Cold Fusion Hair Extensions – Are You Ready To Rock?

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Many girls find it difficult to select what types of extensions to use. You may be one of them, get lost on the way to find your own extensions. So if you want to find the ones that can help you gain a natural look with more volume and do not damage your hair. Layla Hair highly recommends you cold fusion hair extensions.

What is cold fusion extensions?

Cold fusion hair extensions are the latest method for the extension which creates a gentle and comfortable feel for the hair. These methods make use of a polymer with a keratin base to stick the extensions to the root. This method requires no heat when styling so it is for thin and fine hair. Cold fusion also gives you a more natural look than other types of extension, Moreover, the average lifespan of it can last up to half of a year.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions - Are You Ready To Rock?
micro fusion hair extensions

The bonding of cold fusion extension use ultrasound waves technology to transform on to mechanical energy. The ultrasound trigger vibration, which is directed to the place that connects cold fusion hair extensions‘ tip and your natural hair. The vibration makes the bond invisible, strong and firm-holding. And you do not need to use heat to apply, it will prevent damaging your extensions as well as your real hair.

How to distinguish cold fusion and hot fusion hair extensions?

Fusion hair extension has two main types, namely hot fusion and cold fusion hair extensions. Their name got from the methods of applying, what tools will use and how it will look like. Both are good but each will see one better than others. Below are some major differences,

What’s their difference?

The hot fusion extensions

Hot fusion, as its name shows, is using heat elements to attach keratin bond tips to your natural hair. It goes with small bundles of hair with a heated keratin adhesive at the tips. Because the main element of your hair strand is keratin (90%), a protein compound, hot fusion will be much gentler on your natural hair than other glue.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions - Are You Ready To Rock?
hot fusion needs heat to be melted down

– How to install hot fusion hair extension?

You need to spend 2 hours to install hot fusion hair extension. They can last from 2 to 4 months. With fusion hair extensions, you can style your hair in various ways even updos, braid or buns. But you should make it loosen.

The cold fusion hair extensions

People may use other names as micro links, micro loop extensions to call cold fusion extension. It is another method of apply hair extension by weaving each small bundle of hair through microbeads or links. When applying, weaving tools and pliers are required to firmly hold each section of hair.

Cold fusion hair extensions were made to provide a gentler choice for customers, rather than using keratin hot fusion hair extensions. The process of applying a cold fusion hair extension do not need heat. Hence it provides a more comfortable feeling for your natural hair than hot fusion.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions - Are You Ready To Rock?
you don’t need to use head to attach cold fusion extensions

The installation of cold fusion hair extensions:

In this process, no glue or tape and I-tip extensions are of necessity. Therefore, it is perfect for those who want to be healthy and natural with real hair.

In short, both hot fusion and cold fusions extensions help to add more volume to your hair and build up a natural look. But using micro links in the cold fusion techniques will provide you a flatter appearance than the hot fusion one.


What are the benefits of cold fusion hair extensions?

Can Be Attached at Home

Fusion hair extensions can be installed at home if you have certain tools and knowledge about the installation process. This is one outstanding advantage because it helps to save money.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions - Are You Ready To Rock?
cold fusions can be installed at home

Great for Thinner Strands

Remy cold fusion extensions are lightweight and do not cause any strain on your hair so they are the right choice for those who are suffered from the very thin and fine hair.

There are several other installation methods, which are not good for thin or fine hair. That’s why many girls with fine hair strands do not want to wear extensions. But cold fusion hair extensions are different, it will be a cure for thin and fine hair instead.

Have a Very Long Lifespan

As mentioned above, fusion hair can live up to 6 months, which is longer than many kinds of hair extensions. But you have to know some tips to take care of them to get that long.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions - Are You Ready To Rock?
cold fusion poses less damage to your real hair

No Damage to Natural Strands

Some girls may be afraid that wearing hair extension will harm your natural hair. But it not true to some extent. At least, Cold fusion hair extensions will not damage your hair. The hair section is light and tiny, it will not cause itches or pain. Moreover, installation in the right way and proper care will make it so friendly and healthy to your real hair.

Where to buy cold fusion hair extensions?

If you are looking for cold fusion for sale with high quality, let’s visit the Layla Hair website for various opts. Micro fusion hair extensions are more and more popular recently, so the unqualified version of this kind is widely made. Hence, you have no idea of choosing a place to buy them.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions - Are You Ready To Rock?
cold fusion extensions at Laylahair

With great reviews from customers all over the world, Layla Hair is proud of being one of the trustworthy hair extensions sellers on the market. All of our products are made by 100% Vietnamese and Cambodia human hair, which is famous for their comfortable feeling and real look. So once you purchase a human cold fusion hair extension at our store, you will never regret it.

More importantly, we sell our products at the most reasonable price with you can find nowhere on the market. Whenever you need help or advice, you can seek help from our 24/7 professional hair sellers who try to answer you in the shortest time. Also, we are an online store so you can order any kind of hair extensions anywhere and anytime.

Our conclusion

Hopefully, after this post, you will have a deeper insight into cold fusion hair extensions. Hence, you can have more options on your choice list.

If you have any other questions about the cold fusion extensions or other types of hair extensions, drop us a message.

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