10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know

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Topper hair extensions have gradually become popular with an increasing number of wearers worldwide. Not only do ordinary people use it, celebrities and famous figures are big fans of hair toppers, also. With these people, physical appearance plays a significant role as they appear a lot in front of the crowd. While some use hair extensions just to temporarily change their hairstyles, other figures see topper hair extensions as a must-have item. Let’s check out the list of A-star celebs that wear topper hair pieces below.

Jennifer Lopez

10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know
Jennifer Lopez hair topper

When speaking of celebrities who wear hairpieces, you can not miss out Jennifer Lopez. We often think that Jennifer Lopez’s blond color is a natural, and honey-colored product and this hair quickly became Jennifer’s brand. However, in fact, this hair is fake. Jennifer Lopez hasn’t let the public see her natural hair for years — it’s a slightly dark hair color. Therefore, in a hair advertisement of a brand she represented, Jennifer was criticized quite strongly for that.

Kim Kardashian

10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know
Kim Kardashian with hair extensions

Unlike Jennifer Lopez, Kim is a public artist of using topper hair extensions, admitting that she has hair extensions. The queen has experimented with different types of hair, and the peak is her long black hair. This hair extension is usually done by her long hairstylist —  Chris Appleton.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens did not hesitate to admit she used a wig. In 2017 in the «So You Think You Can Dance» program, she walked into the salon with short mane hair and walked out with her long hair at her waist. All you have to do is go to Vanessa’s Instagram account to see how her «transformation» from short to long at a glance.

10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know
Vanessa Hudgens with topper hair extensions

But we can not negate that when wearing crown topper hair extensions, Vanessa Hudgens looks really out of the crowd.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani didn’t see the true color or length of her hair for a while. The female artist with this long golden platinum hair has tested many different colors like pink and blue. For a long time, Gwen asked for the help of topper hair extensions to get different styles.

The singer «No Doubt» told Entertainment Tonight: «Nothing here is really me. Everything is fake.» When asked what her real hair looks like, she said, «Um, who knows? I have never seen it from ninth grade.»

10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know
Gwen Stefani hair topper

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez likes to transfer her hair from her cute braid hair to long hair and vice versa. At the time Selena’s hair was swaying at her chin, but within a few weeks, you wouldn’t be surprised if she had long hair again. But Selena admitted to using topper human hair extensions.


Is Beyonce hair really wavy hair?

There is a fact that you should know that Beyonce also wears topper hair extensions, and has hair extensions. There is a rumor that Beyonce has adjusted the hair made by Kim Kimble stylist for the performances.

10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know
Beyonce hair topper

In late 2017, the mother of Beyonce, Tina, showed her daughter’s growth in an Instagram post. Beyonce’s hair is tied in a long ponytail and incredible fans. Why? Because in 2013, Beyonce cut her hair into a super-short pixie. Now many years later, people are skeptical that all her real hair has grown back.

Even so, even if the hair is short, wavy or straight, Beyonce is still beautiful.

Amanda Seyfried

What kind of hair extensions do celebrities use? Especially Amanda Seyfried is using hair topper. Amanda Seyfried is an actress with long, shiny hair that makes every girl jealous and every guy wants to touch. However, there was a time when Amanda’s hair was very short.

10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know
Amanda Seyfried topper hair extensions

What is the reason? Amanda actually cut her hair in 2015 and plans to offer 13-inch ponytail for charity. Since then she has regained her long hair. This is a powerful act because Amanda takes great care of her hair. «I like to have clean skin and take care of my hair. My secret is to avoid drying my hair, I will not use a hairdryer and also avoid blowing dry when not needed.»

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has been involved in dozens of dramas and movies over the past 20 years since she was 10 years old. However, dressing up in various types of characters seriously affected her hair. The 31-year-old beauty shared in Instyle UK magazine: “I dyed my hair in all the colors imaginable for different movies. This is really so bad that my hair starts to fall apart. So during the past 5 years, I often have to wear wigs and that’s the best solution for my hair. ”

10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know
Keira Knightley with hair topper

Kanye West

Recently, Kanye West has made the Instagram community a «drop jaw» with a unique campaign for the Yeezy Season 6 collection. Instead of being introduced on the runway or taking the usual serious lookbook, the Yeezy Season 6 collection is promoted in the form of paparazzi pictures of famous thieves.

The main characters in this series are models and hot Instagrammer, especially with the participation of Paris Hilton. Because before participating in this campaign, the models all owned different short hair, so of course they had to rely on wigs in order to transform into a hypothetical Kim Kardashian copy.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is male celebrities who wear wigs. According to Wolfe, after curing hair loss, the head of the American leader is completely bald and the hair is only on the sides and the front of the head. Mr. Trump’s hair is made in a way that obscures the center, brushing it back and covering it with gel.

10 Celebrities That Wear Topper Hair Extensions & Wigs You Might Not Know
Donald Trump toupee hair piece

Platinum hair is not Donald Trump’s natural hairstyle. He spent tens of thousands of dollars to transplant and care every month. The President of the United States was given a silver-white hair transplant for $ 60,000. Trump once said that in order to have hair like the present, he had to brush forward, then throw it back. «I wash my hair and let myself dry. It takes about an hour, at which time I read newspapers and do other things. Then I will brush my hair,» he told the Rolling Stones.

But doubts have been raised as people still don’t believe it’s a hair transplant. Sometimes Trump appears with thick and beautiful hair, while in some events, his hair sounds thin and fake. There is a case that his hair topper was almost blown out when he stepping out of the airplane, too.

Hope that after the post, you will know more about topper hair extensions of famous celebs on the world. Hair toppers have such an irresistible appeal that no one can stand loving. 

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