Donald Trump Toupee: Is It True Or Just A Rumor?

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Is Donald trump wearing a toupee? This question has been going viral for a long time, even before Donald Trump become the U.S. President and it grabbed many headlines. Many people do believe that Trump is using hair toupee to make up his look, but he denied it. So, is Trump toupee real or not? Read this article to find the answer. 

Donald Trump toupee

Donald Trump is famous as the President of The US and the businessman with his huge assets that surpasses millions of US dollars. This US president always tries to look shiny and perfect when in public or on television.

And from many sources, they said that Donald Trump spent about $60,000 for silver hair transplant in a month and waste $3000 for additional hair care after transplanting. But some people keep asking why he does that, spend a huge amount of money on a normal hairstyle which has «origin» since the 1980s up to date. Or does trump wear a wig?

Over time, Trump’s hair becomes a hotly debated topic which raises huge interest from many citizens, even before his election for President of the US. So, what about your opinion, Do you think the US president is wearing a toupee?

Donald Trump Toupee: Is It True Or Just A Rumor?
Donald Trump bald

Does Donald Trump wear a toupee?

But before becoming the US president, the billionaire Trump attended the Tonight Show in September 2015 and allowed MC Jimmy Fallon to rub his hair.

Plus, on 2nd February 2016, a video which recorded the scene, Donald Trump- as the US president, is about to get on the Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base to travel to the state of Florida has gained over three million views on Youtube just after a few days updating on the internet. In this video, The US president was taking up to the Air Force One while a big wind was blowing without wearing any cap. When he stairs up toward the aircraft, the strong wind make his hair at the back throw backward, Donald Trump toupee flies off and leaves a large bald area. Hence, many people start to ask whether it is Trump’s real hair or not.

Donald Trump Toupee: Is It True Or Just A Rumor?
Donald Trump hair flew off

After posted on Youtube, the video was gaining a lot of attention and comment. People also discuss trump bald or Trump mono hair toupee on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Hence, to unfold the mystery about Donald Trump toupee which many people are curious about, at one of his events held in August 2015, Trump invited a random woman in the crown to pull on his hair. And the women agreed that Trump’s hair is real. He also said: «I don’t wear a toupee, it’s my hair, I swear,»

Donald Trump without toupee

The hair of Donald Trump, the US president has long been a subject of satire of the public. In the 2016 election, along with Hillary Clinton, Trump was one of the two most potential presidential candidates, which has won the election and now has the most powerful position in US politics. Donald Trump has always gained great attention from both American citizens and people around the world.


His staff raised voice

Amy Lasch, a 52-year-old stylist of Donald Trump, who takes care of the US president’s look, particularly his hair, ever said on the television that she was upset since Mr. Trump did not want to try another hairstyle.

She also revealed that Donald Trump’s blond hair is 100% real. In other words, she tried to confirm that Trump wearing no wig and the rumor about his wearing topee anytime in front of the public is totally wrong.

Moreover, Amy Lasch said that, during the reality show The Apprentice, in the first season, she realized that few people knew about the hair of Trump. She said they his hair bang was stiff and flat when she combed it with a large brush since he used a lot of gel every day to keep his bang in place.

The truth about his real hair

Donald Trump Toupee: Is It True Or Just A Rumor?
Donald Trump without his toupee

Amy also revealed that Trump himself alway styled his long golden hair. He always combed it straight back and cut in a straight line hence she sure that Trump’s hair wasn’t cut by and hairstylist but him. Amy also calls Trump hair «disaster» when mentioning the color since it is uneven with no hair color at the top and behind of his head while the other parts are golden. And she revealed she did not totally hold responsibility on Donald Trump’s hair. She just some time advises him to style in some proper way and the US president himself will adjust his hair by following her suggestions.

What is more, Donald Trump is concerned about baldness. The doctor of him, after a one-month health exam, has said that he had taken anti-hair loss pills to prevent losing hair. And there existed some rumors saying that Donald Trump has undergone a hair transplant surgery to treat hair loss and baldness.

The bottom line

If you wonder «Is Donald trump wearing a toupee or not?», we hope that our article can somehow help you have a deeper insight into this topic. So Layla Hair does believe that you have the right answer for your wonder, Donald Trump wears a hair replacement system or not.

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