9 Stunning Celebrity Pregnancy Hairstyles You Can Be Inspired From

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There is nothing great that can change a women’s life more than a mom. Not only their lives can change to accommodate the appearance of a new person, but their body also changes, and their hair changes, too. In fact, most doctors always advise moms not to dye hair during pregnancy. So for all mamas, the first opportunity to do everything fun with some color is after the baby is born. Though cutting hair is not a big problem, some pregnant mamas wait until the babies are born before changing the look. Pregnancy pushes aside, celeb moms or celeb maternity style want something easy to style that is very fresh and ready for baby to be born. In this article, we will discuss celebrity pregnancy hairstyles. Please follow that. 

Cardi B

The celebrity pregnancy style 2021 is Cardi B. It is the most-watched celeb mom of all seasons, Cardi B takes a long time to debut a new baby, Kulture. Cardi had already announced her new hairstyle to all the world.

It was the first big appearance post-baby that is presented at the MTV VMAs. Cardi rocked a super-short pixie cut that all flatters her face. Cardi has different looks and she dons a wig. She doesn’t want to lob off all her long locks.

9 Stunning Celebrity Pregnancy Hairstyles You Can Be Inspired From

Katie Holmes

Another celebrity maternity style 2020 is Katie Holmes. It is a complete throwback. Recently, Katie Holmes has been known for acting roles than her relationship with uber-famous Tom Cruise. She has a longer cut that she always keeps straight. With character purposes on Dawson’s Creek, Katie fell into a rut. So she cut all her hair post-baby and it can be made her matchy with then-toddler Suri. 

Furthermore, she also rocked her bob in a mature way.

Hilary Duff

Hairstyles for pregnancy photoshoot or celebrity pregnancy hairstyles. Hilary Duff is another mama who changes her look in a lighter color. Hilary has a blonde hue, but in this time, she becomes icy with a barely-there color. It is almost white and colorless.

Marie Clarie says the color to something that Kylie Jenner sported in the past, but Hilary made this look her own. It is called “a winter white-out”. She changed her hair to adapt to the season after giving birth.

Kylie Jenner

Pregnancy hairstyles African American is Kylie Jenner. Kylie is a style chameleon when she came on the scene. Many mamas also choose a dramatic style change or stick with post-baby. Kylie changes from wigs to dye jobs or even a bubblegum pink look when she gave birth this year. Of course, she also chooses only the pink dye to match her address. It is a drastic stunning change that all fans approved of.

9 Stunning Celebrity Pregnancy Hairstyles You Can Be Inspired From

Lauren Conrad

The celebrity pregnancy hairstyles is Lauren Conrad. Lauren Conrad has long, flowing, and blonde locks. But it was the birth of her son Liam, who seems to have inspired the longtime TV star to chop off. She captured the cut for IG, showing a ponytail at her neck’s nape where the stylist snipped the tresses off. 

In the past, Lauren claimed she never goes short again – she is a new mom with a lighter look. And the appearance looks less work to do. Moreover, she still maintains a luxurious mane that has taken hours.

Whitney Port

Another impressive star who has a big change after the baby is Whitney Port. The celebrity maternity photoshoot and celebrity pregnancy hairstyles with the blonde star in natural color or a style. It is long and flowy. But after giving birth, she said she didn’t have any time to style an excessive head of the hair after her little guy is born.

Despite the fact that Sonny is easygoing or chill, Whitney also found that she had too many things for worrying about, and also she realized that her hair is not important.

Other inspirations:

Elsa Pataky

Hairstyles for pregnant ladies in Nigeria are long blonde locks. Elsa Pataky sported brunette hair with some waves. After having the first child ( a daughter in India with husband Chris Hemsworth). Elsa also chopped off the hair in an angled bob. It looks very amazing when she kept the looks for age. 

Short hair is easier than a flowing mane, especially when she is chasing around a toddler or twins.

She is keeping and growing it out some years, though but all people know, it can come soon and short hair is a rage.

9 Stunning Celebrity Pregnancy Hairstyles You Can Be Inspired From

Jordin Sparks

The best haircuts for pregnant ladies are very important. From the first time, Jordin Sparks appeared in an American newspaper, her hair is becoming iconic. She always wore it down in a natural way. But in later years, her singing resume Jordin started appearing with a straight style. After getting married and having a new baby, Jordin has reverted to her new style. It is considered old style. She leaves her hair curly and natural when participating in events and interviews. 

We can’t imagine that it is a quick process to straighten the luxurious mane, so motherhood has forced her to create a new and quick styling route!


The celebrity maternity street style is Beyonce. After giving Blue Ivy’s Birth in 2021, Beyonce did anything innovative with her hair. Although in this time, the baby bang trend is erupted in 2018, Beyonce also rocked it years ago and it is doing very well. Who knows that she inspired today’s trend. She always appears with a natural style and a pin-straight look, Bey kept her honey color throughout her fame.

When the baby bangs, even after twins gave births, Queen Bey has not changed her look up too much. 

In conclusion, it is all information we want to share through this article about celebrity pregnancy hairstyles. We wish that with some shared information you could understand more about this topic related to hairstyles after giving birth. Moreover, we also hope that you can easily choose the right style for hair.

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