin hair is mostly from a single head. That means hair vendors collect virgin hair from only one donor.

Can Virgin Remy Hair Be Dyed? The Answer From Experts

Virgin hair

It depends on the donor’s hair, such as the length, density, and condition to make a bundle of virgin hair. That being said, virgin hair is quite hard to gather. That is why the price is higher than other types.

Virgin hair comes with top-notch quality. Hair vendors must check carefully whether the hair donor has ever used chemical treatments. Heat processing is also a big no to virgin hair collectors.

Remy hair

Remy hair, on the other hands, comes from different hair donors. The rules are less strict. Hair doesn’t have to be in their purest form. The donors can dye, curl or do other kinds of treatments.

There are downsides of the loose standard as well. Remy hair isn’t the most durable and most robust hair. Since it has undergone chemical and heat treatments, the hair condition is no longer at its best.

Can Virgin Remy Hair Be Dyed? The Answer From Experts

Remy hair

The good news is Remy hair is much more affordable, compared to virgin hair.

All in all, when people use virgin Remy hair, you must understand that this isn’t one type of hair. Virgin and Remy hair shares very different characters so don’t mix them up!

Can virgin Remy hair be dyed?

Going back to our most essential question “Can virgin Remy hair be dyed,” here is our answer.

A 100% yes! As long as your extensions and wigs are made of human hair, you can dye them.

But, ladies, you need to consider the characters of virgin and Remy hair as well.

Since virgin hair has never experienced any harmful treatments, this is the best hair to dye. It is compatible with a different color, and it takes less time to wait for the hair to absorb color.

This hair type is also less likely to get damaged after the first dye. If you dye it with care and use a lot of conditioners after that, things will be alright.

Can Virgin Remy Hair Be Dyed? The Answer From Experts

Pure hair is less likely to get damaged after the first dye.

Remy hair isn’t that lucky. Of course, you can still dye it. However, your hair is prone to dryness, breakage, and damage after that. This is understandable.

Since it has already been treated with chemicals and heat, it is less healthy than virgin hair.

How many times can I dye my virgin Remy hair extensions?

So, you have found the answer to the question “Can virgin Remy hair be dyed?” Let’s see how many times we can dye it?

Again, we have to break it down into Remy and virgin hair. All in all, regardless of virgin or non-virgin, we advise you not to dye it too frequent.


Both Remy and virgin hair is human hair. The damage heat and chemical processing are done to your natural hair are similar what it does to your human hair extensions.

As for virgin hair, for a cycle of use, you should dye no more than three times. Why do we recommend this number? Other vendors may say as you can dye after two months or so.

Can Virgin Remy Hair Be Dyed? The Answer From Experts

Beautiful hair colors

You need to let the hair recover as well. After dyeing, you need to double the attention to your extensions. Until your hair extensions are in good shape, it is time for you to dye it again.

As for Remy’s hair, the answer is no more than two times. We have said it very clear that Remy hair is natural to be damaged. If you want to dye it, you should test the strands first.

It is to see how the hair can stand the color processing. It looks fine; you should continue. If it doesn’t, my friends, don’t even try!

How can you dye Remy hair

Below is how you dye Remy hair

Getting ready

You should wash your Remy hair with gentle shampoo 24 or 48 hours before dyeing. Let the hair air dry and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle any hair knots.

Picking the color

In this step, you should choose the color you like. If you have experience already, you can mix or try to ombre your hair. But if this is your first time, you should stick with the color of two shades darker or lighter than the original hair.

Also, you should pick a reliable brand for hair coloring products.


Put on gloves in the dye kit if you don’t want to get your hands dyed as well. Read the direction carefully to mix the ingredients.


You should section your hair and apply a thin layer of the mixture from top to bottom. Rub the hair thoroughly to make sure every strand get the mixture.

Set the time needed for the hair. Let the dye there as long as the manufacturer recommends it.

Rinsing your hair

After the waiting time, new you can clean your Remy hair and see how your final product looks like.

The bottom line

We hope that the question “Can virgin Remy hair be dyed” no longer bothers you anymore.

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