Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss? Is It Safe To Wear?

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We all have heard that wearing tight hairstyles or hats often will lead to baldness and hair loss. Is this true? And if wearing a hat causes hair loss, then what about wearing a wig? Do wigs cause hair loss? Can wigs cause hair thinning? It is believed that wearing hair systems cause hair loss, but this is just a myth. Hair loss is a difficult problem to go through for anyone. But wearing a wig will not damage your curls as long as you use it properly. It’s great to know that wearing wigs actually comes with advantages. 

Does wearing a wig cause hair loss?

Human hair systems do not damage your hair follicles or cause any hair breakage. These items are made of real hair strands, and they are durable. Plus, most of them are lightweight, breathable that makes room for your scalp to breathe. If you own sensitive skin, opt for a human hair system and enjoy all your good hair days. 

You worry that a hair wig will increase your hair loss. But it’s not true. In fact, the most standing benefit of human hair wigs is the protection of existing hair underneath. Also, it helps protect your scalp from dirt, ultraviolet rays, etc. Hair wigs are great for covering over your natural locks, especially when fine or thin. 

Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss? Is It Safe To Wear?
wearing wigs

Follow some basics to avoid hair loss:

– If you plan to apply a wig, cleanse your hair first. Use gentle shampoo and conditioner that are beneficial for your bio hair. 

– Next, we recommend preparing your curls before wearing a wig. Utilize a wig cap to protect your existing hair, then start adding the system. But some wonder do wig caps cause hair loss? Don’t wear a cap too tightly, it’s a key.

Is synthetic wig good for hair?

Many wig wearers find uncomfortable with synthetic hair. So can synthetic wigs cause hair loss? If your hair is thin or fine, utilizing synthetic items may provoke worse problems. You may feel that the scalp dries out, and the hair growth speed is slow. 

Can wigs cause hair loss? If you wear a low-quality item, it may damage your natural locks. Also, remember to wear a wig cap made of breathable material before applying the hair.

Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss? Is It Safe To Wear?
wearing a wig might cause your real hair to shed

Tips for utilizing hair wigs

To solve the suspicion “Can wearing wigs cause hair loss?”, you should remember some common tips when using this item. 

Get a fitting wig

You select a wig fitting your head size. If your wig size is too small, it is too tight on the scalp and damages your curls. Learn how to measure your head size and order the correct hair size. At Layla, we can customize any hair system for everyone. Our wigs are breathable and light that is more comfortable for those suffering hair falling out. 

Bear in mind that purchasing a quality wig is important. Not only protect your natural locks, it aslo provides multiple hairstyles. When you get cheaper wigs, it may be harmful to your hair condition.

Apply a wig cap

Can wearing wigs cause hair loss? As I stated, use a wig cap as a protective barrier. It will reduce the friction on your natural hair strands. 

Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss? Is It Safe To Wear?
wearing wigs

How you attach a wig

Do lace front wigs or wig toppers cause hair loss? As long as you attach correctly, it will not strip or dry your bio hair. You are worried that clips inside the system are not good, you can buy hair without clips at Layla. Alternatively, prepare your hair before applying wigs. 

Another way of wearing a hair wig is to use adhesives, such as wig glue or tape. It would be better if you get water-soluble glue because it can hold the wig longer. While under the process, you just glue in front of your hairline, avoid sticking directly on your hair strands.


Never wear a wig on wet hair

Wearing wigs may lead to hair loss if you misuse it. How do wigs cause hair loss or baldness? Make sure that your bio hair is completely dry if you plan to wear the item. If your hair is wet, it isn’t good. Your damp hair is an ideal environment for bacteria; hence, your scalp is more likely to be infected. Also, wet hair is more fragile and vulnerable, they will be more prone to breakage and shedding. 

Thus, remember to let your natural locks dry beforehand applying the system. If you are in a hurry, you can blow-dry your mane at the lowest level heat. 

Human hair wigs have benefits!

Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss? Is It Safe To Wear?
human hair wigs at Laylahair

Do wearing wigs cause hair loss? Let’s forget this myth. Good human hair wigs do not cause hair loss and thinning. Choose a hair vendor that supplies 100% real human hair system, clear policies, and quick services. In fact, a wig provides several benefits. 

When wearing the item, you can easily get a full hair look during a flash. No need to cut or shave your locks, just gently apply it on your head. Next, it works as a protective barrier. Utilizing a human hair system, it helps prevent your bio hair and scalp from harmful agents, such as heat, pollution, etc. Alternatively, most wearers may stay away from heat styling tools when using wigs. 

Thus, giving your hair and yourself a chance to change! Are you ready to debut a new look? Come to Layla and get the best hair replacement systems. Working in this field for years, we commit to selling top-notch products and providing clear policies. Besides wigs, we supply an array of extensions to meet customers’ needs. So can a wig cause hair loss? Do lace wigs cause hair loss? It is not true! 

Bottom line

So good news for the question “do wigs cause hair loss.” They do not cause or increase hair issues. Remember to have a fitting wig and take care of your natural hair properly. Follow the necessary steps, and you can keep your hair healthy, and wearing a wig is safe.

Do you have hair loss? Don’t hesitate to tell us your story, and we can help you find the best solution. We will create the best product to help you get gorgeous hair.

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