What Is Dutch Braid? How To Do A Gorgeous Dutch Braid Yourself?

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Life is too short to have boring hair, so change your hair before it’s too late. Are you wondering what hairstyle you will rock for this summer, this year? Have you ever heard about Dutch braid? Have you learned how to Dutch braid hairstyle before? If not, you may want to what it is and how it looks like. Here’s information as well as Dutch braid tutorial for beginners and the best hairstyles to copy. 

What Is A Dutch Braid? 

Before starting to do Dutch braids for summer days, you need to know what it is. It is among the most beautiful braided hairstyles girls can get. It is loved by most beauty followers as it is easy to practice and has a lot of wow-factors. 

It’s not denied that Dutch braid is a simple and common hairstyle. There are tons of variations of this hair that are worn and expanded by many celebs, from Kim Kardashian to Rita Ora. Whether you are a gentle or personal girl, you can choose the right hairstyle from the Dutch hair collection. 

What Is Dutch Braid? How To Do A Gorgeous Dutch Braid Yourself?
what is a dutch braid

The Dutch braid is called the reserve of the French braid style. Are there any differences between Dutch vs French braid? It may be confused to differentiate Dutch braid vs french braid, but in fact, they are not the same. With French braid, you start to braid the hair sections by crossing over, while Dutch braid is created by crossing under. 

How to Dutch Braid Your Own Hair

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a classic braid.

Prepare the hair

You should wash your hair and let it dry completely before braiding the hair. Start by sectioning your hair at the top and split it into three equal sections. 

Start plaiting hair sections

You hold the hair section on the right side and cross it through and under the section in the middle. Then take some hair from the left part, combine it with the left section, and cross under the middle. 

Continue taking some hair from your right side, combine it with the right section and cross under the middle. 

What Is Dutch Braid? How To Do A Gorgeous Dutch Braid Yourself?
how to dutch braid your hair

Repeat the braiding technique

Continue the same technique all the way down. Whenever you are doing a hairstyle in the back of your head, it is a great idea to get a mirror. Whenever you are doing a hairstyle in the back of your head, it is a great idea to get a mirror. Just continuously checking the back to make sure that you are happy with the way it looks. 

When you get to the nape of the neck, your arms maybe a little bit tired. So this is a great time to bring the rest of the hair to the side. 


You tie the hair braid by using clear elastic and finish off with a regular 3 strand braid. Ta-da! Now, you have a beautiful classic Dutch braid. If you want, you can always pull on the braid to make it a little bit looser and fluffier. 


How to Style Dutch Braid

After learning how to do dutch braids, you can style it. The easiest way to style this hair is to leave the braids free to flow. Additionally, low bun, up-dos, and more are different styles you can do with this braided hairstyle. Check out these amazing Dutch braid hairstyles below.  

Dutch side braid

This hairstyle is best in both medium and long hair strands. If you have layered hair, you can style this hair but you need hairspray or hairpins to keep the short hair in the right place. Wear this hair, you look so much feminine. The hair is suitable for formal events and casual days, weddings, night parties, or go to school, etc.  

What Is Dutch Braid? How To Do A Gorgeous Dutch Braid Yourself?

Cute double Dutch braid 

This is a great braided hairstyle for gals with shorter hair. Creat this hair look for your daughter before she goes to school. Many comments that it is one of the cute easy styles and suits most outfits, for both casual clothes. Wear this stunning hair, it makes you shine like a little princess at any party. This style can be worn with your natural hair color or dyed hair

Messy double Dutch braids hairstyle

With this hairstyle, you look like you’ve just woken up. Everything is not uniform. Follow tutorials on Dutch braid step by step, but the braiding on each side is loose. You no need to braid all your hair, leave the hair part from the nape of the neck down freely. Combine the braiding with your bright or highlighted hair color, it looks so nice. 

Dutch braid combined with a low bun

What Is Dutch Braid? How To Do A Gorgeous Dutch Braid Yourself?

Have you ever thought about this combination? A loose braid at the crown and ending with a low and messy bun at the back of your head. Gorgeous hair! Leave some strands out of this bun for a natural and romantic look. Bear in mind that you have to show the best advantage of braided-hair. Your hair is ombre, wear this style that helps add more texture and dimension to your hair. 

Soft Dutch braid for very long hair

You can’t find any style that is more romantic than this. You start braiding the hair in front where it is not so thick. The gather some hair and continue braiding. As it sounds, the hair will be incredibly soft and loose looking. Moreover, it looks so amazing with long hair. You can pull off this hair with medium hair.   


You find these Dutch braid hairstyles stunning. They are practical, versatile as well as gorgeous. Try getting one of them in your own head to refresh your look daily. 

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