Flat Silk Weft Hair Vs Common Weft Hair: The Never Ending Battle

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Hair extensions are a beautiful and effective option for those want to add more hair on their head. It helps you reach fuller and thicker hair in the fastest way. Also, it does not harm your natural locks as well as your scalp. Seeking a good hair extension for yourself? Flat silk weft hair vs common weft hair, what should you choose?

You are a rookie so you cannot differentiate silk flat weft vs normal weft hair. Are you curious about them? Here Layla will get you covered with these hair extensions for beginners, consisting of the similarities and differences. Hence, spend only a few minutes to read this post to distinguish these hair wefts.

About flat silk weft vs machine weft

Flat silk weft hair vs common weft hair, both of them are hunted items for women today. So, what exactly they are?

Flat silk weft hair extensions

It is a type of hair weft but it is a thinner form of regular wefted extensions. Often, the short little hairs are normally on the top wefts, but flat silk weft hair has no return hair on it. It allows for a natural look, flat and comfortable application. The hair extension can stay long on your head. You may visit a hair salon after 6-8 weeks to tighten the hair and continue enjoying beautiful hair. After several checks, you should reapply the hair.

Flat Silk Weft Hair Vs Common Weft Hair: The Never Ending Battle
silk flat weft vs common machine weft


Common weft hair

It is available in machine weft and hand-tied weft. This hair extension is available in machine weft and hand-tied weft. It refers to hair units that hair strands have been sewn or wefted. The hair can be easily found in different hair vendors, both online and offline. Hand-tied weft hair is stronger and thinner than machine weft because all hair strands are sewn by hand only. Thus, the end result offers a less bulky look. Common weft hair extensions can be worn as permanent or temporary hair units. 

Similarities between flat silk weft hair vs common weft hair

Both types of hair extensions are used to add more hair length and thickness on your head. They are made of raw human hair and artificial fibers. If you purchase a human hair extension, it can mimic your natural locks perfectly. 

Also, they both have plenty of colors, sizes, and more. Opt for the hair extension that has the same color as your bio hair. Plus, they can stay on your head for a long time if you wear and take care of it appropriately. 

The difference between silk flat weft hair extensions and common weft hair

Down below are some main silk flat weft and normal weft hair differences:

Flat Silk Weft Hair Vs Common Weft Hair: The Never Ending Battle
silk flat weft hair has no return short hair

Return short hair

Silk flat weft hairs are ideal for those love perfectness. It has no short hair on the top of the weft. Also, the hair strand is sewn and adjusted carefully, offers a perfect look. You can choose any length you want and all of them are made meticulously. Common weft hair has short little hair on the top, around 0.8 — 1.5″. 

The thickness of the wefts

What about the thickness of the weft edge, between flat silk weft hair vs common weft hair? The flat silk weft is the thinnest piece. The hair first appeared in 2018, and it is customized to suit the higher demand of customers. This hair weft is much 30% thinner than the other common weft versions. After applying, it lays flat on your scalp, offering a nice look. 

While a machine weft or hand-tied hair weft is the original hair system, thus, it is thick. It looks quite bulky on the head and maybe exposed if you apply it unproperly. 

Flat Silk Weft Hair Vs Common Weft Hair: The Never Ending Battle
common weft is thicker than ultra-thin flat weft


As I stated above, an original machine weft looks a little bit bulky. You should buy a hair system that has the same hair hue as your existing hair. This helps conceal the hair piece very well. 

For flat weft hair extension, there is a super-thin silk piece attached to the top of the hair weft. Your hair is fine and thin, this hair is the best solution for you now. In addition, silk flat wefts are available in single and double layers. You can cut the hair to fit your head without worry about the hair shedding problem. Measure your head circumference and cut the hair so that it fits completely. You can ask the hair vendor to create your own hair system if you want, they will customize the length, width, color, etc. of the item.



It is understandable that flat silk weft hair is a higher price than its counterparts. Its great advantages and design of this hair make it become the best seller item on the market today. You can easily get common hair wefts at every hair store and vendor. The flat silk weft hair is thin, so it is lightweight. The complicated making process is another factor making this hair price become high. 

Take account of the benefits the hair unit brings, you will see that it is not expensive. The hair extension is a long-term investment. It looks thin and natural, offering a comfortable feeling. The hair can last longer if you store it carefully. If you are looking for a long hair that blends seamlessly with your natural locks, then flat silk weft hair extension is for you. Whether your hair texture is curly or straight, thick or fine, you can get unit to match your own. How much flat silk weft should you get to reach fuller hair look? Often, each pack of hair is 100g. A pack will be enough if you want a little more fullness. 

Flat Silk Weft Hair Vs Common Weft Hair: The Never Ending Battle
silk flat weft and common machine weft at Laylahair


Before stopping the discussion today, we suggest you the best place to buy human hair weft — Laylahair. You want to buy silk flat weft, common wefts, we can supply. All our hair is made with 100% raw human hair, so you can rest assured about the hair quality. 

Another attractive thing is that Layla always offers wholesale prices for all hair items. Whether you are an individual buyer or a wholesaler, you can get hair at reasonable prices at our hair company. Take a look at our website and product lines to pick the best one. 

Now, we hope that you can choose a suitable hair system, between flat silk weft hair vs common weft hair. To place an order, feel free to reach us directly via WhatsApp link (+84) 98 96 33 424. We commit to give you the best deal. 

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