What Are Dreadlocks? — Little Known Ways To Rock Your Dreads

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What Are Dreadlocks? - Little Known Ways To Rock Your Dreads

Do you like dreadlocks hairstyle? Dreadlocks, also called locs or dreads, are loved by most personality people. In addition, it is super suitable for those with thick and curly hair texture. It is not rare to find a famous person wearing dreadlocks when they appear in front of cameras. Lady Gaga, Willow Smith, Stevie Wonder, and more rocked this look. 

What are dreadlocks? It is a unique hairstyle and looks different compared to your existing hair. And how to do dreadlocks? Digging into our words to get it. 

Dreadlocks — Overview

Dreadlocks are a natural hairstyle with many people. You can find different styles of dreadlocks men and dreadlocks women. However, it may be still a new name with some people. The locs are also known as a type of «African braided hair» and «rope hair.» Because of its difference and uniqueness, the hair offers an impressive and dynamic style for its owners. 

Dreads are known as a braided hairstyle into small braids that are combed backward. Often, people style this hair for the whole head. But there are different and impressive variations for wearers choose from, such as only apply slight ripples on the ears. This hairstyle needs low-maintenances and hair care products. To reach dreadlocks hairstyles, you can use several ways: backcombing, twist, crocheting, etc. 

Dreadlocks origin

Where did dreadlocks originate? It has survived for thousands of years still stick around for thousands more. This personal hairstyle was derived from the black hip hop and sports enthusiasts. For years, it quickly defeated beauty followers because you see more and more people rock it.  

In ancient Egypt, there were many bas-reliefs, statuaries, and other artifacts appeared with locked hair. Archaeologists have also discovered mummified remains of ancient Egyptians with locked wigs from archaeological sites. The hair was also found in people in Germanic tribes, Greeks and the Vikings. Their hair was described as «hair like snakes.»

Some posts showed that dreadlocks first appeared in Jamaica, and popular in the Rastafari religion. Many tribes and warriors in these tribes wore this braided hairstyle. Sometimes, they dye their mane in red color with root extracts. 

Regardless of dreadlocks history, it has been worn by nearly every culture at different periods of time. Today, it becomes increasingly popular and there are many reasons for sporting it. It may symbolize spiritual convictions, ethnic pride, or simply be a fashion preference. It is often worn by most African-Americans. 

Dreadlocks in today’s fashion world

Many celebrities contribute to making this hairstyle popular. From female stars such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Zendaya, to male celebs Bob Marley, rapper Wale, they wore this hair. Search their black female dread images and you can copy your idol’s hairstyle. 

For gals, you select long dread hairstyles if you plan to go a prom. You look so personal and impressive. Additionally, there are other dreadlocks styles to choose from. Opt for ponytail dreads, hair dreads bun, dyed dreadlock, and simple locs, and more that suit you best. Be confident to change your hair as well as image. Wear this hair as it is modern, stylish, and easy to maintain. It requires low-maintenance and no need much pruning. 

What about dreadlocks men? Going for short dreadlocks is not a bad idea. The hairstyle is versatile and effortless to keep. Also, combine dreadlocks with undercut style, you have a neat hairdo. Only create dreads on the top of your head as the hair on sides and back are cut close to the hairline. Wear dyed locs if you want to catch up with the trend now. We believe that you will definitely be the most distinguished men at the party. 

How to Make Dreadlocks

Backcomb, twist, and freeform are all different techniques used to form dreads. They are usually used on coarse, curly and thick hair. Here’re common techniques widely used by hairdressers.

Backcomb method

— Clean your hair first by using a mild shampoo. Then, let your hair dry. Limit using a hairdryer as it may dry your hair out quickly. 

— Use a comb to section the hair. Keep the size of each hair section, if you don’t, your dreads may end up with an unevenly look. Secure the hair sections in place with clips or elastics. 

What Are Dreadlocks? - Little Known Ways To Rock Your Dreads
backcomb your hair to make dreads

— Start backcombing. Use a dread comb and push hair strands back up the scalp. The position you place the comb depends on the hair length. You start teasing the back part of the hair first. Then, backcomb it. It would better if you do about half of an inch at a time as it helps keep the locs from loops. Continue until you reach the hair roots. 

— Finish backcombing the section, you use elastics to hold the dreads, one on the tip and another on the hair root. Repeat until you have dreads on the entire head. 

— Roll the dread to tighten the hair. Roll the hair between your palms, up and down the length of the dread. Repeat the process until you have dreads on the entire head. It takes time to do so please take patience to go over it. 


Twist your curls

The min-length to get dreadlocks is about 3 inches. Before creating dreads, you should wash your hair normally with shampoo the week. Don’t apply conditioner or any hair care products.

How to get dreadlocks? You section your hair into clusters and twist them of hair clockwise. You can decide on the clusters’ size. 

twist and pin method

How can I twist dreadlocks? Take a cluster, and twist it from the end to the root by using your forefinger and thumb. Remember, twist the hair in the same direction so that you can maintain the style easily. Continue doing with other clusters until you have all dreads. Similarly to the above method, this method can take between 3-6 hours. It may even take longer if your hair is long. To keep the hair shape, palm roll dreadlocks every day.

How do you make dreadlocks? You can easily get dreadlocks hairstyles by following twist and pin, twist and rip, dread braiding methods. Go to a hair salon and your hairstylist create dreads for you.

The Last Words

Although the process of making dreads is not easy and takes a long time, dreadlocks are the most beautiful and unique style. It helps you stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, after reading our words, you understand dreadlocks meaning by answering the question «what are dreadlocks«. Also, you get a deeper knowledge about the history of dreadlocks and methods to get the style.  

You love this hair look, but the length of your hair is not enough. Don’t worry. Many people today use hair extensions to create dreads. Visit Layla’s website to buy a real human hair extension at a cheap price. We commit that our hairs are high-quality and easy to style dreads. Give us a chance to serve you.

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