The Detailed Guide On How To Wear Stitched Tape Hair Extensions

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The stitched tape is widely used by both men and women because of its advantages. It can stay in place for a long time, up to weeks. It allows wearers to have nice hair instantly without causing any harm. How to wear stitched tape? How can I keep it last as long as possible? If you install it properly, you can easily notice its benefits. Stitched tapes are a great choice for all wearers. 

Amazing stitched tapes bring you a natural look as most of them lie flat on your skin. Additionally, they are easy to apply, remove, as well as clean up. 

Stitched tape — the newly invented seamless tape-ins

The stitched tape is a type of tape adhesive. It always works behind the scenes to offer wearers a beautiful hair look. This item is used to hold the hairpiece stay on your head. It brings you comfort and no damage to your natural locks and skin. Often, it is worn directly to your scalp and skin, so it lowers the irritation as much as possible. If you are sensitive skin, feel free to use this hair item. 

Stitched tape extensions are available in different sizes and quality. Use this tape when you wear a human hair system, it will not show through the cap construction. Thus, others cannot detect you are wearing an extension if you do not tell them. It is sold in 1 meter, 2 meters lengths, and so on. It would be better if you select double-sided tape since they are durable and strong. But remember to clean your scalp and hair before wearing stitched tape extensions.

The Detailed Guide On How To Wear Stitched Tape Hair Extensions
double stitched tape extensions

How to wear stitched tape extensions

Stitched tape hairs are on-trend now because it is durable and flexible. It is a machine-made tape with stitching lines in the middle. To create this hair, manufacturers often use human hair with alive cuticles. The hair can be used up to 6-8 months. Like other hair systems, the stitched hair extension wefts are available in different textures, such as straight, slightly wavy, wavy, kinky curly, and etc. Moreover, wearers can change the tape if it does not stick well. If you use double stitched tape hair, the weft is super strong.

Now, move to the next part — how to wear stitched tape:

Remember that the amount of hair extensions used to depend on your client’s hair. 

Step 1

The Detailed Guide On How To Wear Stitched Tape Hair Extensions
section your hair first

You should start in the nape area. Pull the hair up and down to see exactly where you want these hair extensions to sit. When you decide the hair’s position, leave a small section free, pull the rest hair up and secure them by using clips. 

Putting the first section in the nape area, take the tapes off and put them very close to the scalp. Continue adding hair in the first section. You can add in two extensions if you want thick hair. Press these tapes so that they stick well.  

Step 2

Move the next line. Take the second hair sections and continue attaching the stitched tapes. The hair is thick from roots to ends. Stitched tapes are absolutely amazing extensions. If you have a little bit of hair or fine hair, you can use single-sided tape. 

Step 3

On how to put on stitched hair extension wefts process, you do a total of four or five sections in your hair. Repeat the same technique until you have your desired hair. Check the last row of hair extensions to make sure that you can’t see any of it through natural locks.

Don’t go higher than the round at the head because that is where your hair starts to split. You should be mindful of that. 

The Detailed Guide On How To Wear Stitched Tape Hair Extensions
attach the stitched tape on

Step 4

For the sides, you need to move the hair down and place it above your ears. Press the hair so that it lays flat against your head. 

Comb the hair out and go on to the next section. So on the side and in the front, you do a total of three sections. Bear in mind that you don’t go above the recession line or two far in the front. 

Step 5

Cut or style the hair extension to your desired style. You can use different colors if your hair has a little bit of warmth as well as a lot of coolness. Style the hair by curling or straightening so that it blends your bio hair. Finished! 

Follow the expert-guide about how to wear stitched tape from Layla Hair to get beautiful hair look in a couple of minutes. 


How to remove the stitched tape

Applying tape-in hair is easy, remove it is much easier. Use adhesive remover to take it off without damaging your hair strands. A little tub of cornflour also helps get rid of any of the excesses like sickness or residue. Once the tape has been removed, you use a comb and comb through to make sure there is nothing left on your tresses. Also, use a clip to keep your hair out of the way when you are removing the tape extensions. You want to remove these tapes, let’s start.

The Detailed Guide On How To Wear Stitched Tape Hair Extensions
apply adhesive remover to remove stitched tape hair

— Give your hair a brush and remove the top layers first, then work your way down to the bottom.

— Determine the place of the tape and clip the rest parts of the hair. Just squirt a little bit of adhesive remover between the tape, leave it about 30 seconds on each extension. Doing the same on the next one.  

— After 30 seconds, you peel these tapes off. Hold your hair section and comb through it. Make sure there is no sticky residue left in your hair at all. 

— Reapply the remover or sprinkle some of the cornflour on there to remove any of the stickiness left. Go on until you take all the tapes out of your head. It is just so nice to be able to wash your hair normally. 

You may feel that the ones at the back of your head are a little bit difficult to remove, so you need more adhesive remover. And after removing, you should wash and condition your locks. 

To Sum Up

Hopefully, you will know clearly about how to wear stitched tape after scanning through our words. To get more information about other hair extensions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Layla Hair is online 24/7. Have any queries, leave your comments below and we will help you out. 

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