Clip In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

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Clip-in hair extensions are used widespread recently. Many of you may wonder to make use of it or not since it has both benefits and drawbacks should be considered. Therefore, Layla Hair has decided to write a paper about the clip in hair extensions pros and cons

This article will give you a deep insight into Clip In Hair Extensions and helps you in choosing your own extensions.

Clip In Hair Extensions’ Pros

Clip In Hair Extensions are Easy for Starter

If you have never used hair extensions, fusion or micro loop seems to be so complex to use. Because it takes time and requires professional help from the hairdresser.

Conversely, clip in hair extensions is really easy to use. It suits all, especially those who first use hair extensions.

Clip In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
clip in extensions are easy to wear

Clip In Hair Extensions Is Easy To Wear and Take Off

No effort, no glue or heat is demanded and you don’t need help from hair experts for application. About a few minutes, you yourself can put on these hair extensions and gain a voluminous look for your hair.

To apply, simply separate and section your hair into thin layers. Then use a comb to attach wefts to your hair section-by-section. After all, gently brush your hair, make sure it works well and the extensions perfectly blend with your hair.

To remove, once again part your hair into sections, then unclip the wefts one by one. The steps are the same as when you put on but reverse.

Clip In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
clip in hair extensions are less prone to damage

Clip-In Extensions Prevent Hair Damage

Another outstanding feature in clip in hair extensions pros and cons is that is it will protect your hair from external factors. Specifically, if you put on the clip in hair extensions in the right way section by sections, it will become a shield to protect each layer of your hair.

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Clip In Hair Extensions evenly Add Length to Hair

If you want longer hair right away, you should use these extensions. You do not have to wait for a long time when using hair products or undergo hair treatment. Simply get yourself clip in hair extensions and you will achieve your goals. clip in hair extensions will add length to your natural hair after a few-minute appliance.

Clip In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
it adds volume to your thinning hair

Clip-in Hair Extensions are Ideal for Certain Occasions

These extensions are easy to style, you can do fabulous half up half down or braids with them. These hairstyles are certainly common in important events or proms. Furthermore, you will not need to get any haircuts to style when using clip in hair extensions. This is one of the striking points in the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions.

Clip In Hair Extensions Provide a Natural Look

Recently, human hair is used widely as the main source in making clip-in hair extensions. Hence, these extensions vary in color and style. You can easily pick the most suitable ones for your hair. Once you apply them, it will perfectly match and blend in with your natural hair. No one can recognize you are using hair extensions. 

Clip In Hair Extensions are Affordable

You may not find any hair extensions which cheaper than clip-in extensions. Since these extensions are easy to apply and remove, you do not need to pay for hair extensions treatment. This feature in clip in hair extensions pros and cons is the reason for its popularity nowadays.

Clip In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
clip in extensions could be used for a long time

Clip In Hair Extensions are Long-lasting

Proper care to clip in will not only keep it look clean and healthy but also prolong the lifetime of it. Using natural hair products to washing and gently combing will keep your hair extensions and natural hair also look perfect and lasts longer.

Clip In Hair Extensions are Comfortable

Once styling clip in hair extensions, you will never get the feeling of tight, irritation or uncomfortable. Furthermore, just after a few-minute application, you may forget that you are wearing hair extension. Besides all most wefts are attached inside you natural so it is undetectable.

Clip In Hair Extensions’ Cons

Clip In Hair Extensions are Temporary

The first negative side in the pros and cons of wearing the clip in hair extensions is that these extensions are not for long term use. You may need extra and routine care or treatment to maintain them. clip in hair extensions is not perfect for those who want the extensions stick to head in a long time and do not want to apply, remove then re-apply too often. You can use tape in hair extensions if you want a permanent hair solution.

Clip In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
it requires regular maintenance

It Requires Regular Care

Professional treatment is not involved in taking care of these extensions, but it offers regular maintenance to keep your extensions in good condition. You should clean your Clip In Hair Extensions after each use and wash your hair with natural-based shampoo. Using a deep conditioner or hair mask daily may be important as well. 

Moreover, every hair weft had better be kept in a dry place and away from sunlight to store proper moisture and hydrations for a fresh and healthy look. This element is not a big problem in the pros and cons of clip-in hair extensions, but it will affect the use of them in the long run.

Clip In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
clip in extensions are less secure than other extensions

Clip On Hair Extensions Should be Applied Correctly

If you put on your Clip in Hair Extensions in the wrong way, they will easily pop out during the day. Therefore, careful checking before going out is a solution for it. Do not pull out your hair when using Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip-In Extensions May Challenge Short Hair

Those whose hair is short may experience a tough time when using these extensions. Because the clips can be detectable. Hence, suitable hair length is vital for short hair users.

Clip In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons
they are not really lightweight

Clip In Hair Extensions Are Not Really Lightweight

Another pros in clip in hair extensions pros and cons is that Clip in Extensions May Weigh quite much. They can easily drag or pull out your hair if you extra use or put on more clips than usual. It is true for those who are suffered super thinning hair.

Final thoughts

Clip-ins are the best accessories you may need if it is the first time you use extensions. We hope that after reading through our article, you have got at least a broad image on clip in hair extensions pros and cons and know whether it is the right choice to go for. 

If you have any questions about these hair extensions or other types, let us know. Layla hair is glad to receive your questions and feedback. We try best to answer all as fast as possible.

You can find us via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) at any time.

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