Hair Extensions FAQ — Everything You Are Wondering About

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Many of you guys now may want perfect hair extensions for themselves, but sometimes an embarrassed and nervous feel come to you and you don’t dare to ask questions. Therefore Layla Hair has made a decision to open a “Hair Extensions FAQ” and answer all of the burning questions you may hesitate to ask and provide you with some facts in some important aspects that you may not know.

There is no doubt that hair extensions are the most fashionable and up-to-date hair appliance. However, not all of them can work well. Different people have a different reason to wear hair extensions and they are various from styles to styles.

Hair extensions may look excellent on the surface, but no one can make sure that no unexpected situation or strange effects will not occur and all extension user knows that full well.

Will Customizing Somebody Else’s Hair On Your Head Is Normal Or Odd?

It is an interesting question has come up to FAQ hair extensions! 

Hair extensions can be categorized in many ways depending on styles, functions or their sources. But the material’s original might be the obvious elements to distinguish different types of hair extensions. There are two major types of extension which as synthetic extensions and Remy ones. The former is artificial plastics hair and the latter is 100% human hair extensions.

Hair Extensions FAQ - Everything You Are Wondering About
it’s normal to wear human hair extensions

It’s clear that Remy hair extensions are totally outweighing its counterpart because of the superior quality and the voluminous its bring about. Because Remy hair extensions are stemmed from the real hair of human which results in the most natural-looking feature. But some of you may feel strange when wearing a real person’s hair on your head. Those who have never tried to put on any kind of hair extensions may be freaked out by this fact, but honestly, it is really not that weird.

After all, it is just hair and it causes no harm, right? Moreover, all hair for making extensions has been under carefully collecting and cleaning before becoming a usable hair extension. Therefore, don’t worry about it! And wearing a human hair extension is somehow better than synthetic ones because real hair looks more real.

Can Hair Extensions Slip Out?

It can be the most burning question in “ Remy hair extensions FAQ “ for all because if hair extensions suddenly shad out in public, it would be such a nightmare. But in fact, this unexpected situation hardly happens. It is really rare. The risk of hair extensions falling out is just 1% and the reason for the accident is careless installation and maintenance.

Hair Extensions FAQ - Everything You Are Wondering About
hair extensions might fall out if you don’t install it correctly

Therefore, you have to treat your hair extensions more seriously. Putting on hair extensions in the correct way and occasionally checking up them will help you to stay away from those awkward situations. However, you will experience this unlucky case, don’t worry, bear in mind that not only you in this world wear extensions and be calm to deal with that case.

Some more information for you if you are in those situations. If you use clips, you just simply cut off the wefts and put it on again. Tapes, keratin, and bead extensions are quite complex to deal with but actually, they are hard to come to mistake if you install in the right way and treat it well.

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How To Deal With The Situation When Hair Extensions Are Showing?

This is a common wonder in hair extensions FAQ. The answer for that is professional installation, which ensures that extensions will not be shown. The basic method while applying extensions is not to put on it too high up to your head since it is more visible. Be alert with some hairstyles such as ponytails or high bun as when you tie your hair up, the clips and tapes might be revealed. Check thoroughly before hanging out to make sure everything is perfect.

Can Hair Extensions Do Harm To Natural Hair?

Hair Extensions FAQ - Everything You Are Wondering About
whether hair extensions damage your hair depends on hair quality and installation

You may find many press papers say that hair extension will damage your hair seriously, but in reality, they just overstate the fact. If the extensions are installed in the correct way and well-maintained, there will be no damages for your natural hair. And this thing has proved, many techniques have been examined to full safety.

Will Extensions Make Your Hair Thinner?

This quiz may frequently be raised to hair extensions FAQ. Many told that their hair looks thinner after using hair extensions. But the fact that when you wear hair extensions, your hair will become more voluminous, thicker and fulfiller so in case you take off your extensions your hair will return to the natural shape, and it may take time to get used to it. Therefore, hair extensions do not make your hair thinner, you just somehow disremember how your own hair looks like.

Hair Extensions FAQ - Everything You Are Wondering About
hair extensions add volume to hair

Can You Addict To Extensions?

The answer is absolutely not, the case is that hair extensions add more volume for your hair, make it look more gorgeous. Then when you withdraw it, it may take time to adapt to your natural locks. Therefore, you may want to install extensions again and it’s not an addiction.

Hair Extensions FAQ - Everything You Are Wondering About
human hair extensions can be styled

Can Hair Extensions Be Styled?

This question may be the major wonder in “ FAQ about hair extensions for black women-hairstyles”. Because those styles require strong hair and more complex methods. And the answer to this quiz is “Yes, of course!”. If you install Remy hair extension, you can absolutely have your hair styled in any way you want, since this kind of hair extension is as strong as natural hair and it is the best quality hair extension.

In A Nutshell

That’s all about hair extensions FAQ, we hope our answers will somehow give you a deep insight into hair extension and make you feel more relieved when trying out hair extensions.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to direct Layla Hair via hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp). We will try our best to answers all the questions in detail.

And if now, after reading this paper and you have a curiosity about hair extension, let’s visit our site to find out more! 

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