Unheard Causes Of Hair Extensions Matting – Why Does It Happen?

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Even when hair extensions matting is not a rare problem happening to wig wearers, people tend to shy away from mentioning it. However, if you want to possess healthy-looking and smooth hair, it is a must to face this problem.

Hence, let’s dive in the fundamentals of matted hair extensions and underlying causes of this problem.

What does hair extensions matting exactly mean?

Not only newcomers but also people who have been in the hair professions for years might not understand well the different symptoms of hair extension damage. You might have heard the familiar words like frizzy, dry, tangling, matting, etc. However, are they one? Or is there any difference among them?

People often think matted hair extensions and frizzy hair refer to one problem. But in fact, it ain’t.

Unheard Causes Of Hair Extensions Matting – Why Does It Happen?
hair extensions matting

So, what is matting?

Matting would appear at the place where you attach the extension to your real hair. When they cluster together around the scalp and the bonds or adhesives start to intertwine, matting hair occurs.

After times, more and more hair is involved in the matt, causing the tangled section of hair to expand.

It would be easy to detangle or comb it when the problem is still at its early stage. However, once the matted area becomes large, it would be such a challenging task to get rid of it.

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Why are hair extensions matting at root?

There are many reasons that lead to hair extensions matting. It might be because of your lack of attention when attaching the tapes, bad sleeping habit, or more. Followings are the insights into each of these problems.

You fail to separate the bonds of your extensions

With people wearing tape-in or bonding hair extensions, separating the bonds is a must-take task that you need to perform on a daily basis. Simply speaking, you will cross your fingers around the scalp to make sure no tapes have been intertwined with each other. It is advisable to do this task in the morning and in the evening.

Unheard Causes Of Hair Extensions Matting – Why Does It Happen?
use hand to separate the bonds

It is an essential thing to do daily because it would help prevent hair from tangling. Small tangles would then lead to serious matting problem.

It sounds quite simple, but in fact, many people forget to do so, or do it, but carelessly.

You should never underestimate its significance, as it would be too late to revive your extensions.

Bad sleeping habit: do you sleep with wet hair?

Many people often complain “my hair extensions are dry and matted” but do not take much effort in improving their situations. Some even do not notice protecting their extensions when going to bed.

Sleeping with wet hair would entail in hair extensions matting. It is a common knowledge that the hair, with or without extensions, should be completely dry before sleeping.

Unheard Causes Of Hair Extensions Matting – Why Does It Happen?
sleep with wet hair

How you sleep would drastically affect your extensions. If you go to sleep with damp and wet hair, your real hair as well as extensions would be more prone to tangling and matting. Especially, wet hair would make it easier for the bonds to be tangled together.

It is never your intention to get matted hair, isn’t it?

If so, remember to go to sleep only when your hair has been completely dry and tangle-free. If you do not have enough time to let your hair air dry, you can use a blow dryer instead. In the worst cases, when you even don’t have time for this task, it’s better to leave your hair extensions greasy rather than washing it and leave it wet.

In addition, it is recommended that you should plait or braid your hair before sleeping. It would help to keep your hair tangle-free. Using a soft pillow is advisable, too.

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Poor installment can result in hair extensions matting

Bad things might happen during the process of applying hair extensions to your real hair. If you have a professional attach it in, there is little likelihood that the hair would encounter any mistake.

However, if you have an amateur do this task, incorrect application is unavoidable.

Bonded hair extensions need to be applied neatly and tidily. Once you attach the bond incorrectly, the extensions are more prone to tangling and matting.

Unheard Causes Of Hair Extensions Matting – Why Does It Happen?
apply pre-bonded hair extensions

Furthermore, if your extensions and the bonds are of not-so-good quality, it might lead to matted hair, also. Many cases have reported that the roots of the hair in the weft tend to shed whenever they brush it. Also, the bonds are too sticky and not dry enough, causing the nearby strands to be involved in the tangles.

Therefore, it is significant to pay attention when buying any extension product. You need to make sure it is of good quality, and won’t pose any harm to your natural hair.

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How to prevent hair extensions matting?

In order that your hair extensions would not matt, you should notice the followings:

  • Never sleep with damp and wet hair. Make sure your hair is 100% dry before going to bed.
  • Avoid massaging the scalp and hair at roots when showering. Instead, gently run your fingers through the hair to detangle any knots.
  • Separate the bonds on a daily basis. Otherwise, your hair will be likelier to get matted.
  • Get the best set of hair extensions and hair care products. Rather than wasting both time, money, and effort to fix the matt, it is better to pay some more dollars for a good pack in the first place.

No one wants to encounter hair extensions matting. Try to take good care of your hair before it turns bad.

Unheard Causes Of Hair Extensions Matting – Why Does It Happen?
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