Micro Fusion Hair Extensions: All You Need To Know About

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You might be familiar with the term “fusion hair extensions” already, right? However, do you know this thing is also categorized into smaller types: keratin and micro fusion hair extensions. This post will provide you with the essential things about micro ring hair extensions – a permanent option to add seamless volume to thinning hair. 

What are micro fusion hair extensions?

Micro fusion hair extensions are known as pre-bonded hair extension because it has keratin bonding on the ends, and ultrasonic waves soften the keratin to bond during application. These types of micro fusion hair extensions are rather costly, and the installation process is lengthy. The removal hair extension process is also easy to do with some steps. The fusion method pulls out more hair and does not hold well beautiful hair. Therefore, it is not a good option for women with thin hair. 

Micro Fusion Hair Extensions: All You Need To Know About
what are micro fusion hair extensions

Furthermore, the micro fusion hair extensions are also micro tape in hair extensions that are tiny pieces of individual hair. So, it can be taped in hair to add volume and highlights without changing the natural structure of your hair, minimizing any risk of damage to your hair.

Generally, micro fusion hair extension is still a fantastic choice for women who want to own natural and smooth hair. 

Cost of micro fusion extensions

To make a micro fusion human hair extension is not simple and takes a lot of time and effort. So, its cost is higher than other types of hair extensions. That is why this type of hair extension is not as popular as different types of hair extensions. However, in return, the owner will have authentic hair. If you do not pay close attention, it is impossible to know that you are wearing a hair extension. However, if you want to own a beautiful hair, spending a large amount of money to own this micro ring. And, fusion bond hair extensions is also a must and not too wasteful.

Micro Fusion Hair Extensions: All You Need To Know About
the cost for micro fusion extensions is quite high

How to attach micro fusion hair extensions

The way to attach micro fusion hair extensions is considered quite simple but requires a skilled hairdresser. Because it can bring dangers to your real hair during the installing process. In essence, the fusion hair extensions have applied a layer of Keratin. It acts as a glue to help connect the actual hair to the extension. Therefore, to attach this extension to real hair, the technician will heat the Keratin layer and press it with real hair. When the Keratin layer cools down, you have successfully connected the extensions to your real hair!

 It usually takes about 100-150 strands for a full head, but the amount may increase or decrease depending on the quality and quantity of your real hair.

Moreover, if you have owned a fusion hair extension, you will have to spend a long time at the salon for 3-4 hours. But in exchange, this hairstyle is quite durable, and you can use it for an extended period of up to 6 months without any additional technical intervention except care. In the case, if your hair then grows, remove and repeat the process above.

Micro Fusion Hair Extensions: All You Need To Know About
how to attach micro fusion hair extensions

The detail process:

– 1 to 2 minutes to flip-in for cold fusion

– 2 to 10 minutes to clip-in (cold fusion), usually worn short term.

– 10 to 30 minutes to tape-in (cold fusion), used for long-term results.

– 30 to 60 minutes to i-tip, stick tip, and micro rings (cold fusion) for long-term use.

– 30 to 90 minutes to u-tip, Keratin (hot fusion) and sew-in hair wefts (cold or hot fusion), continual use.


Where to buy the micro fusion hair extension?

The standard and essential question of most people when referring to the hair extension is the best place to buy the micro fusion hair extension. As mentioned above, if you do not choose the high-quality product, it can affect your real hair, even your health, as well because of the Keratin layer. Furthermore, the hair extension has a high price, so surely you don’t want to buy an expensive product with low quality. Therefore, looking for a popular place to buy the best one is best-concerning people. Many sites are selling the micro fusion hair extension on the market, but not all of them provide high-quality products as advertised. 

So, we want to share with you the beautiful and fantastic place for you- Layla Hair to choose the best micro fusion hair extension for your own. Laylahair is famous as a prestigious stop for those who are passionate about hair extensions or wigs. Layla Hair’s hair extensions, especially micro fusion hair extensions, are carefully selected and meticulously manufactured by skillful staff. We always ensure that the products to consumers are the most prestigious and quality products.

Micro Fusion Hair Extensions: All You Need To Know About
micro fusion hair extensions at Laylahair

 Moreover, to meet the needs of many people, Layla Hai is continually running promotions to help buyers get high-quality wigs at affordable prices. If you are still wondering about the hair extension, get in touch with Layla Hair. Our customer service team will answer all the questions and give the most accurate advice to make you satisfied with our products.

To Sum Up

Micro fusion hair extensions are one of the perfect options for those who want to have a smooth and tight hair attached to real hair. However, the cost of a micro fusion hair extension is usually quite high. Hopefully, with the above, you will have more basic knowledge about fusion hair and the best place to buy hair on the market today. 

If you need more useful information about the hair extension and wig, visit our website to get more. There are many valuable and necessary information about the way to take care of the hair extension and types of popular hair extensions on the market on our website.

You can also reach us directly at any time via our hotline: (+84) 989633424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) for instant assistance. We are always happy to help.

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