Do Extensions Ruin Your Hair? Myths Debunked!

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Hair extensions are magic to transform your hair look. It is great for adding more hair volume, giving you thicker and luster hair for a long period of time. Some also choose these hair units to mask bald spots or conceal thinning hair from chemical treatments. 

But there are also many horror stories relating to hair extensions. It is said that wearing extensions can worsen your hair condition, even resulting in hair loss. So are these stories true? Do extensions ruin your hair? Do hand-tied extensions ruin your hair? Keep reading to know about hair extensions and help ease your mind.

Do extensions ruin your hair?

To be honest, if you are a starter to hair extensions, we understand that unnerving stories may cause confusion. That’s why we are here to give you honest answers to solve these misconceptions. 

You could possibly have in your mind this common question does extensions ruin your hair? The short answer is, no, hair extensions will not cause hair damage if you attach and care for them properly. 

In the past, hair replacement systems had a bad reputation because there are not too many options available. Also, people didn’t know how to wear it correctly and professionally. For example, they said that clip-ins were visible and caused strain on their strands due to poor-designed clips. Clip-ins pulled their hair and might lead to hair loss. Whereas, nowadays, there are various options for wearers to choose from without causing hair damage. 

Do Extensions Ruin Your Hair? Myths Debunked!
hair extensions

Do hair extensions ruin your hair? Don’t worry girls! Once you find the right system and wear it correctly, it will not damage your natural locks. Absolutely no hair damage. When considering extensions, you should ask for skilled technicians’ help. They know which one will fit and meticulously blend your bio hair. They also give you advice on how to attach the extensions and not leave a strain on your hair follicles. 

If you want to achieve new and luscious hair without being detected, opting for tape-ins is a great idea. Often, the tape is invisible and can hold the hair for a long period of time. Still wonder that do tape in extensions ruin your hair. Nope, to meet the high demands of clients, many manufacturers use safe and strong-hold tape to make tape-in extensions. It is easy to remove, no cause hair shedding and damage.  

Take a look at our hair extensions:

Is hair extension for everyone?

Individuals with normal hair can use hair extensions, such as weft, sew-ins, keratin tips, tape extensions, etc. But we recommend choosing the hair that matches your own hair color and density. If your skin is sensitive, please be careful when wearing hair units that require adhesive to install. It may cause irritation. 

If you have too fine and thin hair, avoid wearing clip-ins as your hair is not enough to hide these clips. Do clip in extensions ruin your hair? No, these clips are now are pressure-sensitive and don’t pull your bio hair. Consider using other options available, like sew-in weaves, micro-rings, etc. to add more hair thickness and volume. 

Do Extensions Ruin Your Hair? Myths Debunked!
choose the high-quality hair extensions

Needed rules to limit hair damage from extensions

Hair extensions now become more and more popular, but there are still a number of false statements circling about these hair units. To avoid hair damage when wearing extensions, you should: 

Select the right hair replacement system

We all know that extensions are made of both human hair and synthetic fibers. Although synthetic hair now looks like real hair strands, it is not as flexible as human hair. With human hair extensions, users can wear, cut, and style the hair as they want. 

As mentioned, there are numerous types of extensions now, and you can find the best one suiting your bio hair. You have to consider your hair density before buying. 

Temporary extensions, such as clip-ins are easy to apply and remove. Wear the hair in the morning and take it off at the end of the day, it is safe for your hair and scalp, too. 

Semi-permanent hair units, like tape-ins and fusion ones, are attached to your hair through adhesives. They can last quite long on your head, from two to eight weeks. Are i tip hair extensions damaging? It is worn by using a special tool to melt the tip and then attached to your hair without causing any hair damage. 

Finally, sew-in extensions may be the most permanent type of hair extension since they can not come off. The hair is directly sewn into your hair braids or cornrows. So do sew in extensions damage your hair? Are sew in extensions damaging? Be careful when you utilize it on thinning hair because it can put pressure on your scalp. 

Hair application

Besides the hair quality, learning how to attach hair extensions is so important. Each hair system has its own application; hence, you have to use it properly to minimize hair damage. 

Stop asking can hair extensions ruin your hair and spend time finding out how to wear the hair. It will not waste your time. 

Do Extensions Ruin Your Hair? Myths Debunked!
install and take good care of your extensions

Do maintenance work

You have to care for your extensions, like keratins, clip-ins, and weft extensions just like your own hair. Bear in mind that it is not your real hair, it cannot absorb natural oils and nutrients from the scalp. Therefore, do maintenance work to remain the hair look. Hair extensions ruin your natural hair if you don’t care for it, it turns dry, dull, and damaged. 

Don’t worry that extensions will ruin your hair. You should use shampoo and conditioner specialized for extensions, focus on from the mid-length to the roots. Avoid using thermal tools on this hair as they tend to dry your hair. One more thing you should keep in your mind is that don’t go to bed with wet hair extensions. 

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Gently remove the hair

Many say that semi-permanent and permanent hairs, such as tape-ins or keratins damage their hair when they try to take them off. So do keratin extensions damage your hair? Does sew in extensions damage your hair? It can affect your curls if you don’t know how to remove them. To remove the hair, it would better if you use a remover or ask for someone’s help. This will reduce the risk of hair damage as long as you understand it. 

Final thought

You have been affected by using hair extensions or solving thinning hair, we can help you. We have plenty of hair products and tips to help you reach your desired hair. 

Does hair extensions damage your real hair?

Do extensions ruin your hair?

Our short answer is no if you remember the above rules. Would like to buy human hair replacement systems, reach us now. Layla designs different hair products and density levels, and all of them are not chemical-treated or processed hair. We’re always willing to assort you. 

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