Our 3 Astounding Tips On Using Lace Front Wigs For Large Heads

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Whether it is your height, your weight or the size of your feet, if it is not the average then you will have to go the extra mile to find the perfect fit. And the same goes for the size of your head.

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If you intend to purchase lace front wigs for large heads, either for yourself or for entertainment purposes, this article will help you on the hunt for the suitable wig.

Why do you need to buy an actual lace front wigs for large heads?

There are two main reasons why you will need lace front wigs for large heads: the volume of your hair or the frame of your skull. Both of these factors are usually genetic, meaning it does not change over a short period.

In some types of wigs, the lace is too thick and thus, will become uncomfortable to wear extendedly. This, combined with a misfit due to the size of your head, creates the worst nightmare ever, especially in the summer.

Our 3 Astounding Tips On Using Lace Front Wigs For Large Heads

You can suffer from a mild headache, cap marks around the hairline.

When you are wearing a lace front wig that is too small, you can suffer from a mild headache, cap marks around the hairline and sore spots behind your ears. This, in the long run, will be extremely harmful to your health.

Not to mention, a misfit will make the wig look fake and unrealistic, eventually defeat the purpose of you wearing this piece of accessory in the first place.

So please, do consider buying an actual large lace front wig the next time you want to give this whole trend a whirl. The right-sized wig guarantees to make a world of difference. No more frustration or discomfort!

Our 3 Astounding Tips On Styles For Lace Front Wigs For Large Heads

Although we can rock just any hairdo we want, as long as we feel confident in it, there are still specific styles that best compliment our features. And the same goes for those out there with a large head.

When having a slightly large head than average, it is advisable to avoid wigs with fluffy texture combined with excessive padding. However, at the same time, the hair does not need to look flat or unlively.

Check out these styles of lace front wig for large heads that will work wonderfully for you and give them a try. You may be surprised by the spectacular outcome.

Sleek bob with straight hair

A sleek bob is a classic hairstyle in which the hair is jaw-length and slight curl inwards at the end. This style gives the wearers the vibe of sharpness, professional and efficiency. People from all walks of life can try this one out.

As the hair is straight and sleek, this hairstyle will not add extra volume to your hair and in turn, gives the illusion of a smaller head.

Side fringe/bang

Update your current hairstyle by adding (using hair extension) or cutting a side fringe in the front and be ready to be taken aback by how a small change can make such a big difference.

Usually, people with a large head tend to have an also more massive forehead. Side-swept bang gives the face some coverage and shortens the length of your face. This kind of fringe has proven never to fail to provide you with a modern and chic look.

Pair it with a straight hairdo of any length, and you will have for yourself a ready and put-together look for any kind of events.

Long with multiple layers

Commonly, wigs with an over-the-shoulder length make your face appear to be much more elongated and counterproductive. However, it is not the case if you pair it with layers.

The addition of hair from the outer side in various length should do the trick and immensely flatter those with larger heads. It will work even better for people owing a thick and gorgeous mane of hair.

Our 3 Astounding Tips On Using Lace Front Wigs For Large Heads

These are the three most highly recommended styles of lace front wigs for large heads. Aside from these three, there are still hundreds of options for you to pick from online catalogs: an elegant updo, sleek ponytail, tousled hair and so on.



Which color of lace front wigs for large heads to go for to flatter your unique structure?

When asked which color will do the job when it comes to slimming down your face, almost everyone will answer the “classic black”. When it comes to lace front wig for large heads, this is both true and false to a certain extent.

Yes, it will make your head appear to be smaller.

In most cases, the black color works as people will focus more on the illusion of a small face created by the overshadowing of the wig. In other words, a new frame around your face will exist when your hair is a dark, rich color.

Our 3 Astounding Tips On Using Lace Front Wigs For Large Heads

Lace front wigs from Layla Hair

No, it does not work with every single person.

Commonly, it is ideal to dye your hair one to two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. An overly dark color may do you no good if you are aiming for a slimmer look for the face.

A better solution for these cases is strategic highlighting. Weaving lighter or darker strands of hair in specific places around your head proves to be much more useful for people with light natural hair color and complexion.

The bottom line

Even if you have a slightly chubby appearance to your face, do not hesitate to rock any styles of lace front wigs for large heads you like, as long as you feel confident wearing it.

We hope that after reading this article, you have somewhat learned how to embrace your unique feature and have the courage to give wigs a go. If so, make sure to visit our site for a pleasant shopping experience shortly.

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