7 Secret Tricks On How To Make Lace Wig Look Real

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You have a beautiful wig that owns an attractive hairstyle and colors. You always go to a hair salon to maintain its state. However, how to make a lace wig look real or natural? Ahead is some tips hair experts share to keep your fabulous hair. Check it now. 

How to Make A Lace Wig Look Real

Each woman wears wigs for multiple purposes, maybe for art or life. If you start losing hair, a hair wig is your life savior. While others wear wigs to add more hair volume. No matter what the reason is, hair systems now are among the best items for all, both men and women. 

Many people report that wearing wigs is very beneficial. Just apply the hair to the head and you have a new haircut. However, to reach the best-finished look, you need to learn how to make a full lace wig look real. Here’re some tips from Layla Hair to get the most realistic hair look. 

Choose a hair wig that fits you perfectly

7 Secret Tricks On How To Make Lace Wig Look Real
choose the right wig size

How to make a lace wig look real? You have no experience, it would be better if you ask for advice. Opt for a hair wig that fits and matches your own hairstyle. Hence, please consider the wig carefully before making a decision. You really want to wear a natural hair wig, this tip is for you. Find a reliable hair seller so that they share with you experiences to get a real hair appearance. This hair fits your facial shape and blends your natural locks seamlessly. To make a wig look real in the front, you should spend your precious time to consult other experienced wig wearers. They may know which hairstyle is good for you. Clarify the hair type, material, color, etc. of the hair wig before purchasing. 

If you are not sure about the hair quality when buying online, go to a hair store directly. It’s a vital step to check how the hair system suits your head. It also makes the hair system look realistic. Ask the seller to measure your head size and select the right one. Make sure that the hair is not too tight or loose as it may cause a headache or severe hair loss. 

Invest in a high-quality hair product

Nowadays, synthetic hair wigs are made carefully and look like our real hair. However, these hairs are not as durable and versatile as human hair. Wonder how to make a wig look natural in front? Let’s shop the hair at a reputable hair store that ensures the quality of the hair system. Purchasing a human hair wig is the best option as you can switch up the hairstyle and color as you desire. You can create baby hair in the front to make it look more natural. 

The next step to make a wig part look natural – hair color

7 Secret Tricks On How To Make Lace Wig Look Real
pick the perfect color for your wig

Bear in mind that the harmony of hair color is a vital factor to determine how natural your hair is. If you buy a human hair wig, color the hair so that it blends your natural hair hue. Ask your hairstylist which color suits you most to get beautiful overall hair. 

Also, the density of the hair you buy affects its naturalness. Similarly, opt for a wig with suitable hair density (130%, 150%, or 180%) and achieve a perfect finished look. Ask the hair vendor to customize the wig so that it fits wearers perfectly. 

Style the hair wig 

Why do experts recommend purchasing human hair systems instead of synthetic hair? Because it is versatile. How to make a lace front human hair wig look real? The hair strands are raw human hair, so feel free to style it as you want, straightening, curling, and more. Wearers can apply heat styling tools to create the most beautiful and realistic hairstyle. 

To make a non lace front wig look natural, style the hair according to your natural hair texture. It means that if your hair is curly, buy a curly wig. And spray the hair before wearing to keep the hairstyle last longer.

7 Secret Tricks On How To Make Lace Wig Look Real
style your lace wig to make it look real

Get a hair trim 

You would like to make a wig part look natural, why don’t you cut the hair bangs or in layers. If you buy a top-notch hair wig, hair strands will not shed when you cut the hair. And if you are smart in cutting, do it yourself. If not, take your hair system to your hairstylist who is trained and experienced in styling hair. They know exactly what to do to achieve a natural hair look. We’re sure that the result will surprise you. 


Makeup the hair wig

How to make a realistic hairline on a wig? Attach the hair onto your head and adjust it so that it stays aligned with your natural hairline. Use concealer to makeup your hairline, make the lace blend your skin tone. People cannot detect you are wearing a wig because of its naturalness. 

Combine accessories when wearing a wig

7 Secret Tricks On How To Make Lace Wig Look Real
combine with some hair accessories

It is not a bad idea. Use hair accessories like a bun, clips, hairband to make the lace wig look natural.  Style the hair as you would normally do with your bio hair. Try this simple tip to make your hair system look real at any time and anywhere. 

In addition, remember to take care of the hair to maintain its original state. Try to protect your hair from frizzy and dull and extend its life. After several wears, you should gently wash the hair with good shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions. Never rub the hair as it leads to tangles. Spray a dry shampoo if you are looking for the best way on how to make a wig look less shiny, as well. Besides, don’t pull your hair when brushing as it causes hair shedding. Use your fingers to detangle your hair wig and make it look more natural. 

To Conclude

There are various ways on how to make a lace wig look real. Try and follow one of them to get your dreamed hair look. Want to know more about hair care tips, browse our blog to update more interesting stuff. 

Or want to buy the new one, Layla Hair provides an array of hair wigs and other extensions for you to shop. We guarantee that our hair items and services will not let you down. 

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