Hair Extensions Pros And Cons: Our Basic Guidline for Dummies

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Many women feel impressed by the magical changes in appearance that hair extensions promise to bring. But there is a drawback of this wonderful invention which people often ignore.

Hair Extensions Pros And Cons: Our Basic Guidline for Dummies

Listen to us ladies! There exist several prominent defects of each type of hair extension that women should know before booking a date with their hairdressers. Knowing about the hair extensions pros and cons will increase the chance of getting the hair that we desire.

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Before going into details of hair extensions pros and cons, let’s find out what they are and what we should remember before having them.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are also called hair integrations. People use them to ask more length and volume to their real hair. There are two most common types of hair extensions’ materials, human hair and synthetic hair.

Virgin natural hair extensions often bring the best quality (and of course the most expensive) because the layer of the cuticle of the natural hair is preserved. Besides, all of the hair runs towards the same direction, creating a natural look.

If we have a small budget, synthetic hair extensions are an affordable choice. Although they are not suitable for heat styling and easy to get tangling, synthetic hair is a great temporary change in style. This type of hair extension also does not require much care like the virgin one.

What are the reasons for choosing hair extensions?

There are numerous reasons why women “fall in love” with hair extensions. These followings are the most popular ones

Those who do not have good hair growth can use hair extensions to give their hair a fuller look

A quick and convenient change in appearance

Add more floating and bouncing features to the real hair

Add some colours to the hair without using chemicals.

What should we remember about hair extensions?

Women should always have hair extensions integrated into their real hair by a hair expert. Some of the hair extensions appear to be easy to install by ourselves, but the process may bring harmful results to our hair.

The extensions should not be too tight when we install them into the hair. If wearers experience any pain or annoyance, consult the hair stylists immediately and figure out the solution.

Always keep an eye for the best quality hair extensions though they can cost us more money. We do not want them to cause damages to our hair later on.

Remember to take good care of the hair. Damaged hair cannot put up with much styling, even if it is only a hair extension. Thus, oil the hair, take treatments and take care of it.

Now we have known the basic knowledge about the world of hair extensions. Let’s take a step further and discover hair extensions the pros and cons of the most popular types.



What are different types of hair extensions pros and cons?

Tape-in hair extensions pros and cons

If ladies are looking for a type of hair extension that only takes a few hours to install, then go for tape-in hair extensions. These extensions have weft shapes which can be 1.5 to 8 inch long. Each weft comes in two types, double or single-sided polyurethane tape tabs cut. The hair is sandwiched and stuck between these extensions.

Hair Extensions Pros And Cons: Our Basic Guidline for Dummies

Duration of attachment: 60 – 90 mins

Durability: 4 – 6 weeks


With the continuation of attachment is under 90 minutes, this is the fastest method of installing hair extensions.

Easy to apply because there is no need for heat and other tools

Minimize hair damages because of no heat application.

Reduce the strain on the head because hair extensions are spread over a balanced area

Produce a natural look as the extensions lay flat against the head.

Reuse the extensions after 6-8 weeks with the help of solvent and double-sided tape


The adhesive substances on the extensions need renewing after 24-48 hours. Thus, we cannot wash our hair or engage in sweating physical activities.

Avoid using any silicon products or oil on the hair because it may make the extensions fall out.

Micro ring hair extensions pros and cons

Micro ring hair extensions have the shape of small bundles of hair wriggled through small parts of the natural hair. The modern renovation of this type is it comes along with loops and beads in advance. Thus, there is no need for a loop tool to attach.

Hair Extensions Pros And Cons: Our Basic Guidline for Dummies

Duration of attachment: 4 -5 hours

Durability: 2 -3 months


No requirement of heat and glue

Reusing feature

Flexible adjustment: slide up and down

Perfect combination with the real hair

Easy-to-clean feature


Not recommended for those who have short and fine hair

May cause annoyance and strain on the scalp

Too-tight hair extensions with pliers can break the natural hair

Ponytail is impossible


Weaving includes making a straight cut across the hair and then sewing the hair extensions with the help of needles and cotton. This type is more favoured by African women because they own very thick hair that can conceal the hair extensions from view.

Hair Extensions Pros And Cons: Our Basic Guidline for Dummies

Duration of attachment: 2-4 hours

Durability: 2-3 months


No requirement of heat and glue

Oil and silicone products are applicable

Ideal for thick and short hair

No visible gaps, creating a natural look

More volume


Not recommend for fine hair

May cause pain and annoyance

Require much cleaning and preserving

Limit styling options

Need to be removed by an expert

Clip-in hair extensions pros and cons

Clip-in hair extensions are the best choices for those who want their hair to become longer in a few minutes. They are strands of hair that go with the clips attached to them. All we need to do is clip them on the roots of the hair. This type has a length of 2-8 inch.

Hair Extensions Pros And Cons: Our Basic Guidline for Dummies

Duration of attachment: 5-10 minutes

Durability: whenever


Easy to apply

Free to put on and remove them whenever we want

Able to buy them in different styles and colours to change appearances


Cannot use for a long time because the clips may break the hair

Need to remove before sleeping

Low-quality product and short-term durability

The bottom line

Who knew there had been so many types of hair extensions? Now we have considered all the hair extensions pros and cons and hope this information will choose from which is the most suitable hair extensions become easier.

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