Celebrity Toupee: These Male Stars Rocked It, So Why Don’t You?

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Actors and singers always look glamorous and handsome when they are appearing in public. But they still cannot get rid of the male pattern baldness. Actually, there are many male celebrities facing severe hair loss and bald spots. They wear toupees, wigs, hair systems, and so on to hide their hair problems. So here goes, finally, the big secret revealed, a celebrity toupee list may surprise you. 

Charlie Sheen

Don’t tell me you don’t know this famous American actor. Charlie was once the highest-paid TV artist in the world. Because he is famous, his private information is also a hot topic. There are many rumors around Charlie’s hair. Some articles say that Charlie wears hairpieces most of his time. He applies the hair for his film characters or when appearing in the red carpet. However, the movie star has never admitted this rumor in public. If you see the actor with thin hair, it may be images of stars without their toupees. Surgeons also said that a 54-year-old actor is experiencing baldness. He wears a small toupee hair to cover his baldness instead of getting surgery methods. 

Celebrity Toupee: These Male Stars Rocked It, So Why Don't You?
Charlie Sheen toupee

Ben Affleck

Baldness is the normal phenomenon of men at the age of 40. Do you think that Ben Affleck experiences male baldness? There are different reports and pictures related to the A-list actor. Still, he still maintains that he does not wear a toupee and has no hair problems. Some old photos show that Ben has a thinning hair area on the back of his head. Today, the male celeb appears with fuller hair and natural-looking hairline. The best and fast way is that he wears celebrity toupee to achieve a good look. It covers up a bad spot on his head. 

Kevin Costner

About 30 years ago, the actor had receding hair and he got support from all types of hair systems, wigs, and toupees. Throughout his career, toupee is his best friend. Although he wears hairpieces that look realistic now, we still know that he had fake hair on his head. Stars without their toupees seem to be uncomfortable in front of cameras. Do you know the image of Kevin’s balding hair back in 2006? But in early 2007, he had a much thicker hair. His appearance raised questions that the male famous was wearing a small hairpiece to hide his baldness. Others think that he had a hair transplant to have good hair. Whether Kevin wears a toupee or not, he still looks masculine.

Celebrity Toupee: These Male Stars Rocked It, So Why Don't You?
Kevin Costner toupee

Ted Danson

Ted Danson is the next male celeb listed on the list. The actor shocked the audience when he accepted that he was suffering from hair shedding. He has to wear a toupee to achieve a thick and full hair look. In 2017, the 72-years actor appeared with a bald head on the top and short haircut. Ted’s toupee naturally mixes with his bio hair. We can say that the hair item provides him a realistic look. He is one of the few male celebs admitted wearing hair toupee. Hence, the appearance of the old movie stars without their toupees is not strange to his fans. He feels comfortable when showing his real strands in the crowd. 

William Shatner

William Shatner is a multi-talented artist, he works as an actor, producer, singer. He has devoted to the entertainment industry throughout his life, over 7 decades. There are rumors around William Shatner’s baldness and toupee. The male celeb started wearing hairpieces when he was at age 9. Hence, a hair toupee maybe his best companion, in both his work and daily life. It is hard to catch William Shatner’s images without a toupee celebrity. The artist wears a high-quality toupee, so no one can detect that he gets the support of fake hair. Look at his toupee before and after photo to see the differences: 

Celebrity Toupee: These Male Stars Rocked It, So Why Don't You?
William Shatner toupee

Jon Cryer

The American actor is among the few male celebs to admit that he is experiencing baldness. Jon said that he only has several hair strands on his scalp. Hence, he wears fake hair to get the beautiful hair look when appearing on the red carpets or events. He may wear a mono toupee and other types of hairpieces to conceal hair bald spots. 

Still, there are some accidents happening when he wears a toupee. For instance, a blast of wind could fly the hairpiece out of his head, he felt embarrassed at that time. Moreover, the image of bad celebrity toupee is also spread on the Internet. Now, the actor is treating hair loss that encourages natural locks regrowth in the thinning hair areas. These areas can be filled with new hair, offering a natural and fresh hair look. Jon says that this hair treatment works better for him, and he is not afraid of the wind and rain anymore. 

Jude Law

Does Jude Law wear celebrity toupee? In 2013, he once appeared with his thinning hair and receding hairline, but now his hair seems to be much thicker and more voluminous. 

The change of his head makes audiences think he had male baldness and had to wear hair toupees to conceal the hair problem. Nevertheless, he has never reported publicly about his hair condition. 

Celebrity Toupee: These Male Stars Rocked It, So Why Don't You?
Jude Law with men’s hairpiece

Nicolas Cage

There is an ongoing debate about Nic’s hair on the Internet now. People say that the talented artist always wears his toupees when going out. However, Nic claims that this is his real hair, he does not wear a toupee in his daily life. He confirms only apply hairpieces for his filming characters. 

Take a close look at his photos, he has a balding area at the back of his head. In 2011, there were rumors that the actor had a hair transplant surgery to get a full head of hair. But no one reveals and confirms these rumors. 

That’s our list of celebrity toupee we want to share with you. We think they use hair toupee to get a perfect and masculine to please audiences. 

If you know another toupee celebrity, share with us by leaving your comments below. Interested in getting hairpieces as your idol, reach Layla via hotline and we will create and customize the hair for you. 

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