Excessive Hair Shedding 101: What It Really Is?

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From past to present, people care for their tresses in different manners. They use all-natural and medical treatments to keep hair strands healthy. But hair falling out is an unavoidable part. Many ask «why is my hair shedding,» it may be a necessary part of the hair cycle. 

But excessive hair shedding is a problem. It may cause more negative effects than you think. Then you ask, what is hair shedding? How much hair shedding is normal? And how to prevent it? This article is your answer. 

What do you know about shedding hair?

It is a normal phenomenon happening in both men and women. Hair strands will fall out as a part of the hair growth cycle. But when you notice more hair falling out than normal, it is alarming. Scientists say that the hair shed around 100 strands per day are considered normal. This may sound a lot, but if you compare to the number of hair follicles on your scalp, it is not negligible. Because there are between 100,000 — 150,000 follicles on your head, and the amount of natural hair shedding is only 0.001% of your strands. 

As we all know, not every strand of hair is on the same cycle. Basically, the hair goes through three main stages of growth, and they will fall out. The hair growth cycle includes:

Excessive Hair Shedding 101: What It Really Is?
hair growth cycle

— Anagen phase: 90% of hair strands you have are in this phase.

— Catagen phase: only 1-2 % of hair

— Telogen phase: about 9% of your strands

The medical term for excessive hair shedding is «telogen effluvium» (TE). However, normal hair fall can stop on its own. For example, many women notice that their hair falls a lot after stressful events, such as after giving birth. Hair falls out so much about four months, but this hair issue is normal and temporary. It stops and new strands will grow to replace the old. 

Hair shedding vs hair loss

Shedding hair is not a big problem, but hair loss is your worst enemy. The hair loss problem is called anagen effluvium, caused by something that stops the natural locks from growing. Also, hair loss can lead to baldness, and can’t stop on its own. You have to use medical treatments to bring the hair strands back. If you are experiencing hair loss, your new hair cannot grow until you find the main reason and stop it. In some cases, you suspect that the treatment or drug is the culprit causing your hair loss, consult your doctor to get advice. 

What are the reasons?

Excessive Hair Shedding 101: What It Really Is?
causes of unnormal hair falling

— After giving birth: Pregnancy and giving birth can cause imbalanced hormones. Your body will release more estrogen during pregnancy. But after giving birth, the hormonal changes make the hair fall out too much. The shedding cycles can last between 2-4 months, and it will regrow after that. The cause is called postpartum telogen effluvium.

— Stress event: Why am I shedding so much hair? Most likely you’ve been through a stressful event. A prolonged period of stress will negatively affect, leading to natural hair shedding. You can notice your hair falling out more than usual, but it only lasts within 3 months after the event. Your hair follicles will go back to its growth cycle.

— Over-style your strands: Excessive washing and styling have an impact on the amount of hair falling out per day. When you dye or style your hair, the structure of hair follicles will be affected or damaged by heat and chemicals. That’s why experts advise you not to over-style your tresses. 

— Tightly pulled hairstyle: Your daily habit such as tying hair influences directly on the mane. Some hairstyles such as tight ponytails, cornrows, extensions or buns can cause damage, and lead hair to shed. If you continuously put tension on your head, over time, it will cause permanent hair loss. Stop asking why is my hair shedding so much, and change your hairstyle. Wear a loose hairstyle or leave it free instead of tightly pulled back. 


How to stop my hair from shedding

Invest in hair shedding remedy

Understanding the customers’ needs, many manufacturers design and produce a variety of hair care products stopping hair shedding. Purchasing the best shampoo for shedding hair is not challenging. Still, you should choose the item that is made of completely natural-formulated and safe for your scalp. 

You can create your own recipe by using kitchen-available ingredients like olive oil, lemon, coconut oil, and more. 

Excessive Hair Shedding 101: What It Really Is?
hair shedding remedy

Limit wearing tight hairstyles

This is the simple tip on how to stop hair shedding. Instead of wearing a high ponytail, you can leave your hair free to reduce the pressure strands as well as your scalp. Don’ t tie the hair too close to your scalp. In addition, braiding haircuts and cornrows will damage your hair follicles, making strands dry quickly, split ends, and hair falling out.

Get adequate sleep

Professionals say that the adult should get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This is the time for your body and mind to take a break and regenerate. Melatonin is a type of hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycle. But do you know that it also contributes to promoting hair growth?

When you lose out on sleep, you are at high risk of rising stress levels. How to stop shedding hair? Try to practice healthy sleep habits and getting enough sleep to be good for your health and mane. 

In addition, you can eat a balanced diet (rich in vitamins, Omega03, etc.) or take a supplement to stop excessive hair shedding.

Excessive Hair Shedding 101: What It Really Is?
use a hairpiece to cover your thinning hair

Wear hairpiece

Don’t rush when treating your hair shedding. It needs time to recover and regrowth. In the waiting time, you can wear a toupee, topper, or wig to conceal your hair defects. It blends well with bio hair to offer the natural look. 

Apply hairpieces are safe for your natural locks and scalp. It causes no harm and discomfort to wearers. At Layla, all hairpieces meet quality requirements. They are made of human hair and unprocessed. 

To reduce and stop hair shedding, you have to learn about the causes and cures. Hopefully, this post can somehow help you in brainstorming to keep you tresses stay healthy and shiny. Should you have other ways to stop your hair from shedding, share with us so that we can enrich the content in writing. 

Or you are interested in any hairpieces, browse to Layla’s site. We supply all types of hair systems with different styles and sizes. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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