Insider’s Secret On Finding The Best Wholesale Wig Vendors

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The hair market is undoubtedly hot right now, so there are more and more people enter this industry. Many reports assert that the hair market is growing and become one of the most concerns today. You want to buy a hair extension or start your business, to compete and win, a great hair vendor is a must. How can I find the best wholesale wig vendors? Check it out NOW!

Starting your search

You may be wondering that where to start, we understand. Finding good hair vendors is the most important. You have to find a reliable supplier that provides high-quality hair products. Let’s start!

In the era 4.0, everything becomes much easier with a smartphone or computer. Just like others, you can start out searching for hair on the Internet. Access to many e-commercial websites, such as Amazon, AliExpress, etc. to find hair suppliers. Make a wig vendor list so that you can easily find them after. Pay attention to the seller’s information on the seller website and the products they provide. If you see that their websites are clear and knowledgeable, they have invested more time into their business. The best wholesale full lace wig vendors know clearly what they sell, what they are talking about.

Insider's Secret On Finding The Best Wholesale Wig Vendors
search for wig vendors online

You can try social media or join hair forums to find the best wig vendors. Believe it or not. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more hold a lot of power to connect you with hair suppliers around the world. Use keywords and hashtags, like “hair”, “hair extensions”, they will give you many options at your fingertips. 

Narrow down your list

When you have found a long list of wholesale hair vendors, it’s time to filter to find the reliable hair sellers. You find out and weed out low-quality wigs wholesalers. You search on Google about the sellers, including their hair quality, services, and reviews about them. We think that customers’ reviews are the most objective condition to evaluate hair wholesalers. This will help you have a list of professional vendors. From there, you can contact each seller and ask questions. 

Insider's Secret On Finding The Best Wholesale Wig Vendors
contact the hair vendors to get consulted

Contact and get to know your wig wholesaler

Once you have found the hair vendor, get a contact to find out more about them. Drop them via hotline or text them via email left on the website. If your hair seller is willing, chat by phone, video chat, or WhatsApp is a good option. Often, the vendor will respond to you in a short time. If you see the non-responsive sellers or unclear websites, you should move on to another supplier. Maybe they are not good hair vendors.

Don’t take a gamble by selecting cheap sellers as you may have the headache of missed orders or not getting the products you ordered. Focus on seeking wholesale wigs vendors with high-quality hair. 

Ask for a sample before placing a large order

To be sure about the hair quality, you should buy a small sample from the hair vendor to test first. You can buy hair bundles and check the hair quality by restyling it. Play with the hair by dyeing, bleaching, washing, and heat styling it. If the hair meets your demands, you can choose it as a trustworthy vendor to buy hair products. 

Insider's Secret On Finding The Best Wholesale Wig Vendors
it’s better to order a sample first before making a large order

FAQs on finding the best wig suppliers

Who are you buying hair from?

As stated above, you should know who you are buying wigs from. There are tons of wholesale lace front wig vendors out there and you don’t know who is professional. Find an address that is evaluated best to buy or get support from experienced buyers. Knowing your hair vendor clearly help save you time and money, as well as, rest assured about the hair quality. 

If you need a reputable hair vendor, consider Layla Hair, you will not be disappointed. We have own manufacturers to design our hair products. What’s more, we commit to giving customers the best services, including shipping time, return/exchange policies, etc.


Where is the hair originated? 

Don’t forget to ask your hair suppliers about hair origin. Where is it from? Many hair vendors, like Layla Hair company, buy hair directly from healthy donors while others buy hair from another seller. We recommend you buying hair from the company who controls over the quality and origin of the hair, and have their own manufacturer. 

At Layla, we collected hair directly from donors in Vietnam and Cambodia. Vietnamese and Cambodian women always apply natural hair care methods; hence, their tresses are healthy and shiny.

Is it human hair or synthetic fibers?

Also, what type of hair you want to buy? Ask the seller whether they provide human hair or artificial fibers. Select the hair that suits your needs and budget. 

But we highly recommend using human hair wigs because of its standout benefits. It mimics our natural locks, offers comfortable feeling, and is safe to wear. Plus, it is more durable and flexible than its counterpart synthetic one. You are finding the best wig companies, don’t forget that Layla is one of the leading human hair vendors in Vietnam. Feel free to reach us, our staff will consult and help you find the best pick. Buying human hair wigs at our company also helps you protect your business reputation.

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top-notch wigs human hair at Laylahair

If the hair is made of real human hair strands, is it unprocessed?

This is important as it determines the hair quality and lifetime. If the hair is processed, it is difficult to restyle or it even may be damaged. 

To conclude

Hopefully, this post is useful for those who want to find the best wholesale wig vendors and have opportunities to get the most beautiful hairpiece. Please spend your precious time if you are serious about buying good hair.  

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to us. We are more than happy to answer you.

In case you want to buy our wigs, drop us via hotline. Have any problems when wearing our hair products, we are also ready to help you solve it.

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