Glue In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons – The Conspiracy!

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“Please, my only wish is beautiful long hair when I get up the next morning!” Do you lose count of how many times you have made this prayer before you go to sleep? The real hack is, you can make that wish come true fast. How? Hair extensions, for sure!

They are an amazing way to volumize, increase weight and add color to your natural hair. You can try some of the hairstyles you desire. At the same time, you do not have to worry about any potential damage.

The extensions have always been the favorite of many women these days. Their popularity seems unlikely to cease. There are plenty of extension methods. They can be tape-in, clip-in, or glue-in.

In this post, we will help you understand glue in hair extensions pros and cons. Also, we cover the tips to minimize the impacts of their drawbacks.

What are glue in hair extensions?

Before we have an idea of their upsides and downsides, let’s get to their basics. They are key things you should keep in mind.

You would apply them with the latex-based glue, etc. to your scalp skin exposable by one part in your hair. Do it again in other areas if necessary. That way, your hair will become longer and fuller. They are not permanent but short term type. You can even apply these yourself or get a friend do it. That said, having it done at the salon is the safest bet. 

Glue In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - The Conspiracy!
what is glue in hair extensions?

Undeniably, glue-ins are beneficial. Still, you may not like the chance that the glue you use in the procedure is possibly not good for your bio hair. 

These extensions are generally perfect for those whose hair is not too thin or too thick.

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Glue in hair extensions pros and cons

Well, now let’s get into the advantages and disadvantages of this type of extension method.


– A suitable option for those who are looking to have some hair extensions non-permanently. Do you not want to take them in and out prior to bedtime? Then, consider this choice.

– Being less expensive than other extension types.

Glue In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - The Conspiracy!
it’s semi-permanent hair extensions


– If you do not apply or remove the glue appropriately, it can damage your hair.

– The thick wefts’ weight is probably behind your headaches. 

– Do not apply the glue to your scalp during the process of application. Or, the follicles of your hair possible clog and lead to bacterial scalp infections. 

– Use them only for temporary purposes.

How to avoid the disadvantages effortlessly?

Since you understand the hair extensions glue in pros and cons. Let’s delve into ways to stay away from the downs.

Application rules

– Check your bio hair’s health. 

– Learn about how to apply correctly if you do it yourself.

Glue In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - The Conspiracy!
glue in hair extension application

– Otherwise, check the experience of your chosen salon in the industry.

For the best result, your scalp and hair should be healthy before installing any extensions. When you put them in, do not place them too close to your scalp. The hair extensionist had better go by an orderly sectioning pattern.

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How to maintain

As you can see from the glue in hair extensions pros and cons, this type needs some proper maintenance. Like with other kinds, brushing is one of the essential things to do.

How about washing? Recommendably, you use a gentle shampoo. It supposedly friendly get rid of any excess oils from the hair. Hair conditioner is necessary as well. Make sure you do not tug on your extensions when they are wet. That is because they possibly slip out.

The very best bet is air drying all hair extensions. Still, you know, it is not always possible in the real world. It takes you plenty of time. You even need more time if your locks are dense. Not to mention, what to do when you are in a rush to go somewhere or so? Then, use a blow dryer. Be sure you set this device to cool and put a thermal protectant.

Glue In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - The Conspiracy!
let the hair completely dry after washing

Plus, if the extensions do not have enough shine or moisture, adding natural oils is possible. We recommend you use argan oil. Coconut oil is good, too. Remember, only apply a bit on the ends. Avoid the hair roots and scalp.

What is more, don’t ignore your bio hair. Your weave hid it. So, you may forget about your natural hair easily. Nevertheless, it may go through breakage, matting, and the like if you do not give it enough love and attention. Be sure you wash and condition the hair. Detangle it as well. To do so, lift your extension. After that, comb out your real hair’s shorter pieces.

That is it! If you play by the above simple rules, congratulations! Your extensions will have a fantastic and healthy look!

How to remove keratin glue extensions?

Since you have considered the glue in hair extensions pros and cons and application and maintenance tips, why do not we learn about how to remove the residue of the glue?

First, put some oil around its residue. Bear in mind that only use small amounts. We suggest coconut or olive. They are affordable. Whatever is oily liquid tend to work? Of course, say no to the frying oil.

Glue In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - The Conspiracy!
how to remove glue in extensions

After that, let the mixture sit for ten minutes or so. Then, wash the hair.

Next, brush the hair that is near the roots using a comb. Do so several times only. Be sure not to pull out the glue. 

The next step is to apply the leave-in hair conditioner. Allow it to separate the adhesive. Rinse your hair following around fifty minutes. Pull your glue strings using the brushing method.

Glue In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons - The Conspiracy!
glue in hair extensions from Laylahair

Where to buy the best glue in extensions?

You should consider Layla Hair as your option. We provide all types of extensions. They come with the best quality and at the most reasonable price. 

The bottom line

Now that you’ve known well about the glue in hair extensions pros and cons, we hope you can make the right choice. It would be an amazing tool to add seamless volume to your hair if you know the right way out. 

In case you are interested in getting some packs of keratin glue hair extensions, kindly contact Laylahair directly to get the best deal! We have exquisite products at wholesale prices available to shop!  

Laylahair is reachable via hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp), so feel free to contact us at any time.

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