Glue In Extensions For Short Hair FAQs – Everything You Need To Know

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Hair extensions have been increasingly famous among veteran wearers and complete newbies. They are all-around and stylish. Also, their look is realistic if you apply them properly. These are what users love most about this type of product. There come plenty of choices. One of them is the glue in extensions for short hair.

Below we have led you all the way to this popular kind of extension. Are you ready to immerse yourself in this exciting journey?

How to glue in hair extensions?

First, be sure the distance between the skin and your strand is 1.5 cm or so. Plus, working at an angle of 90° to the growth direction of your hair is necessary. It helps prevent any problems regarding traction.

Glue In Extensions For Short Hair FAQs - Everything You Need To Know
how to glue in hair extensions

The hair section you create should not be too thin. Doing so will minimize the pressure on the hair. At the same time, it should not be overly thick. Your hair section is necessary to have more thickness than the strand you apply.

Then, insert the lock of extension under your hair. After that, use the machine to melt the keratin. Fold it with the fingers to close. Next, press and fold again; the direction is opposite this time. Remember, keratin should have good shape. It ensures the anchoring is thin and flat.

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– The secret to a more realistic appearance: Cut the keratin vertically into two parts attaining unnoticeable micro-strands.

How to remove glue in extensions for short hair

Glue In Extensions For Short Hair FAQs - Everything You Need To Know
how to remove glue in extensions

Spritz several drops of the particular solvent on the point of application. Then, press for the solution to soak in with more ease and break the keratin. After that, get rid of the lock and any remaining keratin with a comb of which teeth should be fine. The cleaning will follow.

How much do they cost?

Their cost has to do with the way you use in their application. Do you want to put in the extensions yourself? Either, do you let a salon professionalist apply them? If you go with the second choice, the price is considerably higher. Do you wish to be on a budget? Then, you can buy the extension online and glue in them yourself. In general, the range is from $350 up to $1,000.

How to care for these extensions?

Now that you have finished the application of glue in extensions for short hair, pay attention to their maintenance. Your love and care to them will contribute to their lifespan.

How to brush?

Glue In Extensions For Short Hair FAQs - Everything You Need To Know
don’t pull too much when brushing the extensions

Your extensions will last longer if you brush them correctly. That is why, be sure you have a suitable brushing tool. Ideally, a bobble is not present on their bristles’ end. Otherwise, it probably pulls on your extension.

Also, keep in mind that brushing repeatedly in a certain area is one of the reasons that you lose strands. Do not pull them and allow product accumulation as well. If the strands become loose, you can have them reinstalled.

How to wash?

Select the right products to wash your extensions. They should be gentle enough to give no damage to your hair. Do not choose those with fruit acids and coconut oil. Not all, say no to parabens and sulfates. Without them, the extension will be in excellent condition.

Glue In Extensions For Short Hair FAQs - Everything You Need To Know
stay away from the bonding part when washing the extensions

Argan oil should be your favorite. You can wash the hair using a shampoo and conditioner with this oil. A hair mask or serum with argan as an ingredient is also great. Still, stay away from the bonds. They can go through breakage with excess oil.

For the way of washing, you had better apply shampoo across your wet hair. Give a gentle massage into your scalp. Do not move circularly, roughly. It can cause tangling. What is more, move the product downwards. After that, remove it by rinsing under running water.

For the usage of conditioner, only use it on the hair ends and mid-lengths.

How to dry glue in extensions for short hair?

Get rid of any tangles by brushing small sections of your hair. This way prevents excessive tension. Be sure you hold your hair at a higher level than the section you brush..

Bear in mind that do not go to sleep with the hair wet. Make it dry with a hairdryer. Start with the roots; rely on the low or cold thermal setting to keep away from heat application on your bonds. Move the dryer downwards. Do not pull your extensions excessively while you are drying. It can make them fix less tight.

Glue In Extensions For Short Hair FAQs - Everything You Need To Know
never sleep with wet hair extensions

How to sleep with the extensions?

During the first days following fitting, you may feel uncomfortable with the hair. As strange as it feels, do not worry too much. It is normal and not long-lasting, 

Before you go to bed, brush the hair. Tie it loosely. Or else, make a braid. 

How long will they last?

They have the longevity of as many as half a year. Still, you may want to get rid of them and have new ones every four months. That is because your natural hair will be growing. The bonds will then begin to go through matting and tangling.

Glue In Extensions For Short Hair FAQs - Everything You Need To Know
Laylahair is reliable to lay your trust on

Where to buy glue in hair extensions?

Knowing where to start is hard when it comes to ordering hair extensions online. There are fairly many brand names for this product type. You may also have a difficult time selecting between synthetic hair and human hair. Life is too short to worry too much. Share your concerns with Layla Hair. We are the best brand for quality human hair extensions. Their price is also fantastically reasonable.

What are the best choices?

With excellent glue in extensions for short hair from Layla Hair, you can quickly find your best fit. They will be your money saver and appearance transformation for various occasions. Let alone, protein from keratin tip is the same as the one you find in your real hair. So, it will protect the bio hair strands well. Below are the amazing options for you:

Glue In Extensions For Short Hair FAQs - Everything You Need To Know
keratin glue hair extensions from Laylahair

– Flat tip straight hair extensions colored hair 24″

V tip straight hair extensions color 1b high quality

Double drawn Tip Mixing piano color hair

U tip I tip straight hair 24″ natural color

Blonde color Flat-Tip straight hair extensions 24”

Do not hesitate to contact us for the useful advice for each choice.

Also, if you feel interested in getting some tailor-made packs of keratin glue extensions, kindly drop us a line via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp). Our staff would get you consulted on the best products and prices.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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