Can You Bleach Wet Hair – Choosing The Right Strategy

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We all know that hair coloring and highlighting trends are circulating in the beauty world. But you may be asking yourself “Can you bleach wet hair?” or “Is it safe to dye your wet or damp hair?” When customers ask this question, we always need a few minutes to think about the answer. We’ve collected all the answers and precautions you need to be taken when bleaching hair. 

Can you bleach hair wet?

Our answer is “Yes.” If you are a beauty follower, you may know that Balayage is a highlighting technique applied to wet hair. We’ve heard that bleaching your hair while it is wet is better as hair strands are clogged with water and it may come into play with your desired hue. Can you put bleach on wet hair? Also, doing the bleaching process with damp hair may ensure more hydration. 

Hair colorists always pit bleach on wet hair since it may create a subtle lightening effect. It also brightens your hair ends. The water clogged on hair strands will dilute the bleach, making a slight change in color. 

Can You Bleach Wet Hair - Choosing The Right Strategy
hair before and after bleaching

Is there any difference between bleaching wet hair and dry? Wet hair means that it contains water; hence, water will dilute the bleach. Can your hair be wet when you bleach it? It depends on your goal. You should apply this method if you want to have lighter hair strands, not harsh color transition. Bleaching your damp hair is a great solution if you would like to correct the hair hue.  

Should or should not wash your hair before bleaching? 

Can you bleach wet hair and if not why? We agree that bleaching hair when its wet is good, but it does not mean that you have to wash your mane before applying bleach. Just like coloring hair, you should avoid washing your mane right before the bleaching process. When you cleanse hair, it will strip sebum (natural oils) out of the scalp. Hence, it is more prone to be irritated during the bleaching process. Instead, have a quick rinse or wet your hair right before applying the bleach. 

Hair experts even advise not to wash your mane 2-3 days before doing the bleaching process. The natural oil will provide a protective layer for your scalp. Besides, it works to lock moisture inside your hair strands and prevent hair ends from dry and damaged after bleaching. 

Can You Bleach Wet Hair - Choosing The Right Strategy
don’t wash your hair 2-3 days before bleaching

Reasons why you should bleach hair when it is wet

Now that you have your answer to the question “Can you bleach hair while wet?” But you may probably wonder why hair colorists bleach wet hair rather than dry. The following are the most common reasons for putting bleach on damp hair. 

Brighten your hair faster

You can apply bleach to wet strands rather than dry strands for quick lightening. Wet hair helps you achieve faster coloring treatment. If you are in a hurry, this method is a useful way to get your desired hair look.

Lighten hair ends subtly

Having lighter hair ends is among the popular trends for this year. You can bleach or dye hair while it is still wet as it adds a subtle definition for your sun-kissed and gorgeous hair. It also works to highlight your hairstyle. You can ask your hair colorist to add more bleach to wet hair ends to enhance the effect. 

Can You Bleach Wet Hair - Choosing The Right Strategy
wet hair is lightened quicker than dry hair

Create a subtle color change

If your goal is not to lighten the hair color significantly, wet it before bleaching. When you apply bleach to damp hair, water will dilute the chemical, resulting in more subtle results. Water also works to distribute the bleach evenly, preventing harsh lightening transitions. So in a nutshell, this technique gives you softer changes that will lift your hair hue one or two shades. 


Is bleaching wet hair harder?

Once you’ve answered the question “When you bleach your hair can you bleach it wet?” you may ask yourself whether the process is easy to do. As we said earlier, bleaching wet hair is convenient, but it has some disadvantages. When hair strands are wet, they are more vulnerable. Thus, be more careful when you put the bleach on your existing hair. 

Also, don’t try this technique at home if you are unsure. It may be a disaster if you do it incorrectly. If you apply too much bleach to damp hair, you cannot get the color you want. 

We advise you to go to a hair salon, and well-trained colorists will perform the bleaching process. They know how to use the technique safely while preventing your natural locks from damage. For instance, a hair colorist will apply the right conditioner after bleaching your mane to minimize dried and damaged hair. To sum up, it is best to work with a colorist to get the look you dream.

Can you bleach knots wet hair extensions?

Can You Bleach Wet Hair - Choosing The Right Strategy
bleaching hair might entail hair breakage and damage

You are considering to bleach your hair system, the process is similar to doing your natural locks. But remember that you can only bleach hair products made of real human hair. Human hair extensions are raw and they are flexible, while synthetic ones are difficult to change the color at all. 

When bleaching your wet hair extension, keep the products off your skin. Don’t forget to wear gloves before doing the job. Once you have done with the bleaching process, remember to condition your hair replacement system. Make sure that you supply enough moisture and add shine feeling to the hair. Try to treat the system as you would do with your existing hair. 

To sum up

Can you bleach wet hair? Bleaching wet hair is an ideal technique for creating lightening effects. However, we recommend letting a trained colorist fo this to your mane.  

Because your wet hair is more fragile and vulnerable, learning how to take care of your mane is of necessity. Learn more about how to wet and bleach hair correctly to get your dreamed hair look. So, do you apply the bleach to wet or dry hair? Don’t hesitate to share your impressive outcome with us.

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