Does Cheap Lace Closure Concealer Work?

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Some people are just turned off by the idea of using lace closure because there is too much work to do and too much money to spend. Not only do they have to buy the lace closure but they also need to invest in concealers, adhesives, or a bunch of hair accessories to go with it.

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While we acknowledge your concern, there are cheaper alternatives out there in the market that make your life so much easier. In this article, we are happy to suggest some cheap lace closure concealers that work wonders for you.

What is lace closure concealer?

Lace closure is the type of wig that each hair strand is sewn in a 4×4 hair patch. The hair patch is the part where the hair is connected to your head to replace your hair. With lace closures, the installation is finished with minimum visible trace. That’s the best technology to wear a wig nowadays.

Lace is used to making closures because of its breathable and natural textures. The holes on the lace are there to mimic the actual pores of your scalp. However, until this day, no lace material has such tiny and beautiful holes like human’s pores. That’s when concealers come in handy.

Does Cheap Lace Closure Concealer Work?

Lace closure concealers help to blend the lace to the scalp. 

Concealers’ job is to cover imperfections. Just like on your face, where concealers glide on and fill in your large pores, the principle stays the same with lace closures. It fills in all the holes in the lace patch, blurs them out, and makes it look like your real scalp.

Instead of investing in a whole new concealer, you can use your favorite face concealer to do the job. If it works well on your face, chances are it works well on your closures, too. Or if you have a concealer that already passes the expiry date, don’t throw away yet! You can utilize it to dye your lace closures.

Is cheap lace closure concealer good?

The answer is: It depends. It depends on the quality of the concealer itself, not on brand name or price tag. That’s one thing you should keep in mind when shopping for your lace closure concealer. Surprising as it may sound, there are amazing concealers on the drugstores and bad high-end ones.

Does Cheap Lace Closure Concealer Work?

Lace closures 

Besides, some drugstore brands are under the same roof as other high-end brands. For example, the L’Oreal Company owns L’Oreal, YSL, Giorgio Armani, and Lancôme. Olay shares the same owner with SK-II. The implication of this is these brands potentially share the same technology. That’s why you can find drugstore dupes for many luxury products.

Sometimes, the distinction between affordable and luxury products is just the packaging or marketing expense. So, it’s crucial to keep a clear mind when finding the perfect lace closure concealers for you.



How to buy cheap lace closure concealer?

Here are some quick tips for you to choose lace closure concealers.

Read online reviews first

Nowadays, the Internet has offered us access to information we never experienced before. Looking up for opinions and reviews about all kinds of products has never been so easy. So why not utilize the power of digitalization to save yourself some money?

Does Cheap Lace Closure Concealer Work?

Lace closures from Layla Hair

Just google “best cheap concealer,” and tons of results are there for your reference. Or go to Youtube, where beauty gurus area always willing to share their opinions on products. You are just one click away from your perfect concealer.

The Internet is a powerful source to look up reviews for everything, especially when you cannot go to the stores and use some testers.

Consider your preferences

Makeup is something very personal. What works for others may not work for you because everyone’s situation is different. Your skin, your hair is unique. So having recommendations is lovely, but you need to consider your preferences as well.

If your scalp is oily, it’s possible that you don’t suit the same concealer that people with drier scalp love. If you have the darker skin tone, your concealer shade is nowhere near that of someone with fair skin. The best way to test is to shop around, ask for samples and try on yourself. Only you have the exact answer.

However, if your local stores don’t sell the concealers you’re looking for, reviews are the best way to go. Just take your condition and preferences into account also. Maybe you can order mini-size products first, and buy the full size when you are confident about the products. Take one step at a time, and you will be fine.

Avoid under-eye/highlighting concealers

Though face concealers can be used for lace closure, there are types that you should avoid.  Try to stay away from concealers specific for under the eye, or anything with the word “highlight” in it. Those concealers tend to have lighter shades and contain shimmer that accentuates the areas covered.

You don’t want to highlight the lace closure. You want to conceal it and make it look like your actual pores. So under-eye or highlighting concealers may not be the best choice for you.

Cheap lace closure concealers recommendation (under $20.00)

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($6.49)

Super affordable. Super wonderful. This is known as the dupe for NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which is universally loved. The texture of this is more on the liquid side, which makes it very easy to blend. Better yet, the range contains 12 shades – quite a good number for a drugstore concealer.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer ($5.99)

Just like the name, this concealer can cover everything. This is a full coverage concealer that glides on so smoothly, so soft. And it lasts all day long — definitely an outstanding product for the price.

Does Cheap Lace Closure Concealer Work?

Revlon Colorstay Concealer ($10.99)

This concealer is 0.21 oz, which can last you a very long time. For lace closure concealer, you want to have something that gives more product. You will use up so faster than you do with your face. Quality wise, this concealer has a silky smooth texture. Such texture is easy to blend and offers you a more natural look.

In the bottom line

It’s possible to use cheap lace closure concealer. Some drugstore concealers can outweigh high-end ones in quality. So pick yourself an affordable concealer and have fun wearing lace closures.

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