How To Choose Suitable Lace Front Wigs For Dark Skin?

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You have dark skin, and you do not know which wig color is the best for you? You have an oval face with a dark complexion, and you always wonder whether this or that hairstyle suits you or not? This article will help you out.

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What are lace front wigs?

A lace front wig is a particular type of wig in which human hair is tied to a lace base which covers the scalp and is attached to the front of the wig. Lace front area makes the wigs look natural and authentic. The manufacturers try to make it almost invisible so that no one can recognize that you are wearing a wig unless you tell him.

Should those with dark skin use lace front wigs?

Lace front wigs came in a wide variety of colors and shapes for different shapes of the face and suited to different lifestyles. Besides, there are also many types of lace front wigs that are suitable for dark skin. Your skin tone is your natural and unique beauty that you always need to respect and embrace.

Nowadays when the society develops comprehensively and when women with dark skin prove to be much more confident in themselves, there have no insulting judgments on dark skin because dark skin tone becomes a glorious symbol of natural beauty.

How To Choose Suitable Lace Front Wigs For Dark Skin?

Lace front wigs are suitable for dark skin as well.

Having a dark skin also means that in your skin pigmentation, there is a substantial amount of melanin, an important factor in helping to prevent radiation from entering your skin. Therefore, you are less prone to skin cancer and some other related-to-skin diseases. Moreover, when your skin is dark, people would see you as a strong and determined person.

Overall, no matter how dark your skin is, you must feel good about your skin color and proud to be who you are. And of course, different types of lace front wigs for dark skin will surely help you out and make you more beautiful than ever before.

How to choose lace front wigs for dark skin?

Choosing hair color and hairstyle suitable for a dark skin requires an interrelated process. Not only do you have to pick the color that emphasizes your complexion but also you need to produce the harmony of hue, style and your face shape.

Do not need to worry about all those issues because, in this article, We will share several worthy-to-try hair colors and hairstyles that match perfectly with those who possess a dark complexion.

Here are suitable colors of lace front wigs for dark skin:

Classic black

When hearing about black, you may think it’s not appropriate for dark skin. But black with highlight color may bring out the best effect. It helps to create natural beauty and mark an emphasis on the dark complexion. It, therefore, can demonstrate your true self.


Natural blonde wig style is the wisest option for dark-skinned women because it will brighten your face and create a drastic contrast. You can have it dyed to become beige blonde, ash blonde, copper.

How To Choose Suitable Lace Front Wigs For Dark Skin?


Dark brown hair color is nowadays the most popular hair shade for black women. It is relatively the safest color of lace front wigs for dark skin as it does not stand out much from your skin tone but it points up the glow of your brown skin in a subtle but flattering way.


Red wig may give you a stunning and luscious look. You also become much more playful and bold in reddish wig color. Red is a perfect choice if you are seeking the spotlight.

In addition to that, you can try out the rests of the rainbow such as green, blue and purple. They will give you unexpected results.

Some lace front wigs styles suitable for face shapes

Below are my suggestions on the lace front wigs for dark skin tone with different face shapes.

Oval face:

If you own an oval-shaped face, you should pick a long wavy or straight wig. A medium wavy casual bob hairstyle and short hair with side swept bangs is also a wise selection. An oval face may match correctly to many wig hairstyles so do not worry much about that. Be free to try out different types.

Square face:

If you have a broad forehead and an angular jaw, it means that your face shapes like a square one. You had better choose a medium wavy hair and either create a messy hairstyle or part the wig down in the middle on your own so that you will look much more energetic and your weaknesses will be hidden. One more important tip is that you should not have a bang.

Round face:

With a round face, a short wig with bangs seems to be the most popular as it will make your face look smaller. If you have a strong personality, you can have it curled and dyed in a bright color.

How To Choose Suitable Lace Front Wigs For Dark Skin?

Heart face:

A heart face is easy to combine with different lace front wig styles. But the long curling hairstyle with side bangs is highly recommended as you will have a more noble look in that style.

Oblong face:

Prim and proper haircut, as well as shoulder length hairstyle, is suitable for those having an oblong face. Long curls are good, too. Just simple wig styles flatter your natural beauty.

The bottom line

If you combine properly between wig color and face shape, We are sure that you will flatter your dark skin tone to a perfect point.

We hope that after reading this post, you will gain insights into choosing the appropriate colors and styles of lace front wigs for dark skin tone. We are happy and grateful for not only your firm belief in our products but also your welcome to our updated information and tips. If you like the post, please support us by sharing it.



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