Dread Wax Alternatives – Is There Anything To Replace Dreadwax?

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To maintain dreadlocks, wearers might opt to use the best products for the hair. It’s essential to choose suitable stuff since it’d confirm whether or not your hairstyle appears wonderful on your head. You’re afraid of using dread wax as it may leave buildup on the scalp. Down below, we would like to present you to some dread wax alternatives as well as how to dread your own hair without wax. Read on!

The best dread wax alternatives

Many waxes are available in the market but there are other things that many dreadlockers try to use as a dread wax alternative. It means that you don’t absolutely have to use dread wax for locs. Try using other substitute stuff to dread your mane.

Tightening gel for dreadlocks

Most beginners compare the effect of hair gel and wax for dreadlocks. Many big questions appear when it comes to maintaining and styling your tresses. Should I go for dread waxes or gel? Which one is better? We agree that it can get confusing when you are new to this, and there are countless suggestions from people all around. As the best substitute for dread wax, you should use hair gel. Nowadays, users can effortlessly find a gel for dreads in any hair store. This stuff helps you make the hair more malleable. Just apply hair gel onto your tresses and create dreads, you may find it a lot easier than try on dry hair. 

Dread Wax Alternatives - Is There Anything To Replace Dreadwax?
Tightening gel for dreadlocks

Unlike wax, the gel is based on water, so it’s a lot easier to clean it out. Shampoo the hair as you normally do and the gel you’ve applied previously is gone. That’s the reason why many users prefer gel to wax. Nevertheless, be careful when buying a gel as many products contain alcohol. Dreadlockers don’t need these items when wearing dreadlocks because alcohol, sulfate, and paraben will dry the hair out quickly. Investing good products with natural ingredients are vegan, organic, and not harmful. Products with natural ingredients are vegan, organic, and not harmful. 

Another amazing advantage of gels is that it suits your budget. You even create a hair gel for dreads by yourself from aloe vera, essential oils, and more. Apply aloe vera gel freshly squeezed out of the leaves to condition and moisturize your locs. 


Lotions are a type of emollient and mostly water with a small amount of oil. It has a moisturizing feature as it’s a liquid that easily spreads on the scalp and hair strands. Instead of using dread waxes, take a small amount of lotion and apply it to the tresses. You can use it daily as it’s thin and easy to apply. Most lotions have preservatives in them; hence, you have a small test on the skin first. 

Locking accelerator spray

Dread Wax Alternatives - Is There Anything To Replace Dreadwax?
Locking accelerator spray

We know you are impatient when creating dreadlocks. We have another know-how to lock your dreads quicker. Spray a locking accelerator to your dry tresses and create dreads.

One of the most effective dread wax alternatives is the combination of sea salt and warm water. Get the recipe and make your beautiful hairstyle.

How to dread hair without wax

One day before making dreads, you should wash your hair with shampoo, don’t apply hair conditioners. Which shampoo should you use? Opt for an residue-free shampoo so that it leaves no oil buildup on your natural locks. Let’s start!

– You use a strong and fine-tooth comb to divide your locks into small and even hair sections. The size of the hair section depends on how large and small the dreadlocks you want. After sectioning the hair, you use elastic bands or clips to hold the hair in place. 

Dread Wax Alternatives - Is There Anything To Replace Dreadwax?
How to dread hair without wax

– From the nape of your neck, you start combing each hair section backward. Comb close to the scalp and move down to the hair ends. Add some lotion if needed. You gently pull the hair out a bit and backcomb the hair toward your scalp once again. Leave a short tail of hair at the end. If your hair is curly or 4C type (kinky curly), remember to brush the hair gently to minimize hair breakage. Curly hair texture is difficult to manage and tends to get dry.

– The next step on how to dread your hair without wax is to create new dreads. Take the pre-formed lock between your palms and roll your locks swiftly from the hair roots. Keep rolling to create as tight and uniform locks as possible.

– Repeat the third step until you have all dreads on the head. Finished!


Maintain new dreadlocks

How to care dreadlocks? You should wash the scalp, not locks, after 2 or 4 weeks after making dreads. However, locks are still soft and immature, you should limit washing in the first weeks. Gently wash the scalp only every few weeks with no conditioner. 

Dread Wax Alternatives - Is There Anything To Replace Dreadwax?
use residue-free shampoo to wash your dreadlocks

After washing the scalp, let it dry completely before covering or wearing a hat. When your dreadlocks begin tight and maturing, you can wash the hair once per week. For afro or curly hair, it would be better if you shampoo it less frequently. This helps protect the locks well, offering natural dreads.

Maintaining the shape of locks is important, so regular palm rolling will help you form the lock quickly. It helps wearers tighten and maintain your no-wax dreadlocks. If your locks are formed in similar sizes, it offers a natural look. Instead of using was, you apply hair gel to maintain the hair. Hair gel leaves no buildup and damage and is easy to wash out with water. Bear in mind that read ingredients carefully before buying an item for dreadlocks. 

To conclude

Above are the three common dread wax alternatives you can use to maintain your hairstyle. Try one of them and find the best stuff for your dreads. Hope that you know how to dread hair without wax and leave your natural hair a nice-looking and fashion hair look. Nơ, you can savor your dreamed hairstyle every day. 

To learn more hair care tips and related things, visit Layla’s blog or drop us via our hotline to get advice. See you in the next post.

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